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Trade for New Hidden Mickey Pins Arriving at Disney Parks in Late July 2013

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Guests will soon be able to trade for new Hidden Mickey pins at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. I recently spoke with Jeanne Lewis, merchandiser for Disney pins, who told me that the next wave of the 2013 Hidden Mickey pin collection is arriving at Disney Parks by the end of July. I thought this was a good time to share what you may find when trading pins with Disney cast members this summer and fall.

New Hidden Mickey Pins at Disney Parks

These new pins follow the first part of the 2013 collection that was released in February (see this article for a look at those pins). As a reminder, these pins are distributed to cast members to use for trading with guests of all ages. Each pin measures approximately 1.25-inches and contain a small Mickey Mouse icon. This not-so-hidden icon is an easy way to identify Hidden Mickey pins on cast members lanyards.

New Hidden Mickey Pins at Disney Parks

I think my favorite collection for this series feature Disney birds (there is an owl!). This will be a bicoastal collection meaning that guests will find some Disney bird pins in California, which will be different than the Disney bird pins released in Florida.

Jeanne shared some additional insight into pins being released at Disneyland Resort. She said the Walt Disney’s “Peter Pan” collection honors the 60th anniversary of this animated classic this year. The “Just Got Happier” collection was inspired by signage found at the resort during the reopening of Disney California Adventure park. The White Glove silhouette pins include a variety of classic Disney characters who have worn gloves.

New Hidden Mickey Pins at Disney Parks

Jeanne’s favorite collection for Walt Disney World Resort is Pluto with the days of the week (I’m only collecting the Friday pins to celebrate my favorite day each week). Another fun collection features pins inspired by the oversized character statues found at Disney’s Pin Traders. This premiere pin trading location at Downtown Disney Marketplace opened in 2002, and the statues inside have become a great photograph spot.

This new collection will again include chaser pins, which are silver-colored counterparts to select pins in this series. They are a little more difficult to find when trading with cast members.

Which set is your favorite?


  • When I was there in July I bought my dad a limited edition pin that was a goofy train pin. I read somewhere before about this being a series, am I able to order the rest of the series for him??

  • Wow I hate that we were just at WDW and didn’t see a single one of these! But they look awesome. We’ll be on the look out for the patriotic set and some others during our next trip. This was actually our first time trading and as a family we’re all hooked! (Ok maybe I’m more obsessive than others 😛 but…) Its been such a fun experience. Our daughter just turned 5 so she loved finding pins of characters she liked and getting to talk to the cast members. I never thought much of pin trading but it really did enhance our Disney experience. Finding one in a set or character we all like was like a hidden treasure!

    My husband was badly wounded in Afghanistan last year and it was interesting to find cast members to trade with and strike up conversations only to find out they have kids of their own who are deployed, or they themselves were veterans. I feel like we made so many new friends along the way.

    Keep up the great work with the amazing pin designs! I love the alphabet series. And I’m proud to say our daughter has been properly educated. She knows who all the obscure Disney characters are, even some that cast members don’t recognize. Horizons was one of my absolute favorite EPCOT rides as a kid. I just hate that it closed down a bit before I had little ones. But they experience that, and the original Imagination ride with Dreamfinder, through youtube videos 🙂

  • Do you happen to know when the completer pins for the 2013 Hidden Mickey pins (wave A) are going to be released?


  • I love the Winnie the Pooh set. But I don’t understand why they put Gomer from The Country Bear Jamboree with Pooh.

  • anyway to get dates for trading nights more than one month in advance love to attend but need time to make travel plans and time off from work

    • @Debra – I will share your feedback with the Merchandise Events team. Unfortunately, the dates, times and locations are based on availability of space.

  • Matt from CT…the Gator from Blizzard Beach. I think.

  • Janice from AZ….when we saw KP in April, he (or they) were in Animal Kingdom Lodge’s general store Zawadi, and if I remember right, KP comes out at 3pm. If his twin(?),Wayne is in the store, ask him to verify this info. Good luck and have fun!!

  • Looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of trading when I’m in WDW in November.
    These are all great but I can’t make out who is on the first park Icon with Disney character set? Is it Mushu?

    • @Matt – I hope you have a great trip later this year. That first character is Lagoona Gator who represents Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park.

  • Yeah what a great way to wake up and find new hidden mickey pins. I can’t wait to come for a visit and hunt some for our family.

  • David from NJ…thanks for the heads up about King Pin. I have twin daughters who love to trade so we’ll have to look him up and verify his twin-hood, lol. Any particular place/time he hangs out?

  • Love the Disneyland smile squares the most here, but all are fun. Would love to trade for the Russel pin. Love Up.

  • Camilla the Chicken!! So Wonderful!!

  • Attention all pin traders!!!! (You to Steve) There is a certain individual at the Animal Kingdom Lodge who loves to trade pins. My wife and I dealt with him in April and he is a blast!! I believe he has a twin brother that works in the lodge but we never saw the two together. This person goes by the name King Pin. Stop by and talk with him, maybe he will tell you about his twin,Wayne. Or is he one and the same??? Ahhh….a Disney mystery that may never be solved.?????

  • Very nice! My favorite set is the “Sports Goofy” one. Goofy is my favorite Disney character. I also like the “Days of the week Pluto” set. Can’t wait to trade these with our Disney guests!
    “KING PIN”

  • any more info on when these will show up? We’ll be in WDW the week of the 22nd.. hopefully that will qualify as “End of July”

    • @Jeff – Sadly, there is no firm release date for these pins. It will depend on when deliveries are made to locations. I was advised that all locations in California and Florida should receive these pins by the end of July. I hope you have a great trip!

  • Overly happy about the Pluto set!

    • @Megan – I hear you! I thought that was a fun set as well.

  • Great news! Thank you for posting. I will collect them all!

    The WDW pin trading nights, will they officially always be on Tuesdays now? Hard to get to them on week nights even as a Fla resident.

  • camillia! can’t wait to continue to add to my muppet pin collection!

  • Heart be still! Is that Minnie with a camera and a Hidden Mickey?!

    • @Debra – She’s actually wearing a Disney Pin Trading lanyard like the statue found at Disney’s Pin Traders in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

  • Love the Patriotic pins, especially Jessica Rabbit! And the White Glove Silhouettes are cool. My Pluto fan is in love with the Days of the Week Pluto, of course.

  • No more Duffy head pins? say it ain’t so!

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