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New Holiday Merchandise for 2013 on the Horizon at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I recently turned the holiday spotlight on new collectible ear hat ornaments that are now available at select locations in Disney Parks and via the Disney Parks online store. Since we are celebrating “Christmas in July” this week as part of “Limited Time Magic,” I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of some additional holiday merchandise coming later this year.

New Holiday Merchandise for 2013 on the Horizon at Disney Parks

Pins have been a part of the holidays at Disney Parks for years. The two pins shown above are some of my favorites coming this season. The holiday light bulb with Mouse ears will be open edition, while the “Mele Kalikimaka” (a greeting I’m fond of using during the holidays) pin will have an edition size of 2,000.

New Holiday Merchandise for 2013 on the Horizon at Disney Parks

The softlines team shared a new youth shirt featuring Mike Wazowski from Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.“, and a shirt for adults with Grumpy from Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The shirts will be released at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

New Holiday Merchandise for 2013 on the Horizon at Disney Parks

Speaking of the Dwarfs, a limited edition ear hat ornament is set arriving at select locations in August. This set is similar to the Main Street Electrical Parade set I showed you a few weeks ago. Designed by Disney Design Group artist Cody Reynolds, the set contains Snow White and seven smaller ornaments resembling the Dwarfs. Cody referenced the costumes the Dwarfs wear at Disney Parks, which are more vibrant, when designing these ornaments. The set will have an edition size of 600 and a retail of $175 (plus tax).

New Holiday Merchandise for 2013 on the Horizon at Disney Parks

Duffy the Disney Bear will also get a new costume this year. Designed for the 17-inch bear, the costume set will include the outfit pictured above and a smaller Mickey Mouse plush. The popular 9-inch sized bear introduced last year will also return this year.

New Holiday Merchandise for 2013 on the Horizon at Disney Parks

Finally, I love the new two-figure Vinylmation set with ice skating Mickey and Minnie Mouse as designed by Maria Clapsis.

Which item will you be giving as a gift this year?


  • I was rereading this article, I would like to know if and when the Adult Grumpy shirt becomes available?

  • Marian from IL – If you are getting updates on this topic I just wanted to let you know that I just received the 9″ Santa Duffy and the Mickey Santa holding Duffy. I ordered them from Disney Merchandising – not the online Disney Store. So excited to receive them.

  • I will be there from oct 6-16. What is the possiblety of the grumpy shirt and duffy the bear being available to purchase. I really would like to buy both items

  • I know you didn’t show anything about the gingerbread houses, but I was hoping you could share when they are to hit the WDW parks and resorts for purchase. We will be there for the Nov 8th Christmas party and hope they will be released. Thanks

  • Got my Snow White LE ear hat ornament set this morning at the Christmas Shoppe at Downtown Disney Orlando, FL!!!!!

  • Steven – I just wanted to say thanks for checking on the Santa Mickey holding Duffy and letting me know it should be available again this year. I’ll be watching for it. I really enjoy all your updates and love that you take the time to respond to the questions and concerns :o)

  • Any word on the Snow White LE ornaments? I have been checking but am nervous I missed them. Thanks!

  • Any update/news on the arrival date of LE ear hat ornament sets for Orlando?

  • I second the desire to see the MIke Wazowski shirt in adult sizes! Love the new Duffy outfit and can’t wait to get it.

  • Any word on upcoming holiday Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag collections such as Nightmare Before Christmas to look forward to?

  • I love the Christmas light bulb pin with Mickey ears!

  • Will the limited edition pin only be available at the disney parks?

    • @Michelle – That is correct; the pin was created for Disney Parks.

  • Hi Elaine, Thanks for asking about Santa Mickey holding Duffy!! I am so glad Disney is bringing them back! I have.been on a quest for one Since last Christmas and hope to be able to get one this year. I hope you can find one too!!!! Have a great day!

