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Live Chat: Walt Disney Imagineers to Talk Princess Fairytale Hall, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train September 16

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Our next exclusive Disney Parks Blog live chat will be one you won’t want to miss – we’re talking Princess Fairytale Hall and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train with some of the Walt Disney Imagineers who are making it all happen. On September 16 at 2:15 p.m., Walt Disney Imagineering creative designer lead Jason Grandt and executive creative director Dave Minichiello will join us here to chat live with readers and answer questions.

During the chat, we’ll be sharing more about Princess Fairytale Hall before it officially opens at Magic Kingdom Park on Wednesday, as well as something that you’ve never seen before, so be sure and join us on Monday.

Also, please share any questions you have in the comments section of this post and then check back here on the Disney Parks Blog on Monday at 2:15 p.m. See you then.


  • Was the live chat recorded for viewing later?

  • I want to know what happened to all the props inside Snow White’s Scary Adventure dark ride. Are they going to be reincorporated into the mine ride? Stored? Sold?

  • Will the live chat be here on this post?

  • In Princess Fairytale Hall, I hear that the meeting rooms have wallpaper with slippers (Cinderella side) or a rose (Rapunzel side). I have heard that the Rapunzel side was actually designed for Aurora. Is there truth to this?

    Will Rapunzel eventually get her own Meet and Greet by “her” tower and allow the room to be turned over to Aurora?

  • What is the height requirement for the seven dwarfs mine train?

  • Do the carts run on an individual hydraulics system to have them sway back and forth or do they have individual tracks for pivoting back and forth with the ride?

    Is there still going to be a cottage for Snow White?

    How are you going to propel the ride: with snag chains to the top of a hill, propulsion via magnets, or some new way?

  • Are there any ways in which MyMagic+ will enhance the experience for either Princess Fairytale Hall or the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

  • Will the Dwarf’s Mine Train have any black light glowing fountains similar to what was in the Rainbow Caverns?

  • Did any pieces from Snow White make it into the Mine Coaster or into Snow White’s former building where the new meet and greet is now located?

  • I have a child with autism who enjoys roller coasters. I’m curious as to the intensity of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Will it feel similar to Thunder Mountain Railroad or will it be a bit more intense withe sudden turns like Space Mountain or even more intense G-forces like Everest? Are parts of the ride in the dark? Thanks!

  • When New Fantasyland was first announced at the 2009 D23 Expo this location was originally slated to PixieHallow. Shortly after there was an update on the announcement and The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train replaced PH. It seems that the Mine Train was a fairly fleshed out attraction when it was announced. Was this already on the drawing board and slated for another area before being designated for this area?


  • What aspects of the attraction will separate this ride from its predecessors?

  • Can you confirm this is a 2:15 Eastern Time? Really don’t want to miss this, thank you!

  • Will the Mine Train have at least one (but hopefully more) manual wheelchair-accessible ride vehicles?

  • Is there any chance that the Seven Draft Mine Train will be open in April 2014?
    Thanks a lot for your answer

  • Will the Mine Train Ride be OK for little kids, what is the recommended age? Will their be any big drops in the ride? Will The Princess Fairytale Hall expand to include more Princesses in the future?

  • How often will the guest princess be changed out? Will we see more than the ones whom have their portraits hanging in the queue area?

  • If the ride will not be opening until 2014, is there a chance that the outside will be finished enough for the construction walls to be removed for January 2014. We’re anxious to see the park without all of the walls!

  • Ooooh! This is fabulous that the Imagineers are doing this! I know they are so busy creating magic and giving us fans this chat is amazing of them. Here are my questions:

    1. How big a role will Snow White have in the Mine Train coaster? Will we have an animatronic of her in there too?

    2. Will the Evil Queen have a role in the ride as well?

    3. I’ve seen a pretty little cottage in concept art for the ride and have spotted the steel shell of it being built now…and I wonder if that will be a building that guests walk through to get onto the ride.

    4. What inspiration from the original Snow White’s Scary Adventures was used in designing and creating this new ride?

    Thank you imagineers for for creating such magic!!!

  • If Cinderella will be greeting guests in Princess Fairytale Hall daily, will she not be greeting guests CRT too?

  • How did the Imagineers come up with the idea for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? What will the height requirement be?

  • How exciting! What activities and events will be held at the Princess Fairytale Hall? Looking forward to the chat!

  • Hi! So excited for the Mine Train! I have a couple questions. First, would you consider this ride more of a D-ticket or E-ticket? And second, how many dark ride sections can we expect on the ride? I know there is the mine section, but are there anymore?

  • My question about the Seven Dwarves Mine Train: Will the individual cars be stationary or swing freely side to side? Looking forward to riding it soon! Thank you!

  • Will you have another special Passholders event for the preview of the mine train? We enjoyed being some of the first to see Enchanted Tales and the new Under the Sea ride. These are the perks that keep us Passholders.

  • Just curious, didn’t Fantasyland and Test Track open on December 6, 2012? So, what about the Seven Dwarfs mine train opening one year later to the date? I do hope so, because my husband & I will be down there on December 03-14, 2013! Pretty Please, make my wish come true!


  • Please post an archive of this chat, since I will be at work during this time. Thanks!

  • Here are my questions for the 7 Dwarfs ride:
    1. How many people can sit in one cart?
    2. How long is the ride?
    3. Is it considered a thrill ride like Big Thunder Mountain?
    4. How does it compare to Big Thunder Mountain?
    5. What is the exact date for opening?

  • I can’t wait to experience Princess Fairytale Hall for the first time! What were the challenges in turning Snow White’s Scary Adventures into a new meet-and-greet location? Also, how can we expect to see each of the princesses (current and future) integrated into the experience?

  • Is there any chance that the 7 Dwarfs ride will be open Dec. 16, 2013?

  • When will the Seven Dwarfs mine be open?

  • What techniques have you had to use to make sure the Mine Train blends in seamlessly with New Fantasyland? How exactly do the imagineers do such a great job transitioning from a French village to a Denmark sea castle to a German mountainside?

  • I put it on my calendar! It sounds exciting. I can’t wait to see the Princess Fairytale Hall when I visit in October.

  • What hidden details are there that might go unnoticed by some guests also the classic question. Are they any hidden mickeys?

  • 2:15pm Eastern Daylight Time?

  • Would like to know if the Imagineers have a estimate on when the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will open. We’ve been provided 2014, and I was hoping for something more specific.

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