Highlighting Disneyland Park Horticulture: Jungle Cruise

Shannon Swanson

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

It’s a jungle out there, so why not explore it? In the video below, Jungle Cruise Skipper Kelly Small guides us on a very special tour highlighting the horticulture of the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland park. I hope you enjoy this video of the Jungle Cruise. If you don’t, Kelly will send you a refund and my name is Erin.

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  • Have always enjoyed this attraction, what method is being used to keep the birds from nesting in the Jungle Cruise area? I understand its has to do with a project with the University of Davis? Thanks

  • Thank you Kelly, That was very informative and interesting. One day I want to take the horticulture tour offered at DLR. I love the Jungle Cruise and all its details.

  • This was totally awesome! Jungle Cruise is my favorite ride and it’s always great to get some unknown tidbits about it. Better info than the skipper pointing our her favorite plant life… “That one… that one…” haha

  • Fantastic, I would love to see more! Thank you… Now Get out. I’m sorry that was rude.. Please get out

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