  • Hi Steven, you’ve made my day by sharing the new that Santa Mickey holding Duffy will be back!!! Just like Elaine, I tried to find one and never had any luck. So glad to hear they’ll be back this year. Would we be able to call and order them? If so, would you please share the SKU #? Thanks for your help and for keeping us up to date on cool new items! Have a great day!

    • @Marian – You should be able to contact Merchandise Guest Services once the item has arrived. Unfortunately, it is not at Disney Parks just yet. I would say it would be in locations closer to October / November (based on previous history). I don’t have an item number at this point but the Merchandise Guest Services team should be able to assist.

  • Steven – do they bring Christmas plush back the next year? I was searching for Duffy and found a Santa Mickey holding Duffy. I need this! It was in a blog from November 5, 2012. I was at WDW in December 2012 and I never saw this item in any of the parks and trust me I hit every gift store I could find! Ebay just shows them from international sellers which I won’t do. I really hope they bring this one back. Thanks for listening! I always enjoy you telling me what’s coming up next! I still can’t believe I missed the one last year on the Christmas Santas and Duffy outfits.

    • @Elaine – I have great news. I spoke with development team and there are plans to carry that Santa Mickey holding Duffy the Disney Bear plush. I’m guessing it will arrive at Disney Parks toward late October / early November.

  • Hi Steven – When can we expect to see this year’s Halloween merchandise at the parks and in the online store? Thanks. Sam

    • @Sam – It appears that you will begin to see Halloween merchandise around August 23, 2013 in the Parks. The online store will have things around that time as well and into September.

  • Hi Steven, this is my first post or comment. Just want to know the date for the main-street electrical parade hat ornaments. The release dates for California, Please, if you have any idea. Thanks and look forward to your future post. I really enjoy them!

    • @Andrea – Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to comment and for the kind words. I’ve asked the holiday development team for an update. I’ll share any details once I hear from them.

  • Thanks Steven!!! My two favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas, and I’m always looking for fun ways to enhance my displays using disney characters, so far the parks always have better things then the disney store does!!

  • Hi Steven, me again! I’ll be leaving Florida on 20th September so do you know if this Duffy outfit will be sold in UK Disney stores if it isn’t released by then? Or will it be a Disney Parks exclusive? Thanks for your very quick response, it’s great to be able to comment on a blog post and know that someone will answer your query quickly! Of course I would expect nothing less from anything associated with Disney 🙂



    • @Beth – Happy to help answer any questions. It is looking like the costume may not be here until October / early November. The planning team could only give me an approximate date since we are still several months from it being released. The item was created for Disney Parks, and you may eventually be able to find it on the Disney Parks online store at a future date. There are no plans to carry the costume at Disney Stores in the UK.

  • Kacy, how recently did you see the Mickey as Haunted Mansion butler ornament? If its still available I know hat I’m getting in my next DelivEARS order

    Steven, has it ever been mentioned that having a photo gallery of the merch available via DelivEARS would be ever so helpful for those of us that get to go to the park once a year or less?

    • @Tyler – You can see that ornament in this article –

      The ornament is still available at locations in Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Item number is 400006404510.

      As for a photo gallery, that is something is currently in test phase for Cast Members in locations at Disney Parks. There are tablets that some Cast are using in select stores to help Guests locate product. I use it backstage to answer the many questions I receive on the Disney Parks Blog (like your ornament question above). At this point, it’s only an internal system for Cast Member. Another option is to reference items found on the Disney Parks online store.

  • Hi,
    Do you know when The Disney Vera Bradley purses will be coming?

    • @Cathy – Please stay tuned. The teams are finalizing details for the release event. They are targeting September. We will share all details on the Disney Parks Blog in a future article.

  • Will the 9 inch Duffy have the same outfit and Mickey? I am still kicking myself for not getting Duffy dressed as a bunny for Easter, but if that holiday outfit/mouse come on the 9 inch version I’ll be very happy!!

  • when will the halloween items be available… can’t wait.

    • @Jennifer – Typically, Halloween merchandise begins arriving at Disney Parks around mid-August.

