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‘Glow With the Show’ Ears Coming to Walt Disney World Resort This Fall

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We’re excited to announce today that the interactive, color-changing “Glow with the Show” Ears introduced at Disneyland Resort last summer are coming to the Walt Disney World Resort – beginning on October 15.

‘Glow With the Show’ Ears Coming to Walt Disney World Resort This Fall

The magical Mickey Ear Hats will make their debut with Fantasmic! on October 15, a date that also happens to mark the 15th anniversary of the nighttime spectacular at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Also, beginning on October 19, “Glow with the Show” Ears will become part of “Wishes” fireworks and the “Celebrate the Magic” nighttime projection show at Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom Park. And during the holiday season, be sure to wear your Ears for special surprises during The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights and performances of “Holiday Wishes: Celebrate the Spirit of the Season.”

As Erin has shared with Disney Parks Blog readers, “Glow with the Show” Ear Hats employ leading edge technology to light up and synchronize with each entertainment experience in amazing and dazzling new ways, making members of the audience an integral part of the show.

Let us know if you’re excited to “Glow with the Show” at Walt Disney World Resort this fall.


  • Will there be any flashing-free zones or days for those with epilepsy who have flashing induced seizures?

  • I didn’t buy these at DLR, mostly due to packing issues and going on the cruise. I’m SO EXCITED to see these in FL! It will be my first purchase (among many) when I arrive!

  • We’ve been waiting/wanting this to come WDW since we first saw it at Disneyland. We’re going to start planning our late fall trip now!!

  • Those are so COOL! My fiancé and I will be in WDW early November – so I can’t wait to get these!!!

  • This is exciting except I’ll be missing it by less than a month :o( Another reason I’ll have to go back!

  • AWESOME!!! I’m so excited to bring my hat I got at Disneyland last year. I LOVE them! 144 days until Disney Cruise & then Disney World!!!

  • Thanks for sharing the exciting news!!! Can you please let us know how much the ears cost? Can they be ordered from Guest Services prior to my trip? Thanks again!

  • I wish they could be for sale a bit earlier – we leave on the 13th for a Disney cruise on the Dream!

    I know I won’t be able to see it in action in the parks…wait can I wish for that too?? 🙂 Maybe a special limited time magic and they have a preview the week before? I’ll have to wait for my next trip it seems!

  • We just went to Disneyland and purchased the ears for Glow With the Show. It was so incredible and we kept saying how we hoped that it would be transferred to WDW, because we live in Orlando. This makes me sooo excited! This is such an innovative new show idea. We will be wearing our ears on Friday to see the Villans!

  • Super excited! If you all go back up to the first comment, you will note that Thomas, from Disney, did confirm that the ears will work in both parks.

  • for the first night will there be free ears? i know they did something similar for disneyland to show off the product and it really looks good. i had the pleasure of seeing world of color and unfortunately now many people do not buy the ears thats the problem. its only cool if everyone or a large % have them. any news on discounts/free ears for the first show?

  • I would like to know if these well be part of the WDW programs each year. We will not be at WDW until June of 2014 and would like to purchase them. We will also be at WDW in November 2014 would like to know if we can purchase them then also.
    Or is this just a 2013 program?

  • This is great news as I was thinking I was going to have to buy a set on Ebay.

  • This is PHENOMENAL news!!! We’ll be sure to build that cost into the budget because it’s a MUST! My autistic son took one look at the photo and said “Daniel’s hat? Daniel’s hat?” He’s almost 6 and loves ANYTHING lighted. These will be a hit!

  • Will they work during the MNSSHP fireworks?

  • I can’t wait to buy a pair the next time I go to Disney World!

  • I know the first show is October 15th but when will the hats go on sale? Thanks WDW for adding this wonderful new item to the great shows there. I will buy one (or two) as soon as they go on sale!

  • I have been ‘bugging’ you guys on here to bring these hats to WDW. You don’t know how excited I am to hear this news ESPECIALLY since I’ll be at WDW just in time to wear my ears with pride!! So excited!

  • Awe man, I am planning to be at the Food & Wine all day on the 19th… maybe I need to jump over for this. 🙂

  • I’m more than excited! I’ve been going to Disney every year since 2009 (my first time was 2001!) and I’ve done the ICP twice, quite frankly I’ve been waiting for this for so long! Can’t wait for January 2014!

