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Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Walt Disney World Resort on September 21, 2013

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Walt Disney World Resort on September 21, 2013

I have wonderful news to share for Disney and Vera Bradley fans. You may recall we announced in March that a new Disney collection by Vera Bradley was coming this fall to select locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Since that article was published, many guests have asked my fellow Disney Parks Blog authors and me for an exact date. Today, I’m happy to share an official answer! Please mark your calendars for September 21, 2013, as this is the first day the new collection will be available at the Walt Disney World Resort!
Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Walt Disney World Resort on September 21, 2013

For this initial collection, we will be introducing two new vibrant designs created especially for Disney Parks. As Vera Bradley is known for naming their designs, the pink color is titled “Just Mousing Around,” while the black color is called “Midnight with Mickey.” These colors will be seen on several popular Vera Bradley styles including backpacks, cosmetic bags, duffel bags, totes, and more.

Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Walt Disney World Resort on September 21, 2013 Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Walt Disney World Resort on September 21, 2013

For guests in Florida, we will be holding a special release party on Saturday, September 21, at the World of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace. The event will begin at 7:30 a.m., and will feature the first opportunity to purchase items from this new collection.

In California, guests can find these new items starting Monday, September 23, in select locations at the Disneyland Resort.

If you are unable to visit Disney Parks, we will be releasing the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley on the Disney Parks online store starting in October 2013.

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  • When will these be available on the Disney Store site? My daughter loves Disney and Vera Bradley and can’t wait to get one.

  • Never mind, I see it in the story.

  • I am so excited! I love Disney AND Vera Bradley.

    • @Lisa – Glad to hear! I thought you and others may like some additional information about styles and retails for the items releasing in September. These styles will be offered in both colors. Please note that all retails do not include tax and are subject to change without notice.

      – Backpack – $99.00
      – Cosmetic Case – $35.00
      – Duffle – $99.00
      – Hipster – $70.00
      – ID Case – $15.00
      – Mini-Hipster – $60.00
      – Smart Phone Wristlet – $55.00
      – Tote – $99.00

  • Are you limiting the quantity of bags each person can purchase the morning of their release?

    I’d love to know, thanks!

    • @Amy – That is something we are considering, but please stay tuned. We’ll have another article in a few weeks on the Disney Parks Blog announcing additional details about the release event.

  • What are the dimensions of the new bags? I’m hoping one of the bags is big enough to become a new laptop case for me.

  • Love, love, love this!! I can’t wait – I hope they release the prints in the Mini Hipster – my bag og choice when I visit the parks.

    • @Stephanie – You are in luck as one style we are releasing is the mini-Hipster.

  • Will all the styles that VB makes be included in the line, or just certain key pieces? I love the larger “Vera” style tote, but the picture posted looks like it is the smaller, “Tote.” Still excited!

    • @Kristan – There will be select styles from the Vera Bradley line. I’m working with our planning team to get exact descriptions / names as well as retails. Please stay tuned.

    • @Kristan – There will be select styles from the Vera Bradley line. Please stay tuned for additional details including names and retails.

  • Will you also be able to purchase these items through the Disney Store online?

    • @Joanne – I hope all is well in my home state – “O-H!” Look for these items coming to the Disney Parks Online store in October 2013 –

  • Will the bags be available on an ongoing basis (similar to the D&B bags) or only at the preview party?

    • @Alicia – The plan is to carry these items beyond the release party. The September 21 event at World of Disney in Florida is the first time that these items will be available for purchase. They will also be sold via the Disney Parks online store in October 2013.

  • I have been waiting and waiting for this information. I am so excited, but wouldn’t you know my trip is Sept 12-15. Will you be sharing merchandise codes so we can call and order? Otherwise it will be a long wait until October to strut with my new bag. I will be sharing this with my family for christmas also!! 🙂

  • Oh, the agony?!?! I come home Sept 20! I’m going to miss them by ONE day!

  • Any word yet on how much they will be?

    • @Brook and Travis – Please see the styles and retails listed above for question #3.

  • Man, now I will have to buy one. They are so very cute. I am very excited about this.

  • The bags with the black background should have been Mary Blair’s concept art for Alice in Wonderland. All the colors on those bags are perfect for that.

  • So excited! I love the pink. Will they be available on the cruise ships?

  • These are wonderful! I may have to buy mine online before my trip to WDW in November. I just love the “Hidden Mickey” details on the black purse!

  • Is the special release at WoD open to everyone or by invite only?

    • @Tanya – The release event on September 21 is open to Guests of all ages. Items will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we will be sharing additional event details on the Disney Parks Blog.

  • Hi Steven, well at least I have until October to save up a little for the Vera Spree my wife and Daughters will have:) We wont be in the Parks until next Summer so it will be an online purchase. They’re very nice. Your HM Pal, David in Ohio

  • I can’t wait! As soon as they are out, I’m shopping!

  • I’m very excited about the new Vera bags!! Two of my favorite things wrapped into one!!

  • I cant wait for them to come out. The colors look great!!!!

  • Will World of Disney be the only place to purchase on Sept 21? Or will they be available in the parks or resort stores on that day as well? My flight leaves Orlando that day so I may not be able to make it to DTD.

    • @Rae – The only location that these items will be offered on September 21 is World of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace. We may add additional locations in the weeks after the event has concluded. Of course, select locations at Disneyland Resort will be releasing these items on Monday, September 23 and they will be released via the Disney Parks online store at some point in October 2013.

  • Love love love! We are leaving on the 19th. And I am bummed 🙂

  • Release em a day early! we leave WDW on the 21st!

