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Today in Disney History: Lucky the Dinosaur Walks on the Scene

Today marks the day a 5-year-old dinosaur named Lucky made his debut. He was the first Audio-Animatronics figure to walk independently! Imagineers were inspired by technology that began with Audio-Animatronics figures in Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room back in 1963. Those figures, and the ones that followed at “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” and Pirates of the Caribbean could sing, talk, move and duel with swords, but they could not walk on their own. Lucky could walk and interact with guests and even give an autograph.

His first appearance was at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles on August 28, 2003. A few days later he visited Disney California Adventure park. Since Lucky was only playtesting, he returned to his home at Walt Disney Imagineering and eventually made appearances in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Today, he’s back home at Walt Disney Imagineering and makes occasional appearances for Adventures by Disney guests.


  • Any idea on when Lucky will be at any of Orlando’s parks/resorts?

  • @Jaime– I think it was that ten years ago today, a little dinosaur aged 5 made his debut… He does appear “young” looking rather than mature….

  • I remember when Lucky was first designed to capitalize on ABC’s “Dinotopia” TV series, which explains his handler’s fantasy outfit–But seems Lucky was around a lot longer than the series.
    And yes, another vote for Limited Time Magic–I only had the chance to see him once (also back in ‘0), and if he’s been away nearly ten years, there’re that many kids who’ve never seen him up close. 🙂

  • I met Lucky this year at the Walt Disney Imagineering during a visit with the Adventures By Disney tour group. I hope he gets to wander off again in the parks sometime. It was awesome to see him!

  • So its the 10 year anniversary not the 5 year right? The date is based off of 10 years but the writing says 5. I was scrathing my head trying to figure out what other “lucky the dinosaur” I saw over 5 years ago. We also met him at D23 in 2009.

  • We saw Lucky at the Animal Kingdom back in 2005 as part of The Happiest Celebration on Earth promotion. I’ve always wondered why he has never made an appearance again.

  • So cool! Unfortunately, I never got to see him in action… This would make a GREAT “Limited Time Magic” event:)

  • Saw him at Animal Kingdom! Loved him, miss him! Any plans to bring him back when Pixar releases their dinosaur movie? Please please please? 🙂

  • I remember catching Lucky by sheer luck (pun intended) at Animal Kingdom when we were visiting back around 2003-2005. I’ve often wondered why I’ve never seen him again when we’ve gone back to Florida in recent years. I had thought he was a DinoLand attraction. Thanks for posting this!

  • I remember seeing Lucky at California Adventure, and I got to meet him at the 2009 D23 Expo. He is really cool!

    It would be awesome if he make another appearance at the Disneyland Resort. 🙂

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