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A Day In the Life of Disney Ducks at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Have you ever noticed the ducks that reside within our parks at the Walt Disney World Resort? I’ve often watched them while dining outside at Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom Park and wondered what a wonderful life they must have living within a Disney theme park.

A Day In The Life of Disney Ducks

One of our video producers, Joan Peabody, had the same thought, and recently took a camera out to capture a journey one duck family makes each day. Just as the park is about to open, the mother and her offspring take a walk down Main Street, U.S.A. – a natural behavior that this duo has been practicing for a few months now. Check it out.


  • I’m curious as to when and how they get back! Its a nice walk before the park has opened and the street is empty of crowds. But the MK is often open until very late at night! Interesting.

  • such an adorable video! thanks for sharing something so unique and cute! my boyfriend and I always spot out the ducks and watch them for a while whenever we visit 🙂

    • That’s great to hear, Marla!

  • love this!! reminds me of the duck who shared the pool with us at Carribean Beach 🙂

  • Sweet story! Long walk for this cute pair, but they seem to think it is well worth it. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for this. The music and the video, perfect. I’ve got a big smile on my face now!

  • Ducks after my own heart – heading straight for Disney’s Polynesian Resort 🙂

  • What a wonderful video. I really appreciate that someone took the time to film and post this!

    • I’ll thank our video team for that. They’re excited that so many have responded well to the video.

  • Absolutely precious! All of the animals at Disney are so friendly and fun to watch but I especially love the ducks!

  • I love the ducks at Disney World. This little video of the day in the life of these ducks started my day off with a smile. I always take pictures of the ducks when I am there. We just came back last Saturday and I’ve got pictures of ducks from my balcony at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Epcot and at Storybook treats in the Magic Kingdom. Last trip I took a beautiful picture of the castle which was just “background” for me because I was taking pictures of the ducks!

  • I can’t wait to show this to my husband. He and I LOVE the Disney ducks. We always talk about for them and discuss how they must all aspire to be Disney ducks. How Disney ducks are the best ducks and only the best get into the Magic Kingdom and DL. No matter what we have planned when we are at the park, we always stop to visit the ducks.

    • That’s so nice!

  • This may just be a coincidence but that is exactly the same way I spent my last visit to Disneyland.

  • This was truly so cute…and I believe that I have seen this same family when getting ready to greet guests in the morning on Main Street. I am currently statused at DAK, and we have tons of ducks there! I tell guests that they are visiting on the “Disney Vacation Plan” when they ask if they belong in the park (meaning as part of our many animal habitats). Guests really seem to like this answer as mom and dad usually break out in laughter! And, as Jennifer stated above, we try to discourage guests from feeding the ducks, squirrels, rabbits and other wildlife not actually part of the park population, as the foods we consume are not good for them, and in the case of popcorn, bread, etc. for ducks, this can actually lead to a disease that will ultimately prove fatal to them. So please, when you visit, no matter how friendly the ducks and other wildlife are, remember that they are just that…wildlife…and refrain from feeding them “people foods”.

  • I love how the baby duck follows his mama, except for that one stretch of the journey where he leads her. So stinkin’ cute!

  • why did a video of ducks make me tear up???? I love the disney ducks 😀

    • You must be a fan!

  • Is Joan Peabody the woman who used to go on Johnny Carson with animals from the San Diego Zoo? I loved when she would be on. I don’t care who reads this, but I get so excited when I see the ducks in the parks. They are just too cute. I know they are “just ducks” but for some reason when they are in the parks I just think they are the most adorable things. I come home with about 200 pictures of ducks and my husband just shakes his head because we got ducks for free in our backyard. Disney ducks are just much more special though. I like to think they are cousins of Donald and Daisy if that’s okay.

  • These ducks are so adorable. Thanks so much for posting this!

    • Thank you for the nice comment!

  • this is too stinking cute!! i too love watching the wildlife around the parks – i have no idea why i still get excited to see a squirrel or duck in the “wild” but it is fascinating to me (i am 38). hope to see them in Jan for marathon weekend :>

    • Best of luck on your race.

  • That is adorable! I love watching the Disneyland ducks too! I am sure I’ve seen many generations of ducks over the years. They are most precious and have quite a happy life (how could you not at the Happiest Place on Earth?). 🙂

  • I love watching the ducks and rabbits in Disney. I sure do miss how the ducks in Downtown Disney would line up in the grassy area and march in a single file line to McDonald’s. 🙂 What happened to the swans in Downtown Disney? It has been years since I’ve last seen them.

  • One of my favorite memories at Disneyland was a mommy duck and her babies walking along the sidewalk, headed towards the River of America. They were followed closely by a Disney security guard, to make sure they made it to their destination. Loved it!

    • How nice!

  • There are ducks that swim in the pool at the Wilderness Lodge early in the morning. During one early morning swim, I accidently stepped on an egg. It was yucky.

  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! This is *so* cute!

    • 🙂

  • We have been to the ferry docks in July and in September, the ducks were at the MK launch for the wilderness lodge both times and they really seem to enjoy people too 🙂

  • That’s a long walk for such short legs!

    • Then to spend all day swimming, too. A healthy pair.

  • Love this story. It is the small things that make Disney so GREAT!

    • Thank you, Jana. I’ll pass the word onto Joan. This video was her idea.

  • That is so cute! I always love how kids can be at Disney World and get more excited over seeing the ducks, lizards, etc. than seeing Mickey Mouse. My kids absolutely love the Disney rabbits. One year there was a baby living in the bushes near the Magic Kingdom security check point. My kids still look for that “baby” every year when we go back.

  • Does Disney staff feed the ducks at night? Just curious why the ducks migrate back into the park every night.

    • They do not. (We actually discourage cast and guests from feeding wildlife). They must just have great taste in real estate – home with a castle view?

  • Just beautiful! Thank you fo sharing! :0)

  • So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  • LOVE the Disney ducks!! This video is adorable! Last spring on our visit to WDW, we were enjoying ice cream on the terrace down by the water and a mama duck was strolling through with her fuzzy baby chicks visiting each table! Adorable! Thanks for the fun video!

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