A Look Back at Celebrated Disneyland Resort Guests: Sophia Loren – 1963

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Today we continue our look back at some of the world’s most famous Disneyland Resort guests, and for me, one documented celebrity visit in our photo archive stands out.

The photographs taken on one spring day in 1963 beautifully capture the timeless style and elegance of film icon Sophia Loren enjoying her day at the equally timeless Happiest Place on Earth in a way that inspires us to this day. Speaking of “this day,” today happens to be the screen legend’s birthday!

Sophia Loren on the Disneyland Railroad Aboard the C.K. Holliday

Pictured on the Disneyland Railroad aboard the C.K. Holliday and on the Jungle Cruise, I hope you agree that the photos are simply stunning.

Sophia Loren Enjoying the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland Resort

Recently, I asked Ms. Loren about this visit. “It was my first visit to Disneyland,” she said. “It was such a great joy to be with my family, all together and having an unforgettable time.” As for what she thought of Walt’s Magic Kingdom all those years ago, she said, “It’s a dream world.”


  • Stunning photos! Glamour is timeless.

  • An She is still the most beautiful woman in the WORLD.

  • I love the pumps! My feet kill me after a day in the park in sneakers. Those shoes alone make her a true fashion icon!

  • Beautiful woman against a beauftiful backdrop! 🙂

  • She is so glamorous. Defining beauty Ms. Loren.

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