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Spine-Tingling Haunted Mansion-Inspired Dooney & Bourke Bag Coming to Disney Parks on September 13

Erin Catalano

by , Merchandiser


I love visiting the ever-popular Haunted Mansion attraction as Halloween returns to Disney Parks. You may recall this past year that we’ve had a few new items inspired by this classic Disney attraction. Today, I’m happy to share a first look at one of my new favorites – a Haunted Mansion-inspired bag by Dooney & Bourke! Whether you are a high-fashion “happy haunt,” or a new Dooney & Bourke collector, it’s probably safe to say, there’s always room for one more bag!

I think Disney Design Group artist Mark Seppala did a wonderful job capturing the essence of the attraction with this new bag. I love the subtle details on the bag, including the spooky grey and black color palette with red interior, the infamous wallpaper pattern, and even the hang tag with the attraction logo.

Spine-Tingling Haunted Mansion-Inspired Dooney & Bourke Bag Coming to Disney Parks on September 13 Spine-Tingling Haunted Mansion-Inspired Dooney & Bourke Bag Coming to Disney Parks on September 13

The bag will have a retail of $330.00 (plus tax), and will be released at the following merchandise locations starting September 13, 2013. Also, due to popularity of this new bag, each guest will be able to purchase one bag per day over the weekend at both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort:

Disneyland Resort:

The Disney Parks online store will also carry this bag later this fall.

Hurry back to pick up your Haunted Mansion bag by Dooney & Bourke before they all disappear.


  • Love this! Do you know if and when it will be available online? I would love my husband to buy me this for Christmas!!

  • Do you know what date the bag will be avail online?

  • I LOVE this bag!! The Haunted Mansion Tag really completes it, I can’t wait to add this one to my collection. Also, I believe this is the Smith bag from Dooney, if so it’s sizable and does have feet on the bottom.

  • Hi Erin Catalano. I was told by a cast member that the few they had in the back that would go on the floor for sale on Friday did NOT have hang tags. Can you confirm that they will have hang tags by the time they go on the floor and that each bag will indeed have a hang tag? Or is this like the Marathon bags where only a few came with tags when purchased during the expo. Thanks!

  • Hi, I saw online that one of these was purchased early over the weekend at Walt Disney World (I know, that woman was so lucky). Problem was the bag didn’t have the “Haunted Mansion” hangtag that is seen on the left of the pictures posted here. Will that be included? That really makes the bag. Also exactly how limited will the release be. Will each location have 5 or more like 50? I want to know if it is worth the effort to go on Friday just for the bag or will it be impossible to get. Thanks so much Erin!

  • Will we be able to order this bag on Friday from the Parks merchandise number we call for other items?

  • I noticed that you changed the locations the bag will be available at Disneyland. Now it is only at Vault 28 and no longer listed at Elias & Co. or Disney Clothiers as originally listed on the 4th. Is that really the case?

    Also, still looking for the size?

    I have family that will be picking the bag up for me so I want to make sure the size is right and that I don’t send them on a wild goose chase at stores that may or may not be carrying it.

  • Looks awesome!! Any chance you know the SKU of the item? Thanks!

  • Hi Erin – thanks for the update and OMGosh how awesome!!! By any chance – will there be any other purse sizes available? Very Exciting 🙂 (*A perfect accessory for the Villains Event too)

  • I LOVE this pattern and the fact that it is Haunted Mansion!!! I hope they make this in other styles too, like the roll bag I have which is a nice medium size bag. I agree that the bag should’ve had a purple lining in it, it would’ve matched better.

  • Although I am not huge into these, I have so many friends that are, and this one looks like the best! I love the subtle Haunted Mansion theme!!!

  • Wow! Would LOVE to have this if they would make a ‘mens’ wallet! Any plans for something for the guys??

  • OMG!!!! I love this bag. I will be up at the Parks at the end of the month. I hope I can get it then.

  • What size is the bag pictured? I am guessing from the price tag it might be a large one. Will there be other size bags to choose from?

  • I wish more than just this one satchel was available! I’d be interested to see a wallet, wristlet, or something smaller (and less expensive!) Also another vote for a purple lining… The red just seems out of place to me. I look forward to seeing them in person on the 13th!

