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Tokyo Disney Resort Plans Santa’s Village, Special Parades & More for the Holidays

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Our friends at Tokyo Disney Resort just unveiled their holiday plans this week, with special fireworks, entertainment, holiday trees and parades on the way.

This year, Tokyo Disneyland will hold a Christmas Fantasy celebration, which includes a Santa’s Village complete with a toy factory shop, and a special Disney’s Santa Village Parade that magically brings the village to life.

Tokyo DisneySea will host a Christmas Wishes celebration, which will feature Colors of Christmas, a light display that includes a 49-foot-tall Christmas tree as a centerpiece, and “Holiday Greeting From Seven Ports” entertainment program.

Have you spent the holidays at one of our international theme parks? Let us know in the “Comments” section – and be sure to check out the gallery above for photos of previous Christmas seasons at Tokyo Disney Resort.


  • My first visit to Tokyo Disney Resort was in November 2008 and I had the magical opportunity to see Tokyo Disneyland with all the Christmas decorations and the main show at the Castle, where they had a wonderful show including roller skaters and more. One of the things I really enjoy at Tokyo Disney Resort is the original music created for all its shows!

    Then I visited Tokyo Disney Sea and they have in the night a show called ” Christmas Wishes” where they have the lagoon full of chandeliers forming a lot of Christmas trees!

    A visit to Tokyo Disney Resort during the Christmas Season is a MUST to do for all Disney Parks fans! =) ºoº

  • Tokyo Disney Sea or TDS as the locals call it, is by far my favorite park to visit in the evening because it is so charming and magical. During Christmas time, doubly so.

    Christmas is seen as the most romantic day of the year in Japan. Couples have dinner in a nice restaurant, drink champagne, exchange presents and can be seen walking around town hand in hand while gazing at all of the illuminations (Christmas lights). If you want to enjoy TDS’s Christmas festivities on either the 24th or 25th, be warned, it’s extremely crowded with cute, young couples in love wearing matching furry, pink, leopard print, Minnie Mouse snow hats (which I secretly have always wanted, but never bought). However, with a little bit of planning, you too, can have the romantic Japanese Christmas of your dreams.

    May I present to you My “Osusume” or Recommended Romantic Tokyo Disney Sea Christmas Date Night.

    Because evenings at TDS are for lovers, take advantage of the Starlight or After 6 Passport. Dress up! It’s a date night after all, just be sure to bundle up because it gets cold at TDS in the winter. After purchasing a seasonally appropriate new hat, scarf or set of ears, snap a few photos in front of the picturesque Mediterranean Harbor. After that, get serenaded to while you snuggle up on a Venetian Gondola ride.

    Then, enjoy a stroll around the wreath adorned American Waterfront. Get into the Christmas spirit and take in the seasonally festive, musical sensation known as Big Band Beat.

    Afterwards, go aboard the Columbia and enjoy an aperitif in the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge before having a 5 course meal in the art-nouveau inspired main dining room. (Depending on your food preference, I also recommend enjoying the extensive cocktail menu at the Magellan Lounge and the more intimate seating in the Magellan dining room.) Both places have a fantastic wine menu, delicious food and very friendly staff.

    After you’ve had your fill of traditional Japanese Christmas cake, it will be time to head back to the main Harbor to watch the aqua and pyrotechnic pageant called “Christmas Wishes”. Confessionaly, I teared up a bit the first time I saw it. I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for Christmas music, water cannons and fireworks.

    Since the park closes at 10, you still have time to enjoy a little more TDS Magic. My favorite late night TDS activities???
    ~Ride the Aquatopia
    Which, in my opinion, is always better at night,
    ~ Run around Mermaid Lagoon
    Little or no wait on attractions.
    Ariel’s Grotto without the kids is so much fun!
    ~ Visit Duffy
    A matching his and her / Duffy and Shellie-May key chain set is
    a must for any Japanese couple in love.

    Before you leave, make sure to enjoy a warm cup of mulled wine and cranberry popcorn while you gaze at the big Christmas tree back at the American Waterfront.

    As you stroll mittened hand in hand with your date back through Mediterranean Harbor towards the monorail, you will be able to enjoy the warming sight of illuminated trees and the quiet twinkling of holiday music.

    I promise, you or your significant will be completely filled with Christmas wonderment throughout the night and neither one of you will be able to wipe the smile off of your faces till at least New Years. Enjoy!

  • Exciting. Do we know the dates that this will run from?

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