Then & Now: Celebrating 58 Years at the Disneyland Resort, Part 2

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

Continuing our three-part “Then & Now” series celebrating the 58th anniversary of the Disneyland Resort is this image of the Jungle Cruise.

Then: A Jungle Cruise skipper unloads a boat in 1965.

Now: Jungle Cruise Skipper Randy Grant carries out the same duty. “I’m enough of a dreamer that I understand the concept Walt had for the park,” Randy said. “I think he would be pleased that the Disneyland Resort is still growing. It proves his idea and his dream correct, that this is a place where people can be a kid no matter what age they are.”


  • Rob, it looks to me that the guest is standing so the seat cushion can be removed before debarking. The other guests seem to be looking towards the exit.

  • I would love to see Kevin Costner then and now as Skipper Kevin in his Jungle Cruise Role.

  • Great picture! But is he unloading guests into the water or are they unloading backwards? Watch out for crocs & hippos!

  • Very nice!

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