  • I love midnight with Mickey. I can’t wait to get this bag. Thank you Disney and Vera Bradley.

  • I will be at the food and wine festival opening weekend. Will the Vera bags be available to purchase then? If so where? Any idea of the cost range?

    • @Mary – Awesome! I can’t wait for the start of the 2013 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. My favorite time of the year. At this point, we only plan to carry the items at World of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace. There may be additional locations added, but we won’t know until after the event on September 21. Please see my answer to question #3 above for retails and styles.

  • Will we see more information on the release party before that date?

    • @Stacy – Yes! Please keep watching the Disney Parks Blog in the coming weeks for additional details. 🙂

  • These are beautiful!! Definitely will want to pick one up.

  • oooohhh a release party??? Now that sounds like my kind of party!!

  • So excited! I can’t wait. Releasing on my 28th wedding anniversary too 🙂

    • @Wilma Kathleen – Wishing you a happy (early) anniversary!! That’s wonderful.

  • Very exciting. Hoping to grab one for my upcoming holiday trip

  • Do you know if they are planning on releasing any of them in the diaper bag style? I would love to get one!

  • Very excited! I need to replace my beloved Breast Cancer Awareness Vera Bradley bag and since October is Breast Awareness month I’m looking forward to getting the pink “Just Mousing Around” bag.

  • Yes. I’ll be buying one. My new bag is going to change my life.

  • Ditto Nicole’s comment about the diaper bag. I love my Vera diaper bag and how cute would it be to have one with a Disney pattern? Particularly the backpack one so you could take it to the parks!!

  • OMG I have been stalking this site ever since My mom, mom’s friend and I found out you and Vera Bradley have been in cohorts together this past spring! Greatest thing to come to Disney since Dooney is great but so much more expensive. I can’t wait to get several items…Hardest choice is picking which style as I LOVE Pink and Love the style of the black….so will be alternating! Congrats and thank you for teaming up….VERY SMART! Looking forward to getting these asap! A diaper bag would be great as well in both colors.

    • @Elizabeth and Stefani – Thank you both for the comments. At this time, I don’t know of plans for a diaper bag.

  • Hi,
    I have been waiting for this news and now I will have a great birthday gift for myself in October!

    • @Cathy – That sounds like a perfect gift for yourself. Happy early birthday! 🙂

  • That mini hipsters is mine, I just need to decide which color. Will you be providing merchandise codes so we can call in our orders?

    • @Brook – I will need to confer with the Merchandise Guest Services team to see if they will have access to these items. I know they will be coming to the Disney Parks online store in October, so that would be another option. Please stay tuned.

  • Will they be allowing a cast discount on these items?

  • is it possible to give the dimensions of the backpack? in line w/the question about CM discount, any AP or DVC discounts? Hope they will be available in december!

    • @Liz and Ann – I’ve asked the development and planning teams for an answer, so please stay tuned.

  • Will there only be a limited number of bags available? I cannot be there on the 23rd, even though I desperately want to be….this is my belated birthday present from my family and now I am concerned I won’t be able to get one….. 🙁 I fear like with other releases people will swoop in and buy them all then we will see them on ebay for triple their value…..

    • @Heather – These items are not limited edition. We will continue to carry them beyond the September 21 release party. Availability of bags may vary based on popularity. But rest assured, we have multiple orders planned. Additionally, you will be able to find these items on the Disney Parks online store starting in October.

      Please stay tuned for additional details about the release event. We will be sharing them in a few weeks on the Disney Parks Blog.

  • I sincerely hope these items will be available to the public that do not live near any disney locations..I will be checking the disneystore for undates..

    • @Friend – These items were created especially for Disney Parks, including Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. They will not be released at local Disney Store locations. You will be able to find them on the Disney Parks online store – – starting at some point in October 2013.

  • I have been looking forward to this release SO much as it combines two of my very favorite things but I am very concerned about the prices being far above the regular Vera Bradley prices on the tote and hipster at least. If we are not able to use our Disney Visa discount I will be EXTREMELY disappointed.

  • Although, on closer look, the tote appears to be the “Vera” tote which retails for more, but the hipster normally retails for &60. Are you sure the $99 price is accurate on this one?

    • @Casey – My bad. The correct retail is $70.00 for the hipster. Good thing I went to the eye doctor yesterday 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  • I will be there from Sept 13 to the 27th so will I be able to get bags at the parks or just the resort.

    • @Marsha – The bags will be released at World of Disney in Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida starting September 21. This will the only place they are carried for now. We may have additional locations added but won’t know those locations until after the event. For Disneyland Resort, the bags will be introduced on September 23 in multiple locations.

  • Steve- I’m getting a good giggle over your vast knowledge of Vera Bradley bags 😉

  • Hi what great news! Do you know if there are plans to have the bags on the Disney Cruise Line? If so hopefully soon : ) going on our first cruise Nov. 2, 2013 and would love to be able to purchase one there.

  • I was upset when I was at Disney World . I wanted to come home with my Vera Bradley. I always said if I was buying one I wanted it to be Disney. I’m so glad someone else thought of it to. I cant wait . So quit making us wait. Thank you so much for thinking of us Disney fans. Say Hi to Mickey for us.

  • At some point will there be the option to preorder one?

    • @Amber – At this point, we have no plans for a pre-order option. We will be releasing them starting September 21 at World of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida. In California, they will be released starting September 23. We will also be releasing them on our Disney Parks online store – – at some point in October.

  • I’m heading to WDW from September 9-17th. I’m going to miss it! My birthday was yesterday and I got Disney gift cards to buy Vera. I guess I’ll have to wait and buy them online. Does anyone know if you can use gift cards on the website?

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