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Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Continues Inspiring New Merchandise Coming to Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


At the beginning of summer, I gave you a look at a new (and now almost sold out) Vinylmation series featuring Disney’s animated classic “Beauty and the Beast.” As it turns out, that set was the first of several new items coming to Disney Parks that celebrate this “tale as old as time.” I recently visited with the merchandise developers for collectibles, home, and toys to get a look at what else you can expect in the coming months. There are some incredibly detailed and fun items on the horizon, so here is a look at some of my favorites.

From the art and collectibles team, I like the new medium-sized statue that resembles the fountain found outside Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park (It looks like they shrunk the fountain down to one that stands 14.5-inches tall!). Costa Alavezos from Disney Design Group, who recently designed new shoe and ear hat ornaments, worked on the statue.

Another favorite item is a Lumiere decorative figure that is coming soon from the home and décor team. Standing about 11-inches tall, the coolest part of this figure is that his candles light up and appear to flicker (there is an on/off switch under the candle base).

The toy team has several new things in the works including a Gaston archery playset, a new 1,000 piece puzzle featuring artwork by Thomas Kinkade, and a collectible figure set of characters from the film. In the coming months, they are introducing a Belle tea set that includes a talking Mrs. Potts and Chip, as well as new shields and swords.

The home and décor team recently introduced a throw, which you can find on the Disney Parks online store. The art and collectibles team is following up with a decorative stained glass-like window that used a similar image found on the throw. They also are producing a beautiful (and large) tapestry which measures 54-inches by 35-inches.

Look for these items and more coming soon to select locations at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. You can also find other items inspired by Be Our Guest, the amazing restaurant in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park, on the Disney Parks online store.


  • I’m in the same situation! I can’t believe they sold out in 3 weeks! I’m literaly crying over this :'( !! I live in Canada and didn’t even get a chance to plan a quick trip to the US to have it shipped to my hotel along with Christmas gifts as I usually do! I was waiting for the black friday sale!!! I can’t believe they are not gonna put some more online! I was expecting something like this even before they announce it!

  • Same here. I am bummed the Lumiere figure is sold out. I was told by email that it would not be restocked online. I really wanted it.

  • Hello I am heart broken that the lumiere figure is sold out online! Will it be restocked and if not where in Disneyland can I buy him?

  • Hi Steven! My Lumiere figure arrived yesterday and it is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t be happier. Would you happen to know if there are any plans for the release of a Cogsworth companion piece? I hope so! Thanks, Jim G.

  • hi there! i sure hope you see this. ^.^ i’m desperate for that gaston statue, do you know if it’ll be hitting the online shop, and how much it would be? do the parks every ship directly to your home? there’s one listed on ebay and i’m on the verge of buying it, but i feel like the price is severely inflated. thank you!

  • Can you tell me if the stained glass window and the new 54 X 36 inch tapestry has been released yet? Do you also know what the price will be for the 54 X 36 inch tapestry?

    Also, will we be able to purchase any of these via online or without having to go to the parks?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Steven, what’s the current situation with the beauty and the beast vinylmation series? I was waiting until I go to florida on the 27th to get the series instead of buying them online or in the stores but I’m hearing that they are sold out or retired 🙁

    • @Shelley – I spoke with the Vinylmation team who said there are not many units remaining for this series. You may be able to find them in select locations during your visit (assuming you meant August 27). As of today, it appears that some locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios may have your best options. Yet they are still being carried in multiple places. There are no plans, however, to re-order this series.

  • Where can I buy the puzzle? Is it available online?

    • @Lisa – The puzzle is currently available at mulitple locations in Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. The item number is 400007727786 and the retail is $18.95 plus tax. The puzzle won’t be carried online but you could try contacting Merchandise Guest Services. There are ways to contact them: by telephone at 877-560-6477 or by email at

  • The Lumiere statue pictured here looks the same as the one sold at The Disney Store about three years ago. Those were a Limited Edition set with a certificate of authenticity. Around that time, there was also a porcelain Mrs. Potts tea set and a working Cogsworth clock. Will you be adding additional numbers to the limited edition sets or is Lumiere a different lot? Just curious, thanks!

