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Sneak Peek: Princess Fairytale Hall Marquee is Unveiled at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney Imagineers, who are busy putting the finishing touches on Princess Fairytale Hall in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park, reached a milestone earlier today when they added the attraction’s marquee. Check out the photo below, shared with us by our friends in Walt Disney Imagineering.

Princess Fairytale Hall Marquee is Unveiled at Magic Kingdom Park

The hall, which is set to open this fall, will welcome princess fans into a positively regal character greeting area. According to Imagineering, the attraction’s entrance features stone walls and stained glass windows. Once inside, guests will enter a huge gallery with a vaulted ceiling and portraits of Disney princesses. From here, guests will be able to meet either Cinderella or Rapunzel, each of whom will be joined by a fellow Disney princess.

Princess Fairytale Hall at Magic Kingdom Park

Will this be a must-see for you when it opens this fall? Tell us in the “Comments” section below.

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  • We were just there yesterday and a cast member told us Ariel will visit in human form also….. from time to time. since her royal subject only get to see her in her grotto and see her in human form in parades, breakfast etc.. so the visiting princesses can be any of their princess friends……. going back in 13 days can’t wait to see who’s there!!!

  • I’m definitely going to check this out if it’s open when I go down at the end of October, though I have a sneaking suspicion that one of my favorite princesses won’t be the “bonus” princess with Cinderella or Rapunzel (Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire).

  • Can’t wait for this! I’m hoping it will be open by the middle-end of October when I’m there! So much new stuff is around since my last visit 2010/11, I can’t wait! The marquee looks beautiful, I love the detail in the gold detailing above the name!

    • It actually opens Sept. 18, so you’re in luck!

  • I’m confused. Is it FP and Standby both for two separate lines? or is FP or standby from one line and then you get to choose Cinderella or Rapunzel? I hope its the second. FP one and wait standby for the second.
    As said with several other comments, I definitely excited for the opening!

  • I know that the higher-ups want there to be tons of surprises, but I am so grateful we have Jennifer to keep us all informed. I feel like she’s our “insider” who gets this glorious little tidbits and races back to tell us these important bits of info. I have been so excited for this Princess Fairytale Hall and have been following the concept art closely. If they make it even half as gorgeous as those drawings it is going to be enchanting. My only hope is that Princess Tiana will get to be part of this because she happens to be my niece and nephew’s FAVORITE princess and they were actually inspired to learn all about New Orleans just so they could talk to her about it when we are at WDW after Christmas. I’ve got two miniature New Orleans experts now who plan on asking Princess Tiana for her gumbo recipe in Princess Fairytale Hall, so I do so very much pray that she is included inside this new venue. Maybe our pal Jennifer can get some inside scoop and let us know if this is possibly going to happen?

    • Thank you very much!
      The best way to find Princess Tiana on the day of your trip will be to consult the My Disney Experience App or by picking up a Times Guide on your way into the park. And of course, you can always ask a cast member!

  • If this opens before FP+ is available to all guests, will there be a paper FP option available to those that cannot use FP+?

    • Yes, there will be that open as well.

  • I would LOVE to be able to take my daughter here when we visit int he fall. It will be our last trip to the World for about 5 years and this would make it perfect! Any chance it will be open by the time we get there on Sept 18?

    • As soon as we get information on opening dates, we’ll post it here!

  • Tiana already has her own meet and greet in Liberty Square and I think Jasmine is in Adventureland with Aladdin. I think it will be Snow White, Aurora, maybe Mulan, and I asume when Frozen comes out they will be where Merida is now, and she would move in there too!

    • As usual, the easiest way to find the character you’re looking for is to pick up a Times Guide on your way into the park. That always has the most up-to-date information. 🙂

  • I’m so excited for this!

    Is there any chance that the PRINCES will make appearances here too? I really miss meeting Flynn Rider.

  • I have a fast pass set for 9/8 for this!!! Already on my magic bands

  • Now that Star Wars is part of the Disney family, will Princess Leia be making an appearance?

  • I wonder if Mulan will appear since she was in the concept art?

  • Are you guys announcing what other princesses will make appearances at a later date?

  • And since Ariel and Belle have their own meet-and-greets they won’t be in Fairytale Hall correct?

    I wonder if Jasmine, Mulan and Tiana are going to make appearences. Are you guys announcing that later?

  • This is great news! We can see Rapunzel on a regular basis, AND get a Fastpass! Can’t wait till December.

    • I’m happy you’re excited!

  • Will this be a FastPass meet and greet like the town square theater? I am hoping it will be open by November.

    • Yes – there will be both FastPass & Standby options.

  • I am excited for this! And, Scott, it’s four princesses. Cinderella with another princess and Rapunzel with another princess.

    • Correct!

  • It looks lovely.

  • Scott – I think they said there was going to be a surprise friend there also – so I believe there will be more then 2 at a time but the 3rd one will change

  • Looks great, but bummed there will only be 2 Princesses at a time available to meet at Fairytale Hall.

    • There will be four princesses there at all times. There will be two separate queues, one for Cinderella and one for Rapunzel. Each princess will appear with another friend.

  • I’m going early September to Disney World- will it be ready then?

  • I wonder who will be taking their place in town square theatre? I hope it’s characters like Clarice, Bernard, Bianca, and Pinocchio.

  • looks great!!! hope it will be open when we are there in Oct!!

    • As soon as we have an update on timing, we’ll post it here.

  • looks great- its about time! 🙂 haha

    • That’s great to hear. 🙂

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