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‘Better for You’ Goodies Continue to Expand in Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks

Today’s 9 a.m. opening of Prince Eric’s Village Market in New Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom Park expands the Disney “better for you” goodies in all four theme parks.

‘Better for You’ Goodies Continue to Expand in Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks

At the new market you’ll find Odwalla lemonade and strawberry-flavored lemonade served with a fruit garnish, along with bottled juices, waters and teas. Snacks include whole and cut fruits, hummus and chips, Greek yogurt and fresh veggies and dip.

We took a stroll through Magic Kingdom Park and found favorite “better for you” healthful treats in every land, with plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and drinks beyond sodas.

Near Prince Eric’s, Gaston’s Tavern offers soy milk, hummus with pretzel chips, light lemonade, mixed fresh fruit, veggies and sliced apples with caramel sauce. In Fantasyland, Cheshire Cafe has bananas and oranges, light lemonade, lowfat milk and Simply Orange juice. Across the way, Liberty Square Market features baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, fresh veggies, lots of fruit (grapes, pineapple, apples, bananas, Clementines), Ocean Spray Craisins and teas and fruit juices. Westward Ho in Frontierland has bananas, oranges and Granny Smith apples. In Adventureland, Aloha Isle is serving fresh-cut pineapple spears. And in Tomorrowland, the Speedway Ice Cream Cart has added fresh pineapple and grapes; The Lunching Pad offers oranges, bananas, soy milk and Simply Orange Juice; and Auntie Gravity’s is blending strawberry-banana and tropical fruit smoothies. Even the popcorn wagons all over the park offer oranges and crisp apples, and the ice cream wagons sell no-sugar-added strawberry bars.

‘Better for You’ Goodies Continue to Expand in Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Discovery Island Gardens Kiosk is the newest addition, with vegan and gluten-free granola bars, cupcakes, cookies and brownies; hummus with veggies and all sorts of fresh fruit (plus dining info for guests with food-related allergies). Harambe Fruit Market in Africa offers whole and cut fruits and juices. In Asia, at Mr. Kamal’s kiosk, we found hummus and veggies, edamame salad and Asian noodle salad.

Epcot favorites include Ocean Spray Craisins and Ocean Spray Trail Mix at the Mission Space cart; mixed fruit (apple, watermelon and cantaloupe) at Space Ice Cream in Future World, and Perry’s Power Pack, a “Phineas and Ferb“-themed lunch box with Smuckers PB&J Uncrustable, carrot sticks, Dannaon Danimals strawberry yogurt and Minute Maid Apple Juice at African Cool Post.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios we found all sorts of “better for you” goodies, with whole and cut fruits and veggies, granola bars, Ocean Spray Craisins and Ocean Spray Trail Mix at carts all over the park. We gave high marks to the smoothies made with nonfat yogurt at KRNR the Rock Station on Sunset Boulevard.

We’re satisfied to know that we can spend a day in any of the Walt Disney World theme parks and fresh, whole food is never more than a few steps away.


  • Man it is too bad that Bradley Falls closed down.
    I really wish Disney would have a whole fruit juicing bar
    at all of their parks. At some point during our trips
    we always find ourselves craving fresh fruit and veggies.
    My family doesn’t drink soda or sugar drinks.
    With all the junk it would be nice to get a surge of energy
    with some fresh made juice to order.

  • Bradley Falls in Animal Kingdom! The vegan rolls are the bees knees!

  • Thanks for the vegan and gluten-free options! One more reason to enjoy visiting Disney Parks.

  • I really appreciate that there are more healthy options available.

    I’m not going to lie, though, Disney World is one of the few places where I don’t count my calories and really enjoy myself.

  • Are there any locations at Downtown Disney? If not, any plans?

  • I am a big fan of these “Better for You” options and I just LOVE the terminology with this. It puts a positive spin on eating healthier choices. Personally, when I go to theme parks I do like to get a few treats here and there. Big one for me are a Dole Whip and a turkey leg, or maybe a big pretzel or cinnamon bun. I very rarely let myself have treats like this…but I like so “splurge” on vacation. The rest of the time though if I am hungry I like to have healthier snacks. Looks like Prince Eric’s Village will become a new favorite of mine because they have the carrots and celery and the hummas, which is a favorite snack of mine at home. I can see myself eating these on a little break in Fantasyland.

  • This is AWESOME! Especially for those of that travel to central Florida for triathlons like we do- now we can snack healthy while in the parks and still feel like a part of the Magic! We’ll still eat ice cream too but it’s nice to be able to continue our mantra of everything in moderation! YUM!

  • I am super excited to visit this new Prince Eric’s Market and try all the healthy treats there. Pam, will I be able to get my favorite oversize sour deli pickle at Prince Eric’s Market?

    Also, where specifically is Prince Eric’s Market located? Is it right next to The Little Mermaid ride, or is it closer to the Storybook Circus area? Thanks.

  • I definitely don’t go on vacation, especially to Disney World, to eat healthy, but I guess I’m happy for those that do. If you can, try let go and indulge on your vacation.

  • It’s great to be seeing all these new healthy choices. But how about more “heart healthy” options, especially no sodium and low sodium options for your many guests on those diets?


  • This healthy food option makes me really excited because I don’t always feel like I eat the healthiest while on vacation. This post makes me miss being in Disney World.

    I was saddened however when I realized that the photo gallery didn’t work. 🙁

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