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How Will You Celebrate Halloween at Disney Parks?

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Remember Halloween back in the good old days? Did you trick or treat with a variety of makeshift costumes (like I did), with sheets that could transform into a ghost costume, and carry trick-or-treat pillowcases? Years later we graduated to the “high-tech” plastic face masks – remember those? Not the most comfortable. But we had so much fun, dressing up to go on a trick-or-treat quest with friends and family. Now, years later, there’s so much more available.

In-Room Halloween Celebrations by Disney Floral & Gifts In-Room Halloween Celebrations by Disney Floral & Gifts

This year, we’re taking Halloween to a whole new level – of course, at Disney Parks, we totally have to “scream” Halloween with creativity “ghoul”ore. In this post, I thought you’d like to read about some new experiences Disney Floral & Gifts is offering in Florida and California. Not coming to the parks this fall? Not to worry, I included a fun game in this post to play at home as well. Interested in learning more? Well, read on (If you dare! Muhahaha!).
Mickey’s Spooktacular Celebration by Disney Floral & Gifts

If you’re going to the Walt Disney World Resort this fall, check out Mickey’s Spooktacular Celebration. What’s included? Well, imagine walking up to your resort door after a full day in the parks to see a one-of-a-kind Halloween banner that lights up, then entering your resort room only to discover creepy hidden surprises, cobwebs, candy and more, prepared by Mickey and Minnie. There’s also a special message from Mickey and a “ghostly” activity waiting just for you. After you’ve discovered special Halloween haunts lurking in the room, little ones can snuggle up with their new Mickey and Minnie Mouse plush, and rest on their personalized Mickey Mouse pillowcase! They’ll be retelling this not-so-scary tale for years to come!

In-Room Halloween Celebrations by Disney Floral & Gifts Skellington Mickey’s Haunted Adventure by Disney Floral & Gifts

What’s available at the Disneyland Resort? What if you could experience Skellington Mickey’s Haunted Adventure in your resort room? What’s included? Well, legend has it that Jack Skellington and Mickey teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind surprise that “eeks” Halloween. After a full day in the parks, imagine walking up to your resort door to find a Halloween light-up banner – but that’s only the beginning. You’ll then enter your room to find an illuminated Jack Skellington head, a candy filled jack-o-lantern, a cobwebbed candelabra, a personalized note to the family, Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”-themed playing cards and tiny tombstones scattered throughout your room. And once you’ve found all the lurking treasures and haunts, you can cozy up with your new Mickey plush and fleece blanket to complete one thrilling Halloween family memory.

Not staying in a Disney resort during Halloween time? No need to go batty! Here’s a spin on an old “boo” game for the neighborhood that’s sure to spark the haunting season for you. It’s called the “Neighborhood Goodie-Tag.” Here’s what to do:

Neighborhood Goodie-Tag

Make or decorate a goodie bag, then gather some Halloween-themed treasures like Halloween goodies and other small holiday surprises. Secretly deliver it to a friend with a sign that says “BOO!” The sign lets them know they’ve been “Boo’d” and they must create and pass another bundle of treasures on. Be sure to include a secret Halloween message in the bag explaining why they’re receiving the bundle and what to do next. Get creative with it: write a poem, create a song, you could even leave a picture message. The goal is to deliver the goodie bag to a friend or neighbor without them knowing it was you who left it. If the trend follows, you’ll have the whole neighborhood “booing” in no time, creating lots of fun and surprises.

Want to learn more about Mickey’s Spooktacular Celebration at the Walt Disney World Resort? Call a Disney Floral & Gifts Dream Maker 407-WDW-GIFT or visit

Want to learn more about Skellington Mickey’s Haunted Adventure at Disneyland Resort? Call our Disneyland Dream Makers at 714-781-GIFT or visit

And whatever you choose to do this fall, make sure its “spooktacular”…. just like when we were kids.


  • Always great stuff, Jean! 🙂 Love this time of year at Disney.

  • What store sells the pillowcase at disney world? I love it too.

  • You know how I WON’T be celebrating Halloween at the Disney Parks? By attending the Not So Scary Halloween Party! I was disappointed that for yet another year, the party is not being held on any Saturdays. I was told by a cast member that the party is scheduled this way so as not to upset Florida resident pass holders. But, what about those of us who have to travel to get the parks? It would be great if Disney would schedule a mix of dates to accommodate everyone.

  • This all looks like a frighteningly good time! Good job Disney, you always know how to put us in the right mood for every holiday.

  • I plan to go for the Halloween Party at the Disneyland resort. In a handmade costume based off of a Tokyo Disney park character outfit that only the head cheese, Mickey Mouse, will know what it is.
    (This literally happened last time I went in another Tokyo Disney based outfit. May it fray in peace.)

  • Where do I find that personalized pillowcase shown in the picture in the middle of the article above? I LOVE IT! But, I don’t see it listed on Disneyflorist!

    • Hi Kristina: Glad you wrote. Are you going to Disneyland or Disney World? The reason I ask is the pillowcase is only available at World. Disneyland carries a different Halloween experience with a Jack Skellington touch. Let me know if that helps….

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