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Vintage Walt Disney World: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Launches

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

This week back in 1995, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings officially opened Disney’s Wedding Pavilion located on the banks of the Seven Seas Lagoon. Here’s a look at an early rendering of the pavilion prior to opening and then just after its completion in 1995.

Vintage Walt Disney World: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Launches Vintage Walt Disney World: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Launches

Home to magical weddings year-round, Disney’s Wedding Pavilion can seat up to 300 guests and has an aisle that stretches 75 feet. The pavilion received some TLC back in 2012 that included the installation of new stained glass windows, carpet, and reupholstered pews. Below is a comparison of the inside of the pavilion in 1995 and the pavilion today.

Vintage Walt Disney World: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Launches Vintage Walt Disney World: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Launches

The first official wedding at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion was held in June of 1995 and appeared on “Weddings of a Lifetime,” a television special on the Lifetime network. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings has created over 40,000 happily-ever-afters since its inception in 1991. Now that’s a lot of love.

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  • I got married at the Wedding Pavilion two years ago and it was the most magical day of my life. It was a true fairy tale!

  • Honestly, considering the Wedding Pavilion and I share a birthday (July 15, 1995), I think it’s key that I get married here someday. I couldn’t think of anything more magical. =)

  • Any chance you could update the concept art photo so we can see it in a higher resolution?

  • The Pavilion opened shortly after our Disney wedding in May 1995. We had an intimate ceremony (no guests!) at Lookout Pointe at the Polynesian. It was my husbands first trip to Disney World as an adult. Little did I know that 18 years later I would be a Disney blogger and my two kids would be raised going to Disney every year. Getting married at Disney World was the perfect start for this Disney family.

  • Yep. My daughter is 10 & she already has her wedding planned out for this place. They better still have Disney wedding dresses too, she wants one of those as well.

  • My fiance and I cannot wait to get married at the Wedding Pavilion this September! We’ve been planning for 15 months and it still feels unreal that I’ll get to be a Fairy Tale bride and walk down that aisle. When I was a kid riding on the monorail, I used to point and say “someday” to my parents whenver we’d pass the beautiful chapel on the water. My dad recently confessed to me that he always felt bad that it was more than likely an impossibility for a regular girl from a regular family like me. But with enough wishing, hoping and very determined saving, I can guarantee that any girl’s dreams can become a reality! I feel like I’m floating in a waking dream with the help of some pixie dust these days.

  • Including my amazing wedding at the Italy Pavilion in Epcot! Thanks Fairy Tale Weddings crew!

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