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It’s Official! Disney Cruise Line’s Captain Tom is Now Commodore Tom

Captain Tom Forberg has been with Disney Cruise Line since the very beginning. He is the first and longest-serving captain, oversaw the construction of all four Disney ships and served as the inaugural captain on each ship. So it is only fitting that he is named the first Commodore in the history of the company.

Officers and Crew Aboard the Disney Fantasy Join Senior Vice President Anthony Connelly, Captain Mickey and Vice President Bert Swets in Naming Captain Tom Forberg First Commodore in History of Disney Cruise Line

Yesterday, the officers and crew aboard the Disney Fantasy joined President Karl Holz (not pictured), Senior Vice President Anthony Connelly, Captain Mickey and Vice President Bert Swets in surprising Captain Tom with the honor and presenting him with his new hat.

Commodore is an honorary appointment bestowed upon accomplished and distinguished leaders of military, commercial and cruise fleets. With this honor, Commodore Tom will serve as the highest-ranking Disney captain and will continue to share the duty of commanding the ships rotationally along with the other captains. In the cruise industry, only one other cruise line is actively using the Commodore title.

Help us congratulate Commodore Tom!


  • Dear Commodore Tom:
    I had the honor to be part of the opening crew for the Disney Magic and the the Disney Wonder. You were always a great and kind leader and I am very pleased that such a great leader continues making a difference within Disney Cruise Line. Congratulations!

  • Congrats to you on this well deserved recognition. We have sailed with you from the very beginning of DCL…were on the Maiden Voyage of the Disney Magic on July 30, 1998 and have been with you all the way!!! We have had the pleasure of meeting you several times over the years and hope to see you again soon on one of our upcoming cruises. We have experienced all four ships and our next cruise will be number 30 on DCL. Can’t wait!!! Love the brand and again, congrats!!!! You ARE the face of DCL!!!

  • We had the pleasure of meeting Captain Tom in May 2011 on the Disney Dream. I was hoping he would be the captain on our particular cruise, so it was a huge delight to see him and have our picture taken with him.

    I think Commodore Tom should next be named a Disney Legend!

  • Congratulations Commodore Tom!! Very well deserved. Hopefully my family and I can meet you one day during a magical Disney cruise.

  • Congratulations Commodore Tom! We will see you again in December on our 18th Disney Cruise. Best wishes.

  • Congratulations Commodore Tom! Brian and I have sailed with you many times, but I think our most memorable sailing was the 2005 Panama Canal return trip to Florida. Looking forward to sailing with you again!

  • First in company history? Commodore Kelly has been cruising the Jungle Rivers from years.

  • Congratulations Commodore Tom; found memories of many an enjoyable sail with you made in part by your enthusiastic commitment and the entire crews of a fantastic cruise line – The Disney Cruise Line. Jim & Margaret; Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

  • Congratulations Commodore Forberg!

  • Congratulations Commodore Forberg!! To quote Captain Jack Sparrow did you get “a new hat, a really big one” ? All kidding aside congratulations again its a very well deserved promotion. Thank you for all you have done for Disney Cruise Line.


  • Just had Tom last week as Captain of the Disney Fantasy !

  • Congratulations Commodore Forberg! Im on the Magic from January the 6th I hope to meet you.

  • Congrats, Commodore Tom!! We’ve sailed three of the four under your command! So happy for you! Well done!!!

  • Congratulations Commodore Tom!

  • Congratulations, Commodore!! Well done!!

  • Congrats Commodore Tom Forberg!

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