Main Street Fire Engine Celebrates 55 Years at Disneyland Park

You see it on Main Street, U.S.A., every day at Disneyland park – the Fire Engine. It was added to the fleet of Main Street Vehicles 55 years ago today, on August 16, 1958. A replica of a 1916 fire engine, it is a reminder of simpler times at the turn of the century. It’s also a reminder of Walt Disney and how much he loved to drive it around Disneyland in the mornings before the park opened. So take a trip with us down the memory lane we call Main Street, U.S.A., today on the 55th anniversary of the Main Street Fire Engine. You’ll be glad you did.


  • Cheers to another 55 years!

  • Thanks to Steve for driving us up and down Main St. for 40 years! One of the long time CM “icons” in my opinion. I know its a good day to see him smiling while cruising down Main St. in that red machine!

  • I love the Disneyland Fire Truck!! It is a must-ride each visit to the park. The drivers all share great stories about Walt, and. It is fun to ring the bell. If you’re lucky, you will get a Disneyland Jr Firefighter sticker at the end of your trip. Congratulations on 55 years!!

  • Took a trip on it last time down Main Street with mom 🙂 Steve was so nice and talkative

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