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Finish that Disney Parks Sign: Name This Door at Epcot

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

I get a kick out of this week’s Disney Parks sign, which you can find in the queue line for Journey Into Imagination With Figment at Epcot.

Can You Finish This Disney Parks Sign at Journey Into Imagination With Figment at Epcot?

As you can see, Dr. Nigel Channing has a lot of responsibility. He is: Chairman; Principal Scientist; Director of Operations; Head of Laboratories; and ____ . Do you remember what the final title, blurred here, was? If so, leave it in the “Comments” section below. We’ll update the post later today with the answer.


  • Did you forget to update this with the correct information for all of us guessing?

  • and lifeguard

  • Emperor of Time and Space
    Writer of the Book of Love (so we can all stop wondering)
    All around nice guy

  • Like everyone said: manager of everything else.

    Great ride and Nigel is awesome.

  • Safety Coordinator

  • Sir Robin

  • Decoder of Dreams

  • Who cares what it says? If it isn’t the original Journey Into Imagination, it isn’t worth discussing.

  • Manager of Everything Else (like everyone else said…)

  • Manager of Everything Else

  • Manager of Everything Else!

  • Manager of Everything Else 🙂

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