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Putting the ‘Gore’ in Gourmet Apples at Disney Parks

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

There are some frightfully fun surprises coming your way, so let me “treat” you to something special. Some would say we have put the ‘gore’ in our gourmet apples and I would have to agree.

First up is the Skull Apple, in honor of the Unleash the Villains events taking place at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts! Are your taste buds ready? You better prepare them, because Disney fans heading to the Walt Disney World Resort will find a red cherry flavored candy apple covered in green chocolate at Sweet Spells in Beverly Sunset in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Red Cherry Flavored Candy Apple Covered in Green Chocolate at Sweet Spells in Beverly Sunset on Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Look for a similar version at the Disneyland Resort. This gooey caramel apple delight has been layered with white chocolate to create the skull effect and can be found starting today at Candy Palace in Disneyland park; Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure park; and Marceline’s Confectionery in the Downtown Disney District.

Skull Caramel Apple Delight Layered in White Chocolate at the Disneyland Resort

Other gourmet apples to consider include the Halloween Minnie apple, the Pumpkin Mickey apple and of course a Jack Skellington apple. Next month, we will also be bringing back “dirt and worms.” Dare you ask what that means… I guess you will have to wait and see.

Of course, today being Friday the 13th, I thought it was only right to tease you that I will be writing another post shortly, what will it be about… how does 13 Terrifyingly Fun Sweet Treats sound?


  • I love the gooey apple! I did a piece of artwork that looked just like that!!!! LOL I love Halloween time!

  • Sign me up for the red cherry & green chocolate. I love Sweet Spells. Gorey, yet “apple”tizing!

    • I hope you have the chance to try one! I love that you say it will ‘apple’tizing. Enjoy!

  • OOOOOOOOH!!!!! This is the coolest thing I have ever seen! OMG! I love it!!! Disney Parks have really been coming out with some genius stuff lately. The “Boysen Apple Freeze” in Disneyland now is brilliant too…but boy do I love the look of these apples! I normally don’t indulge in too many sweets, but I am getting one of these apples for sure!!!

    • Patricia, there’s no doubt these will go fast. I hope you’re able to pick one up.

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