Circle D Ranch Furry and Feathered Friends Spend Quality Time with Their Fellow Disneyland Resort Cast Members

Donna Fisk

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

For many of us, meetings are a part of our everyday life. But for horses, goats, sheep and even birds? You wouldn’t think so – unless those very animals are the lucky cast members of Circle D Ranch. As part of their training, these furry and feathered friends regularly “take a meeting” with the cast members behind the scenes at the Disneyland Resort. Check out the video from one of these unusual gatherings below, hosted by the Disney Parks Blog’s own Erin Glover.

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  • Do you know when they will turn on the windmill again? Its such a symbol for the Circle D Ranch.

  • Took a picture with sweet Clarabelle during the 10K last weekend. What a cutie. Thanks SOOO much for bringing out the ranch animals for the race. It’s always such a treat.

  • How very cute! Wonderful to see that the furry and feathered cast members are well taken care of!

  • Great video! Now I can add “seeing adorable animals backstage” to my list of why I want to be a cast member.

  • Yay for animal cast members! Wonderful video. 😀

  • Great video! Thanks Donna for giving us this backstage access to see what Guests wouldn’t normally see.

    And thank you too Erin! Awesome job as usual. You help make these videos both informative and fun!

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