  • I am in love with this years Duffy Costume! I especially am excited that my 17-inch Duffy will be getting a new outfit and a cute mickey dressed like him. When can we expect to see this outfit?

    • @Bethan and Jessica – Glad you liked the outfit. The development team told me the outfit is due to arrive this fall. I would lean toward September or October. I don’t have a confirmed release date at this point.

  • They all look great! Will the Duffy outfit be available to buy in September?

  • When and where in FL will the Snow White Ear Hat set be released?

    • @Claudia – At this point, I don’t have confirmed release locations or dates for the set. I know it will be coming to Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort and the Disney Parks online store.

  • The Vinylmation set is perfect! Any news on if it will be an open edition set or will I need to get to D-Street early on the release day?

    • @Clarissa – I didn’t see an edition size on the packaging, so I believe it would be open edition / limited release for 2013. I invite you to visit as we will share final release details in a few months.

  • I love the Mele Kalikimaka pin and the Duffy outfit! On a related holiday merchandise note, I have the Mickey as The Haunted Mansion butler ornament…are there plans to make a matching Minnie ornament? I would love that. Thanks Steven!

    • @Kacy – That’s a great ornament! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any plans for a Minnie Mouse version of it.

  • Any chance of getting the Mike shirt in an adult size? My adult children love it and so do I–better than Grumpy!

    • @Laura – At this point, there are no plans for adult sizes for that design. Yet, after speaking with the softlines team, it is something they may consider.

  • Do you know if the Snow white ornaments will be released via the online store? If so, do you know when? I’d love to have these! Thanks!

    • @Jamie – Great news! Yes, the ornament set will be carried via the Disney Parks online store. I don’t have a confirmed date at this point but know it’s coming soon.

  • I understand why you might have a limited edition for the “Mele Kalikimaka”, but isn’t 2,000 a very small edition? That leaves be little hope of actually finding it for sale when we go to WDW this holiday season. I also assume some of the edition would go to Disneyland, Aulani and maybe elsewhere thus making the chances of it being in stock even smaller…

    • @Scott – From my time I spent with the Disney Pin Trading team (about 7 1/2 years), I learned that they base many decisions on historical sales record. In other words, they look at sales from previous years and make decisions based on popularity of designs and, ultimately, sell-thru of merchandise.

      I know that the limited edition pin shown isn’t the only holiday pins we will be releasing this year. So there will be multiple choices for Guests. It’s difficult to say how popular the pin will be at this point. I hope, however, that you will have a great trip!

  • So, I’ve been collecting the “character shirts” as I call them, these are the ones that have tons of characters on them. Will there be new ones this year for halloween and christmas featuring multiple characters?


  • Those are really adorable Vinylmations. Happy Holidays to us!

  • Oh my goodness, as someone who adores Disney and Hawai’i (Just got back from Aulani last month!) the Mele Kalikimaka pin makes me SOOOOO happy!!! Sign me up for one of those! 😀

    • @Elizabeth – How wonderful. I hope you had a great trip. Hawai’i is such an amazing place (I’m partial to Maui :-).

  • I love the Mele Kalikimaka pin.
    Since we jumped to winter merchandise. Any news on the fall release of the disney print vera bradley bags???? 😉

    • @Brook – Stay tuned! They are finalizing details for the release (currently targeting September). There will be a Disney Parks Blog article announcing the date.

  • When are the Snow White ornaments being released in August and do you know the locations? Asks the Snow White fan in NJ that has to have them :o) Thanks…..

    • @Joanne – Glad you like the set. I know that it is coming to select locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. The set will also be offered via the Disney Parks online store – . At this point, I don’t have a firm release date or list of Park locations. Once I hear, I will advise.

  • Love the new holiday merchandise! Will you be announcing ahead of time when the Limited Edition Mele Kalikimaka pins will be available for sale?

    • @Rae – Aloha! Yes, we will announce the release date for the pin about a month or so ahead of its release. Best place to see that release date is

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