Enjoy the Last Few Weeks of Summer at Disneyland Resort – With New Magic at Indiana Jones Adventure and More

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Summer is almost over, but there’s still time left to enjoy all that summertime has to offer at the Disneyland Resort! So plan your visit before the days get shorter and the air gets a chill, and don’t miss:

  • New Curse Unleashed on Indiana Jones Adventure – You’ll never look at Mara the same way again! Come experience the classic attraction for yourself starting today.
  • Summer Nights at the Disneyland Resort – Be sure to catch our summer fireworks spectacular, “Magical,” stroll down Route 66 by the glow of neon lights, and spend an enchanted evening on Buena Vista Street during extended summertime operating hours.
  • More Summer Magic – Meet Mike Wazowski and Sulley dressed in their “Monsters University” school colors at Disney California Adventure park through September 2; also at Disney California Adventure park, dance along with some of your favorite Disney characters at Dancin’ with Disney; and celebrate all things America with Sheriff Woody and friends at Woody’s All-American Roundup in Disneyland park.
  • Limited Time Magic – Our weekly “Limited Time Magic” celebration continues, including the return of some long-lost Disney friends before the end of summer!
  • New Experiences at Disneyland Park – And of course, more time in Disneyland park means more opportunities to enjoy our newest experiences, Fantasy Faire and “Mickey and the Magical Map.”

So, will you be joining us here at the Disneyland Resort before summer ends?


  • I rode on Saturday, and I really like the new Mara effects.

    It should be noted that there is a different effect on Mara’s face depending on which door you go through.

  • John Hench in his book, describes Indiana Jones as having the Best example of what a Disney Q line should be like. That means making use of the outside Indy camp which guests should be allowed to pass through and experience from the front entrance, and see what Disney Legend John was talking about. I’m disappointed when the fast pass you right into the temple.

  • Ohhh, you guys are such teases about the long lost friends!! When will they be there?

  • For those wondering about indy, its a ride enhancement to the mara statue. looks prett cool.

  • Hmm interesting I’m going to go find out this weekend 😛

  • It’s apparently a new voice track and projection on the Mara statue face at the beginning of the ride (when your going up the hill)

  • What exactly has changed on Indiana Jones?

  • Is the “new curse” in Indy permanent or a limited time offering?

    • I think this curse will be around for a long time …

  • We’ll be there for our anniversary September 8-12. Unfortunately, we didn’t know you were going to cut hours back even further from the off-season hours. Your planning calendar still says 8PM for Disneyland, but your current schedule shows 7PM close every weeknight … 5PM close on the 12th! I know you’re staying open until 1AM Friday, and that’s great, but we planned our trip months ago and couldn’t have known the hours would be so short. Seeing a Disney park after dark is a huge amount of the fun for us, and it’s disappointing to know we’ll only get one night out of our trip to see that.

  • Hi Erin,
    I’m really curious about what you mean by “New Curse Unleashed on Indiana Jones Adventure”. Could you explain that a bit more to me?
    I’ll be at the park on Saturday and I always go on Indiana as soon as I can. Thanks =)

  • When will you do a meet-up? I am talking about the ones WITH you, Erin.

    • We’ll have something soon, Dennis! Stay tuned.

  • Wait, Indy has a new curse right now? You aren’t talking about the gift rights (i.e., eternal youth, earthly riches, and vision of the future)?

  • Be there in 4 days for our first family trip to Disneyland! Can’t wait!! Thanks for the post Erin, as if I’m not excited enough…

  • I’ll be there with family in tow on the 19th for an early bday celebration.

    Whats this “new curse” for indy about?

  • Any advance notice on when our long lost friends will be joining us?

    • Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog, Colleen. We’ll have an announcement soon.

  • Erin, this is very intriguing. 🙂

    What *is* the “new curse” at the Indiana Jones Adventure? New ride/queue experience?

    • Fred … and everyone else who is asking … you have to experience it for yourself! This time I’m not spoiling the surprise. 🙂

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