New on Menu at Rancho del Zocalo in Disneyland Park

As temperatures cool, the shaded courtyard at Rancho del Zocalo is a favorite oasis for lunch or dinner in Frontierland in Disneyland park, surrounded by pretty flowers and mosaics. The chefs do know their authentic Mexican flavors, and they’ve expanded the menu with new South of the Border classics.

New on Menu at Rancho del Zocalo in Disneyland Park: Chicken Mole

The hefty new Guadalajara burrito is packed with slow-cooked carnitas (pork), refried beans, rice and cheese in a flour tortilla topped with tomatillo sauce. Messy and worth it! That same simmered pork is in the recently added carnitas tacos. And for a true classic, the new pollo en mole is tender chicken in a spicy sauce with a hint of chocolate and peanuts.

New on Menu at Rancho del Zocalo in Disneyland Park: Hacienda Caesar Salad with Carne Asada

We’ve always enjoyed the Hacienda Caesar salad with grilled chicken (though a staple in Italian restaurants, it’s believed the Caesar generally is attributed to Caesar Cardini, an Italian who created the salad at his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico, and it became a hit with Hollywood stars). The Rancho del Zocalo version is tossed in housemade dressing with pepitas seeds and crisp tortilla chips, and the new version offers an option to add carne asada (thin, marinated beef strips) rather than chicken.

And for little ones, they’ve added arroz con frijoles (beans and rice), served with applesauce and lowfat milk.

Fun fact: the English translation of Rancho del Zocalo is “Ranch of the Square.” The open area at the entrance to Frontierland was once called “El Zocalo,” or “the town square,” making this quick-service cantina the town square ranch.

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  • sour cream and guacamole are no longer complementary and are instead offered at an additional price for each in this new menu..

  • Pam being so close to the American Waterfront, does the restaurant have any fish dishes? I love the Blue Cheese Tuna Enchiladas over near old WED and now WDI Imagineering.

  • I got my salad today. DELISH!!!

  • The article says that these items are part of an “expanded menu”. Does that mean all the regular selections are still there, or did these new items replace something? I usually get the 3 Enchilada Platter as it is a great value. I eat almost exclusively at Rancho Del Zocalo when I’m at the park.

  • Fun Fact: This is where Doritos were invented back when this restaurant was Casa de Fritos!

  • I love eating there its a great value in my opinion and the food is great not only that I also get a discount as an A.P. holder can’t wait to try these new items.

  • Pam, my husband said he has a bone to pick with you! He walked by my computer and saw these pictures on my screen and he told me to tell you to stop posting such delicious pictures because he is on a diet! LOL! Seriously though, these pictures are so delicious looking. I have never tried that “mole sauce” and I don’t know if I would like the chocolate and peanuts taste (sounds too exotic for me)…but next time I am in Frontierland I am going to have to check this all out. What I love most about Disney Parks is that every time I go to one I come back having tried all sorts of new foods I could have never even imagined!

  • WHOO! I have to undo the top button on the trousers just reading this blog!! It all looks fabulous!

  • When I glanced at the title, my first thought was, “please let it be mole!” Hurray – it is!!! I can’t wait to check it out!

  • I CAN’T wait to try the salad. It’s a fave of mine in Mexican restaurants. RdZ is one of my top 10 eateries at DL, but this makes it even better. So excited. Food does that to me. 🙂

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