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Spine-Tingling Haunted Mansion-Inspired Dooney & Bourke Bag Coming to Disney Parks on September 13

Erin Catalano

by , Merchandiser


I love visiting the ever-popular Haunted Mansion attraction as Halloween returns to Disney Parks. You may recall this past year that we’ve had a few new items inspired by this classic Disney attraction. Today, I’m happy to share a first look at one of my new favorites – a Haunted Mansion-inspired bag by Dooney & Bourke! Whether you are a high-fashion “happy haunt,” or a new Dooney & Bourke collector, it’s probably safe to say, there’s always room for one more bag!

I think Disney Design Group artist Mark Seppala did a wonderful job capturing the essence of the attraction with this new bag. I love the subtle details on the bag, including the spooky grey and black color palette with red interior, the infamous wallpaper pattern, and even the hang tag with the attraction logo.

Spine-Tingling Haunted Mansion-Inspired Dooney & Bourke Bag Coming to Disney Parks on September 13 Spine-Tingling Haunted Mansion-Inspired Dooney & Bourke Bag Coming to Disney Parks on September 13

The bag will have a retail of $330.00 (plus tax), and will be released at the following merchandise locations starting September 13, 2013. Also, due to popularity of this new bag, each guest will be able to purchase one bag per day over the weekend at both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort:

Disneyland Resort:

The Disney Parks online store will also carry this bag later this fall.

Hurry back to pick up your Haunted Mansion bag by Dooney & Bourke before they all disappear.


  • I asked over the past weekend while I was in Disneyland and they said as of now they are out of stock and no one seemed to know when or even if more would be available.

  • How can we find out when it will be available online again?

  • will there be another release of this bag? It has been four months, and seems extremely popular and in high demand for there to be no more. 🙁

  • I missed it again!!!! AHHH!! And then they taunt you by having it on the page but saying SOLD OUT. I just want it!!!!

  • They were on the webstite this morning at 5:30 am mst. Wouldn’t let me put it in my bag, and then they were sold out.

  • Its available. 12.23.13 6:46 eastern standard time. Just ordered mine for my girl friend.

  • I check DisneyStore EVERY DAY to see if it is there. I want one so bad! I just hope they are still in stores when we go to WDW in May 2014.

  • More of the Haunted Mansion bags are being shipped to the parks. We just happened to be in Keystone Clothiers in Hollywood Studios when they got in 5 bags this week. There is a promotion in some of the counter service restaurants where the receipt for the food will include a 20% off ticket for some stores in the parks that is good everyday before 1pm. I was thrilled to discover I could use the 20% off coupon on the bag which was the final push I needed to buy one.

  • This bag is awesome. I’m hopeful Dooney & Bourke will make a Maleficent inspired bag. I’m a fan of the Disney Villians and would be VERY interested.

  • I saw it online on Nov 14th at 10am mst. The same day Trish (comment 71)got hers ( lucky duck!). But when I logged on it said it was sold out already. I’ve checked the website everyday, multiple times a day since then and it has not been back in stock. They cannot say if it will come back. I really wanted this for a Christmas gift for my daughters! Well, we still have a few days left to hope!

  • Yes, been waiting for the “fall” release on line but I have seen nothing. Any word yet or update?

  • Any idea when the Haunted Mansion Dooney will be available online? Some say they see it on the web site, but I don’t. I can’t wait to order this Dooney! Praying it will be available before Christmas.

  • I don’t understand why there are no pre-orders available online. I’ve never even seen it for sale online at the Disney store. I’m going to resort to haunting that site every day until I can get it, I guess.

  • This is a stupid question, but what site are you guys looking at? I have never seen it listed on the Disney Store site. I assume I am looking in the wrong place daily.

  • I see where the bag is listed again on the site….but…it is now Sold Out again! That did not last long.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the bag is now available online!!! WOO HOO!!! 😀 I just ordered mine and I’m SOOO excited!!! 😀

  • I just got a call from Disney Vault at Downtown Disney and they just got a shipment in of purses. But it is only to those who were on the wish list, but it looks like they are slowly trickling in again!

  • I check everyday too! So frustrating that no one can tell us anything.

  • Oh I am so glad I’m not the only one “haunting” the website looking for the purse. I was beginning to think they weren’t going to be online. But I guess I’ll keep checking.

  • I just talked to someone on the phone about the purse and they told me that they couldn’t tell me when it was going to be available online, just that I should keep checking everyday. I’ve been checking everyday and still nothing! It would be nice to get a date finally.

  • I’m sorry for posting my question on this blog as I know the release of the HM bag was a while ago. However, I have been searching the DisneyStore daily with the hopes of it coming back in stock.

    Has a date been set when more will be released? This would make a wonderful Christmas present for the die-hard HM fan.

  • I check both main st and the vault every wednesday and saturday and nothing. This is so sad. We all want one!!!

  • Joyce, I’ve been checking on a daily basis on the Store website and it still says it’s sold out. I called Merchandising and they told me to call them back in a couple of weeks so I did, but still nothing yet 🙂 The person I spoke to said they’re on order but they just don’t have an arrival time. So I recommend you keep checking online 🙂

  • It’s sold out here in california as of oct 11, Any dates when the next availability will be?

  • Any updates on when there will be more HM bags online?

  • sorry just realized the time … bag released yesterday, September 30th. It is now Oct 1st in PA.

  • The bag released today to the online store at 3:13 est / 12:13 pst. It is already sold out. I called merchandise services to obtain the date it would go online so I was ready and waiting to purchase. I advise checking with them for the possibility of more returning to the online store. They cannot be purchased via merchandise services and whether in store or online, it is 1 per person.

  • @Angela – they’re not limited edition, they just only released a limited number on 9/13 – I’m assuming because that was all they had available for distribution. More are coming to the parks and to, it’s just a matter of when. I’ve heard rumors anywhere from 1-3 months. Hopefully Disney will confirm soon.

  • I am so totally bummed!! I want this bag soooo bad! Today is my birthday, & my hubby promised to get it for me when we go next month for my son’s birthday to Disneyland. They don’t have anymore, do you know if they will get any more in? I called today to see if it was still available because I got told that they were only selling these on the Sept. 13th 🙁

  • Any updates/news as to when more will be released? I understand they’re not limited, but this season is the perfect time to carry this bag. Hoping the next release isn’t as far off as December, as some Cast Members have informed us that is the current ETA. I also hope the stock will be more evenly distributed between WDW & DL. It seemed WDW got a much larger shipment than DL did on 9/13. Super disappointing after all we went through to be there early that morning.

  • We were at The Vault at Downtown Disney by 9am on Friday the 13th. We were told we should of been there by 5 am to receive a wrist band, less than 50 purses available. The Backstage Pass also said special merchandise would be available for Friday the 13th, but no one mentioned the t-shirts wouldn’t be sold until after 6 pm. Overall a very disappointing day, since we had to leave prior to 6 pm. I don’t understand the point of limited release but I guess it makes sense to some one.

  • I wish the information on how to obtain this bag had been more readily available to guests. I was so excited to buy this bag on the 13th but was told only a limited amount were available and with wristband distribution only.

  • I heard that this bag is not limited at all and there will be plenty more arriving. As of now – pls dont spend the eBay prices! 😀 <3 <3 OMG i love this bag!

  • I stopped by the Elias Co. store on the 14th and they said that the order was delayed. When is your projected delivery date on this cool bag?

  • These bags sold out within a few hours at Disneyland yesterday and unfortunately I missed getting one. Do you know when more will be available in the parks and when they will be available online?

  • I’m so bummed! I left Disney yesterday and I missed the release by one day! Please put it online soon!!

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