Special ‘World of Color’ Announcement from Imagineer Steve Davison at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Listen up, “World of Color” fans! Since it’s “Christmas in July” week here at Disney Parks, it’s the perfect time for some exciting holiday-time news. Check out the video below for a special announcement from Steve Davison, vice president of Parades and Spectaculars, Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment, who has very exciting news to share about the “so wonderful, so beautiful” nighttime spectacular at Disney California Adventure park. Disney Parks Blog readers got to know Steve back in 2010 as he provided regular updates on the “World of Color” as it was in development. He’ll be joining us again, updating us on this exciting news that he’s about to reveal. What is it? Watch the video and find out!

Mark your calendars because “World of Color – Winter Dreams” will begin November 15, 2013, at Disney California Adventure park.


  • Will Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas to be part of the show ?

  • AWESOME!!! I’ve heard all about the New Holiday Show which is “World of Colors Winter Dreams”, being featured with brand new effects and spectacular new ideas that will be featured on the water. Speaking of it, I saw the show last year and I was really impressed. I love it very much. I can’t wait until December to return to Disneyland to see this. I will be coming with My Family & My Classmates who went to Hogan High School of Vallejo who are The Spartans!!! I’m looking forward to seeing this show with my Family & Hogan High Spartans Classmates. See You Guys in December!!! 🙂

  • Do you know if there are any plans for a preview show, perhaps for AP holders?

  • This sounds great, I just wish you could bring the World of Color to WDW.

  • I was so excited to hear about this and then disappointed to read it isn’t starting until 11/15. I booked my next visit for the start of the holiday season 11/12-14 so we will miss this exciting addition. How about a ‘soft’ beginning and start with the of opening of the holiday season??

  • AWESOME! Looking forward to this. Hopefully the prices of the Holiday Show at Disneyland won’t be too expensive for Annual Passholders. I hope it’s still a part of the regular offerings at Disneyland this year but if it’s not we will try to make it work.

  • Shanin – I sit in the back and have a full view of all water, colors and animation. I also used to stand too close and didn’t get the best view of everything. I even bought a water proof camera for the show, and now I don’t need it. The best non ticket view is in front of Ariel’s ride.

  • Very cool! I’m really looking forward to seeing the new World of Color holiday show. 🙂

  • I hope they add The Nightmare Before Christmas to the holiday World of Color!

  • Mr. Davison said this new show would “celebrate the winter holidays”. What winter holidays besides Christmas will be presented in this new show? Chanukah? Kwanzaa? Yalda? Hogmanay? Bodhi? New Years Day?

  • Can’t wait <3

  • I would love to see this show. I hope something is being done about the ability to view the show better. The two times I have tried to watch the show I have only seen pretty colored water shooting over the top of people’s heads. The people in front of me were blocking the view of all the animation. I had a very good view of their cell phone cameras being held over their heads. I even had a fast pass for a good viewing area. I really think there needs to be seating. Unless you are right on a railing your view is almost completely blocked.

  • I’m pretty excited to see the music selection for this show!

  • Thanks for the great update Erin and Steve! So exciting! Do you know how long this will run for? Will it by chance still be happening for the Tinker Bell Half Weekend? (It’s a stretch- I know, but hoping!)


  • Exciting news, love how World of Color keeps expanding, changing etc. Can’t wait to see the new show… Thanks so much to all involved and I love imagineers….

  • OH OH OH OH OH!!!!!!! or is that HO HO HO HO HO?????

  • My Mom passed away this April so it will be the first CHRISTMAS without her, so I just asked my husband if we can go to DISNEY for CHRISTMAS. It wont be the same without her so the next best thing is DISNEY!!

  • can you have a meet up for this please? i wanna watch it thru the meet up

    • Stay tuned, Dennis 🙂

  • Erin — Thanks for confirming what has been whirling around in the rumor mills for quite a while. It’s good to have the official word about the holiday World of Color coming this year.

    Question for you: Can you confirm or deny what the Annual Pass Backstage Pass newsletter/calendar released a couple of months ago, which is that the official start date of the holiday season is Tuesday, November 12th? Since Winter Dreams is beginning on Friday, 11/15, does that mean that the actual season starts on that date too? (Believe it or not, a few days could make a big difference to some folks who were assuming 11/12 was the season start date.)

    By the way — I am one who is hoping that we don’t get a hard ticket Christmas party in Disneyland yet. I am crossing my fingers that a major party is not coming this year! I hope there is not a party until there is all-new entertainment to include in it, instead of the (very old) Christmas parade and holiday fireworks that have been around for years and years, or unless the party could be held in California Adventure (which I think would be awesome for many reasons).

  • When can we expect the Christmas party tickets to go on sale for Disneyland? And when will a schedule of dates be posted? Will it be like WDW, where the private parties end a few days before Christmas, after which everyone with regular park admission can experience the parade and fireworks? Or will it be like Halloween, with Christmas day being the most expensive day?

  • This looks FABULOUS. Can’t wait to see the new show and Frozen.

  • This November will be my families 1st trip to the West Coast and Disneyland is TOPS on our list. I am so excited about this show announcement. Looks like fun!

    Thanks Disney!

  • The World of Color what I have seen of it looks wonderful. I have never been to Calf. One day I wish some how it can all be brought to Walt Disney World in Orlando.

  • Steve, the show sounds fun and I love your shirt.

  • Awesome! WoC is one of my favorite shows, so looking forward to seeing new scenes.

  • Does this mean there will be a Santa hat with ears that go with the beat of the show? World of Color is the best nighttime show Disney has at any park!

  • this is really exciting!

  • While I still love Fantasmic so much more, World of Color is a fun show and I’ll definitely see the Christmas version of WoC. 😀

    Thanks Erin and Steve for bringing us this news!

  • I’m really excited to see this! Although it would be nice if they would call it Christmas!

  • The best time of the year at all of the Disney Parks.

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