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Spotlight on 2013 Posters for July, August and September from Disney Design Group

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

With the start of summer, I’m turning the spotlight on the next series of 2013 posters from the Disney Design Group. This talented art department of Disney Theme Park Merchandise created a series of posters for an oversized 2013 calendar (you can find the Walt Disney World Resort version on the Disney Parks online store). You may recall my previous articles featuring posters for January through March and April through June on the Disney Parks Blog.

The 2013 Poster for July from Disney Design Group Features Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

For July, Disney Design Group Creative Manager Doug Strayer selected Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice for his vintage style poster.

The 2013 Poster for August from Disney Design Group Features the Iconic Disney Railroad

One of my favorite posters was designed by artist Jon Bishop for the month of August. I love how he incorporated the iconic Disney Railroad into a strong, retro-graphic scene (the colors are great!). I also enjoy the little details found in each poster such as rocket ships reaching for the sky.

The 2013 Poster for September from Disney Design Group Features the Grandfather Clock from The Haunted Mansion

Graphic Designer Caley Hicks (of recent Disney’s “Beauty and the BeastVinylmation fame) created the incredible image for September. I asked her why she selected the grandfather clock from The Haunted Mansion for her poster.

“I love the Haunted Mansion and claimed it before any other artist could,” laughed Caley. “I like the connection between this year’s date and the clock striking 13. I thought the bold face would make for a captivating image. It was also a fitting choice, as September typically starts the Halloween season at Disney Parks.”

A Series of Vinylmation Figures and Limited Edition Pins Available Based on the 2013 Posters from Disney Design Group

As for previous months, we created a series of Vinylmation figures and limited edition pins based on the designs. As an added bonus, an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit pin and Vinylmation figure will be released in September. The design was based on a poster created for December 2012 by Darren Wilson. There will also be D-Tech on Demand cases for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5 featuring the railroad and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit posters. Look for them at a future date at Disney Parks.

Finally, you can find other 2013 related items, including some giclées of previous month’s posters on the Disney Parks online store.


  • The Earful Tower.
    Well, I know what I’m buying now. 😀


  • Steven,
    First Congrats on the engagement!

    Im confused, the posters have 2 versions each, one for WDW and one for DLR, do the vinylmations reflect this, or only represent the WDW version? I like some WDW posters better then DL versions, but also like some DL versions better then the WDW versions.

    • @Michael – Thank you for the kind words 🙂 It’s been an exciting few months.

      There are two different posters for each month as there were two different calendars – one for Disneyland and one for Walt Disney World. The Vinylmation figures typically combine the two different posters into one figure. For example, the figure inspired by the August poster features Walt Disney World Resort icons on the front and the icons for Disneyland Resort on the back.

  • The Disneyland Resort poster with the train says “Disney’s California Adventure” not “Disney California Adventure”

    • @Paul – Good eyes! The poster was created at a different time from my understanding.

  • Will the Oswald merchandise be in the Disney Store, and if not can I get the item number so I can order it via phone?

    • @Jerry – The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit items should be carried on the Disney Parks online store coming in September. I don’t have a firm release date at this point but I was told they would have them.

  • Absolutely stunning pieces. I am particularly enamored of September’s Haunted Mansion design. Is there any certainty that these posters will be available for purchase?

  • Steven – I am dying to know when those Mickey/Disney print Ray-Bans are coming out? You showed us the pictures a while back at one of the preview events, with the release date of – ‘this summer.’ Well – the time is NOW (plus I really want them for my birthday in a few short weeks)!

    • @Michael – That’s a great question. I’ve not received an update from our accessories team about a release date. I’ll check. Please stay tuned.

  • Hi there!

    Are they making a similar calendar (with different art of course) for 2014? I have loved every month so far. I do not peek at the next month because I love being surprised.


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