  • I’m so in love with this bag !!!!! Sadly , I won’t be returning to Disney World until the end of January 🙁
    Hopefully , this will be available at the Disneystore before then !!!

  • I’m sure I’ll be ridiculed, but this is the first Disney Dooney and Bourke (or any Dooney and Bourke) that I’d ever see myself getting! I agree though the lining should have been purple or the whole purse for that matter 🙂

  • Does the bag have “feet,” which are metal pieces that save the bottom of your handbag? I love, love, love this addition and second (or third) the request for a purple edition.

  • Will this bag be available through Disney Merchandise? I sure do hope so cause I do like this bag…

  • Not quite sure why the lining isn’t purple to match the theme, but it’s still absolutely awesome!

  • Will they have smaller versions! I want a wristlet!! I wish it was purple lining to match my shoes from the 40th H.M Anni.

  • Anyone else think that some of the shots of the bag make it look like it has a face? But seriously, this looks like a nice bag.

  • OMG!!!! I gotta have one (*drools*)

    Hi Erin, Can you please help with what size this bag is please and also what pockets etc it has inside?

  • Love this bag! Need it.
    only wish it did have a hint of purple somewhere. But its beautiful nonetheless. Wonder how big it is. That $300+ price tag better mean tons of space lol.

  • Love the pattern. Hope it’ll be popular so there will be smaller sizes! Would love it in a medium sized bag. 😀

  • Is this the coated fabric like most of the other Disney Dooneys or just fabric like the Tonal Disney series?

  • Love the subtlety of this pattern. Do we know the dimensions of this bag? I imagine it’s pretty large due to the $330 price tag, but curious for specifics, thanks!

  • Do we have a date/month that this would be available from Disney Store online? Our honeymoon isn’t until February so we can’t drop by the parks just yet!

  • absolutely in love… I really hope they keep this line, Disney truly needs more Haunted Mansion inspired treasures….I’m counting my pennies right now so I can get one…

  • Great design, but that BRIGHT red lining turns me away from it. Wish it was the iconic purple!

  • Any plans to come out with other popular attraction Dooney bags? (Jungle Cruise hint hint 🙂

  • At last, a bag I can carry while wearing my black suits at conservative business events.

  • There’s always room for one more…Disney Dooney! Must. Have. This. Bag

  • Nevermind! Sept 21st for Vera!

  • This one is great!!! Any idea when the Disney Vera Bradley bags will be out?

  • We arrive on the 13th and I believe I will be purchasing this!!!

  • Is this the only style bag that will be available in the Haunted Mansion print? If yes, will other styles in this print be released at a later date?

    Also, is this bag limited edition or will it be available throughout the Fall? Thanks.

    • The bag is not limited edition; however, quantities are limited in the first order.

  • Sold! I’ll be buying that as soon as I walk through the gates! Its released on my bday and my hubby amd I are already gonna be there for Unleash the Villains! Can’t wait!

  • Will there be other styles of the Haunted Mansion design? Maybe a wristlet or crossbody?

  • What a beautiful bag! Love it!

  • Will they have the other versions of this purse? Or just one style.

  • Oh my!! LOVE this bag!

  • Is this a limited edition bag, and will there be other styles?

  • Will there be any smaller sizes and wallets/wristlets?

    • This is the only style of the Haunted Mansion inspired pattern that I have seen. No other styles are planned at this time.

  • This is so neat! Any word on if they will carry other styles of bags in the same pattern?

  • Will this become part of the “regular” line-up of available Disney Dooney’s?

    • Great question! At this point, we’ll continue to monitor the popularity of this item with Guests.

  • Love it! The only other thing that would have made it perfect would be if it was in purple, or at least have a purple lining. Regardless, I think my upcoming trip just got way more expensive. 🙂

  • Is this limited edition and is this a parks’ exclusive?

    • The new bag is not limited edition; however there are limited quantities available in the first order. While it is exclusive to Disney Theme Parks, you will be able to purchase it online later this fall at

  • Insert high pitched squeal here!!! I need this Haunted Mansion Dooney & Burke!!! A girl can never have too many Disney Dooneys!!! It would look so pretty next to its sisters in my closet and on my arm… Oh, and then its other sister can join it come February with its Princess 1/2 Marathon tag! I’m in love!

  • Wow, it’s beautiful! I absolutely love this one.

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