    • @Andie – This Lumiere figure is a new item created by the Disney Theme Park Merchandise team. The Disney Store is actually a separate division of the Walt Disney Company. We partner with them from time to time, yet this Lumiere figure wasn’t made by them.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have an item number at this point as The item number is 400007852693 and the retail will be $49.95 plus tax. Please note the resin figure isn’t due to arrive until around November. The Disney Parks figure is not limited edition. The home and decor team made it. They are the same department that made those incredible Haunted Mansion home items a few months ago.

  • Is the medium-sized statue of Gaston already available at Walt Disney World? I know it’s already for sale at Disneyland. I am going to WDW in September and would love to take one of them home with me.

    • @Rob – As of today, the figure hasn’t arrived yet at Walt Disney World Resort. It should be in locations by September. You are correct in that it is being offered in a few locations at Disneyland Resort now. Have a great trip!

  • When will Lumiere be available, and will he be offered at Disneystore?

    • @Michael – Look for Lumiere coming in November to Disney Parks. He won’t be carried at local Disney Stores, but we will offer him on the Disney Parks online store ( at a future date.

  • This is a great direction to take merchandising in, especially considering how Disney Stores no longer carry collectibles (to my DW’s discontent). I could see how this would work very well with the Aladdin property too (e.g. intricately detailed rugs, brilliantly painted landscapes of Agrabah, a plethora of Aladdin action figures (including characters from the animated series). Well done Disney, you’ve hit on something here!

  • Oh my! I love the tea set, I wish I had it when I was a little girl! I can’t justify purchasing that for myself as an adult, but I can definitely justify buying that Lumiere. Now if only there were a talking hand mirror like I had when the movie first came out… I could annoy my sister with it like I did back then! 😉

    Thanks for sharing this with us Steven 🙂

    • @Jennifer – You’re welcome! The Lumiere figure is amazing. I was impressed with the size, weight and details on the figure.

  • I remember several months ago when you discussed about a Beauty and the Beast music box statue just like the one in the Be Our Guest restaurant. Is that still coming out and will be available online? Also I would love to see more merchandise with just the Beast because he is my favorite character from the movie.

  • OMG I just want to know how much the stained glass is going to be. I must have one NOW!!!!

    • @Joseph – The window will have a retail of $150 (plus tax). The item number is 400007625952, and it’s due to arrive in the coming weeks.

  • Steven!

    Are there any plans to add a non-toy Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts set? I would love to have collectibles of them and not childrens toys.

    When will Lumiere be available? Will he be available via disneystore?

    • @Katie – I haven’t seen any plans for those. The Lumiere candlestick is coming to Disney Parks in November. It will also be carried on the Disney Parks online store at a future date.

  • I already got the puzzle for my mom 🙂

  • Where will this be available for purchase at the Disneyland Resort? I will probably buy all of it…even the Mrs. Potts tea set… 😀

    • @Steven – I would check places like the Disney Gallery for the collectibles items. For toys, I would look in big locations like Emporium in Disneyland Park, Elias & Co. in Disney California Adventure or World of Disney at Downtown Disney District. Please note, however, that some of the items haven’t arrived just yet. They will be coming to Disney Parks in the coming weeks/months.

  • STEVEN!!! Yesterday you gave us the fabulous news about the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Release Party…Today you are giving us a grand look at new Beauty and The Beast merchandise…Tomorrow if you share something about Mary Poppins, my week will be made!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for keeping us informed and updated about all of the wonderful merchandise that we have to look forward to the next time we visit Disney Parks!!! You’re The Best!!!

    • @Traci – Thank you for the kind note. It’s been fun pulling these stories together. Some really exciting things coming to Disney Parks. I love sharing great artwork, designs and items. Unfortunately, I don’t have any stories about Mary Poppins planned at this point. I’d have to look around. I know there was that awesome shoe ornament a few months ago 🙂

  • Ohhhh…my bank account is NOT going to be happy with me once these items come out…

  • When will the tea set be available?

    • @Sarah – The Tea Set is due to arrive toward late August / early September at Disneyland Resort, and mid-to-late September at Walt Disney World Resort.

  • Oh my goodness!! I already own the throw and I absolutely love it. The rest of this merchandise is a must-have for me!!

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