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Guess What’s Fun in Four-Dimensions Coming to the D23 Expo Dream Store and Disney Parks in August 2013

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Fun in Four-Dimensions Coming to the D23 Expo Dream Store and Disney Parks in August 2013, Including this 4-D Puzzle Map

The toy team at Disney Theme Park Merchandise recently shared with me two new items that I believe fellow parents (and those who refuse to grow up) will love. I spoke with merchandiser Cody Hampton about these new things coming to the D23 Expo, the ultimate Disney fan event, and Disney Parks in August.

“We’ve been working on a 4-D puzzle for about two years now,” explained Cody. “The map puzzle features a stylized image of Disneyland park as it exists today. We’ve offered a similar Disneyland puzzle in the past, yet the new twist with this puzzle is the 50 sculpted buildings that can be added to it.”

Fun in Four-Dimensions Coming to the D23 Expo Dream Store and Disney Parks in August 2013, Including this 4-D Puzzle Map

Disney Design Group artists Quynh Kimball, Lin Shih (of recent Radio Disney Music Award fame) and Alex Maher worked on the puzzle design. Lin said they selected some of the most iconic buildings at Disneyland park. Once completed, the puzzle will measure 29 inches by 18.5 inches.

Attendees going to the D23 Expo, taking place August 9–11 at the Anaheim Convention Center, should look for the new puzzle in the Dream Store. The 750-piece puzzle will also be released in select merchandise locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

Fun in Four-Dimensions Coming to the D23 Expo Dream Store and Disney Parks in August 2013, Including a New Disney Theme Park Edition of Hedbanz

I was particularly excited to see the second item that Cody shared – a new Disney Theme Park edition of Hedbanz. My son received the Disney character version of this game last December for his birthday, so I know he will be happy to play this new one.

Fun in Four-Dimensions Coming to the D23 Expo Dream Store and Disney Parks in August 2013, Including a New Disney Theme Park Edition of Hedbanz

“Hedbanz is a great game for families of all ages,” continued Cody. “This quick guessing game includes Mouse ear-inspired headbands that hold cards while playing. We chose a variety of characters, icons and attractions from Disney Parks including Duffy the Disney Bear, the Hitchhiking Ghosts and even the Mickey-shaped ice cream bar.”

This game will also debut in the Dream Store at the D23 Expo, and will be found at Disney Parks. By the way, tickets are still available to the D23 Expo and can be purchased by visiting this link.

Both of these items will be carried on the Disney Parks online store in October 2013.

From August 9-11, you can meet artist Quynh Kimball, who worked on both the puzzle and Hedbanz, during game nights at Once Upon a Toy in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. He will be at the massive toy store each night from 6-9 p.m.


  • Thanks Steven for the information!!

  • Does anyone know if the 4-D puzzle is available yet at Disney World?

    • @Rob – I checked our merchandising system. It appears that it is currently only at Disneyland Resort at this point. Check World of Disney at Downtown Disney District; Elias & Co. on Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure; and Fantasia at the Disneyland Hotel. The item number is 400007844483.

  • Ok, looks like I better free up some more room in the suitcase as these will definitely be coming home with me in September. I especially love the 4D puzzle. Great work!

  • I just noticed that the comment before mine was another Jamie, how ironic! Thank you so much for looking into the Ariel mirrors for me! 🙂

  • Steven, do you have the price of the Sephora Swarovski encrusted Ariel compact mirror that is only going to be available at the D23 Expo. It’s listed in the D23 expo app, but there aren’t any pictures or prices. I have asked multiple sources and no one has gotten back to me. I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

    • @Jamie – I’ve asked the online store team if they will be carrying the puzzles. I also asked the Dream Store team for the D23 Expo about the Ariel compact mirror. It appears that item was developed by Disney Consumer Products, not Disney Theme Park Merchandise. The event team has made some inquiries. I will respond once I hear more information.

  • Steven, do you know if/when the Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles (there are 3 new ones) will be up on the parks online store? Just trying to decide if I should order from park merchandise, or wait for them to go online. Thanks!

  • thx!

  • Another version of Hedbanz!!!!!! This is my favorite game.

  • Do we know the price on the puzzle? And will we be able to purchase it at D23EXPO?

    • @Elizabeth – The 4-D puzzle has retail of $39.95 (plus tax) and the Hedbanz game is $24.95 (plus tax). Both will be available for purchase in the Dream Store at the D23 Expo. They will also be sold at Disney Parks and will be coming to the Disney Parks online store in October.

  • I can’t wait to get the puzzle and the HeadBanz game looks hysterical.
    Steven I hope to run into you at D23 Expo too

    • @Diane – Please have a great time at the D23 Expo. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend this year. I will be, however, taking trip with my son to Disneyland Resort in early September. He hasn’t been in a few years, and he’s at that perfect age now to enjoy it all.

  • Oh I love both of these, but the Disney Theme Park HeadBanz is fantastic!!! Can’t wait!

  • It’s just so convenient that Sat is my birthday. I’m hoping I can just point to all the things I want. Both of these items are so fun.

    • @Jennie – I wish you many happy returns of the day! I hope you have wonderful birthday.

  • Any game with both Figment and Brer Rabbit is a must-have for me! Can’t wait to get it at the D23 Expo this weekend!

  • HAHA! Mr. Toad on your head! Looks like someone is with me when I say “MORE MR. TOAD”!

    • @Jason – I knew I wasn’t alone!!

  • Fun Fun Fun!

  • Love the puzzle. I will be visiting Disneyland at the end of August (my first time on the west coast), hope I can find it there.

    • @John – Have a wonderful trip!! Disneyland Resort is fantastic. Be sure to have a Dole Whip in Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Garden, dine at Carthay Circle Restaurant on Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure, and stop by Trader Sam’s at the Disneyland Hotel. All things on my “must do” list 🙂

  • Awesome!!!!!

  • Will definitely be picking up the puzzle when I’m at D23 on Sunday. I love puzzles and can’t wait to put this one together.

  • Both of these look like So Much Fun! We’ll be in DLR in September, I hope these will be a couple of our souvin-ears!

  • When can we expect the puzzles to be availble at Disneyland? I am think Christmas present for my 8 year old and I like to get my shopping done early. Or I may have to senak over to D23… Also, headbands?!? Such a fun game. my kids love it! I have often wondered if we would look too silly playing (in line) in the park. I mean you need to pass the time somehow right? And a park version?? so fun. My kids giggle almost uncontrolably when daddy gets a “princess.”

    • @Jaime – These items will debut during the D23 Expo but you should be able to find them at select Disneyland Resort locations shortly thereafter. They will also be released in locations at Walt Disney World Resort. I agree that Hedbanz is a fun game, espcially for little ones. 🙂

  • *from Sep 20 TO Oct 3.

  • Hi, I just have to have the puzzle! Do you have any info on when it will be in stores at Disney World? We visit from Sep 20 and Oct 3.

    • @Sabrina – I hope you have a great trip! Both of these items should be in stores at the time of your visit.

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