Disneyland Half Marathon 2013 Merchandise: First Look

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

How many of you will be joining us this weekend for the Disneyland Half Marathon? I have several friends taking part in it again this year, so my goal is to make sure they look their best.

Among some of the most sought after items is the event merchandise, which includes performance T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, a runner’s hat, necklace, drinkware, jewelry and logo pin.

Disneyland Half Marathon 2013 Merchandise Disneyland Half Marathon 2013 Merchandise Disneyland Half Marathon 2013 Merchandise

The bragging rights are certainly yours, and that’s why our men’s and ladies T-shirts emblazoned with the “I Did It” message on it have become classics and fan favorites.
'I Did It' Merchandise at the Disneyland Half Marathon 2013

I’m curious how many of you will take part in the “Dumbo Double Dare”? No one I know has signed up for it, but I have no doubt that if you did, you’ll fly through it. If you’re looking to commemorate this incredible new challenge, look for a selection of men’s and ladies’ T-shirts in a variety of silhouettes, a jacket, hat, keychain and magnet.
Merchandise for the 'Dumbo Double Dare' at the Disneyland Half Marathon 2013

Just competing in the Disneyland 10K? That’s fine too. Look for an “Alice in Wonderland“-inspired commemorative T-shirt in adult and youth sizes.
Disneyland 10K Commemorative T-Shirt

Other great selections will include runDisney performance T-shirts, a zip hoodie and golf shirt for men, as well as a special 2013 runDisney hat.

Want more? Good. Because we have it! Keep an eye out for specially created Dooney & Bourke silhouettes, trading pins, Vinylmation and of course our “Coast to Coast” collection.

If you’re looking to make any of these items part of your Half Marathon experience or look, then I’d recommend you get to the Health & Fitness Expo at the Disneyland Hotel early, as this merchandise will go fast.

Will you be a part of this weekend’s Disneyland Half Marathon?


  • Wow this is awesome. Love the disney merchandise, especially the disney necklace.

  • Like Maris, I am interested in ordering some of the commemorative items online. I lost my bag with the mini-medal and charm-necklace. I have not been able to find the necklace anywhere!

  • The Expo ran out of all the merchandise before I was able to get there. Is there a site that I can go to so that I can order merchandise from the Disneyland 1/2 marathon.

  • Will you sell this merchandise online? Many of us didn’t even get to go into the official merchandise area to purchase anything. Really wanted the white dumbo shirt. Very Sad

  • any new pics of the merchandise like the vinylmation and dooney & bourke purses? I’m so exited to go to the expo tomorrow.

  • Have sooo much work left to do on my 10k costume. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Can’t wait for Dumbo this weekend. I do runDisney races for the medals and the foooood. Goofy’s Kitchen is gonna be so good after 13.1. I like the Dumbo shirts, but the Hatter tee is so cute. I wonder can we use Disney gift cards to purchase expo merchandise?

    • Jennie, you should be in good shape with your Disney Gift Cards. Good luck with your costume!

  • Any chance you can say which characters will be there?

    • No, but I wish I did. Though I always love that surprise.

  • Thanks Michelle! That did answer my purse question. Just hope some are left by the time I get there Friday night!

  • Hi,
    Is the dooney bag the one that was at D23. I so hope not. If not any sign of Dumbo or Alice on the bag lol

    • Julie, the Dooney & Bourke appears to have silhouettes of Mickey on it in different patterns. I think you’ll like it.

  • In response to Sarah’s question about the jacket versus hoodie, the green hoodie seems to have a zipper in the front if you look closely to the picture.
    Do you know what Coast to Coast clothing they will have? Sweatshirt?

    • You’re correct Stacy. I should clarify, the Dumbo Double Dare hoodie is in fact what we call a zip hoodie. I probably should have been a bit clearer. For the Coast to Coast collection, you can expect to find a Coast to Coast event tee, a couple of performance tees and an actual pullover hoodie.

  • Any word on if New Balance will be there WITH the Mickey and Minnie Run Disney shoes?? We CANT WAIT to get our hands on them! My Husband and I will be doing the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge!

    • I have no details on any of the New Balance shoes, but if you see them, let me know.

  • Thanks for the replies, Michelle. Hope everyone has a great run(s)! Nothing quite like a RunDisney race.

  • I’ve been running the dand HMs since 2007…..SO jazzed to have the add’l races to do too!!!!

    • Wow! That’s amazing! Best of luck to you this weekend! I know you’ll do great!

  • Running the half and participating in the 5K! maybe they so call that one Dopey 😉

  • another ‘just’ 10K person here. Sure hope there are other colors than gray for the 10K t-shirt.

    • Robin, the shirt will only be available in the gray version.

  • What do you mean by specially created Dooney & Bourke silhouettes?

    • There are two specific silhouettes (or styles) of the bags that will be available. A tassel bag and a crossbody version. Does that help?

  • Whew Hoo! Can’t wait for the Dumbo Double Dare! I hope all the Dumbo shirts have the “will run for peanuts” tag. That really sums it up for me!

  • I am running dumbo, cannot wait to get to the expo!

  • What is the Dumbo Double Dare?

    • Roberto, the Dumbo Double Dare includes the following: Participation in the 10K that takes place on Saturday, along with Half Marathon that takes place on Sunday, for a total of 19.3 miles.

  • Very much hoping for some Disneyland half-marathon weekend vinylmation mini-medals to add to my Mickey figure from the WDW Marathon Weekend!

    • Zachary, you’re in luck. There is a Disneyland Half Marathon Mini Vinylmation Medal that will be available.

  • I’ll be doing the Half and it will be my first race ever! So excited to shop! I’m sure I’ll want everything. Do you know if Dooney & Bourke will be doing anything special like they did for the Tinkerbell?

    • Definitely keep your eyes peeled for Dooney & Bourke inspired handbags, the teams have done a great job creating this collection. I know you’ll love them. Good luck this weekend!

  • Hi Lauren, I don’t think that Michelle intended to sound dismissive. You are correct every mile is magical but since there are many runs this weekend I think Michelle just wanted to make sure that the runners only competing in the inaugural 10K are included as well. Good Luck to all the runners this weekend!

  • For everyone running their first runDisney run…you are gonna be HOOKED!!!

    • I’m with Anne on this one! Good luck to all participating this weekend.

  • Yes! This will be my very first half marathon! I’m so excited and also utterly terrified! Everything looks awesome. I wanted to do the Dumbo Double Dare, but it sold out so quickly. Next time!

  • I will be running in the Disneyland 5K – my first 5K ever!

  • My husband is running for the first time. I’m so proud of him!

  • I will be doing my first 10K!!! Can’t wait!!

    • That’s so exciting Becky! I know you will have an amazing experience.

  • I will be there for Dumbo – cannot wait! Thanks for sharing this preview with us 🙂

  • Is there a Dumbo jacket? or is it just the hoodie? Can’t wait to run this weekend.

    • Hi Sarah, for the Dumbo Double Dare they have created the hoodie, no actual jacket at this time.

  • Eek! I really wish that didn’t say JUST finishing the 10K. Every mile is magic — and meaningful — regardless of the total distance.

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