Walt Disney and the Disney Characters at Disneyland Park

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Taking a picture with the Disney characters at Disneyland park is a popular activity for many guests. For Walt Disney, taking a picture with the Disney characters must have felt a little like a family reunion.

By the time Disneyland park opened in 1955, Walt Disney had released more than a dozen animated features and scores of animated shorts, introducing enduring Disney characters to the world. We recently came across photos of some of these beloved personalities standing with the man who brought them to life.

This first photo we’re happy to share was taken in the fall of 1965 at Sleeping Beauty Castle. I count at least 15 characters in this picture. Do you have a favorite?

Walt Disney Takes a Photo with Disney Characters in Front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park in 1965

Check back soon for more pictures of Walt and the Disney characters!


  • Does anyone know what the camel looking character all the way to the left is from? I can’t place it. This is really a great picture!

  • Hello,
    My favorite character really is Walt himself! I am a young 70 and remember seeing Walt on tv and saw and heard his enthusiasm.
    Mickey is another one.

  • The photo would have been a lot better if taken at high noon. The shadows obscure so much. If I’m right, and that gray thing is Dumbo, I’ll choose that as my favorite.

  • It looks like there used to be a Kanga! Why isn’t she walking around now?

  • Is there anyway to find out if some secondary characters might be at on of the park, and if so, where they could be found? We’re going in October and my daughter keeps asking if Periwinkle (Tink’s sister in the last movie) and Sofia (from Sofia the first) will be there.

  • I can’t place the camel guy… but right behind him appears to be the Mad Hatter. Then we have Dopey. Behind him is Pooh, and I can’t tell exactly who it is behind Pooh. Then there is Goofy, Mickey, Kanga, and Pluto. Behind Pluto I can see Jiminy Cricket’s hat, with Pinocchio next to him, and Foulfellow next to him. You can see two of the three pigs, but I think behind the green one(not sure of their names) is the third. There’s Big Bad Wolf, and right behind him is some tall creature in a straw hat. I have no idea who that is. Finally, right behind the red Pig,
    You can see a pair of eyes that I’m fairly certain belong to Smee.

  • I love these vintage Disney Parks photos! Thanks for sharing this magical moment, George. 😀 My favorite characters would have to be the Big Bad Wolf, Fiddler Pig, and Fifer Pig. Is Practical Pig out of the frame?

  • I think the straw hat at the right might be Brear Fox?

  • @Sarah, I thought the camel might come from a Silly Symphony, but no match. Otherwise, I’d guess it’s from the opening scene of Aladdin, except that’d be decades after this pic :-O

  • Dopey! He’s so tiny!

  • The camel is from a 1976 movie called Hawmps. A cavalry outpost in the Wild West of 19th Century USA is in need of horses. The captain of the outpost gets word that they’re to receive a shipment of fine Arabians. What he gets is a shipment of…camels.

  • Unless the Camel is a time traveler, I don’t think he si from Hawmps, as this picture was taken in 1965.

  • Aha, I found the camel:
    He was used in the 1965 “Fantasy on Parade” at Disneyland at Christmas time, along with a cigar puffing rooster.

  • I have some never-before-seen pictures of this iconic image being taken, when a family member went to Disneyland on the day this was happening.

  • Behind Goofy there is someone else. Maybe Clarabelle? And there’s someone in front of her, too, but I can’t tell who.

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