  • Do the ears only light up when there is a show going on, or can you turn them on all the time?

  • This is going to be cool! I can’t wait until our Dec trip!

  • YEAHHH Thanks WDW!

    Last May I took my Glow in the show Ears that I bought in Disneyland to Walt Disney World (I did it during the 24 hours Mounstrosus night) and a lot of people asked me where did I buy it…it was a way to say PLEASE WDW bring this here!

    I will arrive to WDW on Oct 19, 2013 with my students in a Disney Field trip and I will be wearing my GLow in the SHow ears from my home airport until I arrive WDW as a way to celebrate that Glow in the show is now at WDW!

    THANKS WDW ! ºoº

  • Another new and fun item for my December trip.

  • I’m so excited! As many times as I’ve been to Disney World, I’ve never actually bought a pair of mouse ears. But, ever since I heard about these, I’ve been lusting over them. I can’t wait!!!

    For those of you who bought them at Disneyland, what is the price there?

  • Oh no, not Fantasmic. I love Fantasmic just as it is without all that flashing in my eyes. It will be fun during fireworks and Osborne Lights though.

  • For the fireworks, will the ears only work if you’re wearing them in the areas in front of the castle & Main Street or will they work throughout the park? New Fantasyland is a great place to watch the fireworks so I hope they work there.

  • THIS IS AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Ever since these hats were introduced in California I’ve been hoping they’d come to WDW and now they are!!! Very excited to experience this in February!

  • Any chance there will be new designs for the hats coming in the future?

  • OMG can’t wait!! We are headed down for Halloween and will be getting 4 of these.

  • AHH!!! I am so excited!! I have seen videos from Color of Wonder and can’t wait to see the theater filled at Fantasmic!!

  • I love these ears, though you need to remove the batteries from them so that they don’t drain when you are not at the park.

    On another note, these will be PERFECT for Illuminations at Epcot! I hope there’s plans to bring them into Epcot in the future.

  • If you bought Ears in Disneyland, will they work in DisneyWorld?

  • curious, will the ones we purchased in DL in July 2013 work in WDW?

  • Count me in! Can’t wait to see these with the Osborne lights!

  • Will the GWTS ears I bought at Disneyland right after D23 work at Walt Disney World? I have been DYING for Glow With The Show to come to WDW, and am so excited they will be part of my all time fave Holiday event the Osbourne lights. THANK YOU!! <3

  • Oh, how cool!!! I will be at WDW that week. The 15th is my birthday and the 19th is our last day there. Been hoping for these ears for so long. Thank you Disney World!!

  • I have been waiting for this since you announced it at Disneyland! Will my Disneyland ears work on this coast, or will the ears be completely different?

  • Any chance there will be additional design options coming to the parks in the future? That’s one of the main reasons I haven’t purchased the ears yet.

  • will be coming down for PHM in February. Please tell me you’ll still have them then!!

  • I’ve always been so jealous of Disneyland having these and now we’ll be able to enjoy the experience during our November /December vacation!

  • What is the expected price for the glow ears?

  • Those are so cool! Will they be on sale at the other parks? (Or could I get them at Hollywood Studios on the 19th?)

  • I am very excited to hear this! We’ll be at WDW that week, and we definitely want to be part of the show!

  • Great News!

    These ears look spectacular when there is a significant amout of the Guests wearing them. Let’s hope that they are popular with the Guests at WDW.

    Although the answer is probably obvious, can you please confirm for us all that the same Glow With the Show ears will work at both resorts? Thanks.

  • Sooooo excited that they will be available at WDW this fall! I can’t wait to see them in action at the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights!

  • I am happy but disappointed at the same time – happy the are coming – but we are going to miss it by a few days 🙁

  • Will the hats purchased at Disneyland work at WDW? I can’t wait to see what happens at the Osborne lights!

  • This makes me SOOOOOOOOOO happy! I got a pair at Disneyland last week!!!! Will they work here, too???? If not, I’ll buy more!!!!! Thanks Disney for bringing this to WDW!!!!

  • Will glow with the show ears from California work at Walt Disney World or do I need to buy new glow with the show ears for WDW?

    • Hi Robert, the ear hats work at both Resorts.

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