Thor: Treasures of Asgard Coming to Disneyland Park November 1 in Honor of ‘Thor: The Dark World’

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Last month, we gave you the news that Thor – from “The Avengers” and the upcoming movie “Thor: The Dark World” – would be coming to Disneyland park this fall. Today, I’m happy to share even more about this exciting new experience, opening November 1.

Astrophysicist Jane Foster, who established a special relationship with Thor, has been studying the “Bifrost,” a cosmic bridge that allows Thor to travel between the Nine Realms, including Earth. She has determined that the Bifrost is set to open again in Southern California and pinpointed the precise location as Innoventions at Disneyland park.

Inside Innoventions, Foster and her team are preparing for the opening of the Bifrost with the installation of Thor: Treasures of Asgard, a collection of objects brought to Earth straight from Asgard. After viewing the exhibit, you’ll be invited to enter a chamber where the Bifrost will transport you to Asgard for an audience with Thor himself!

I’m certainly looking forward to meeting Thor at Disneyland park, starting November 1. What about you? Let us know in the comments.

And here’s the latest look at “Thor: The Dark World,” coming to theaters November 8.


  • I’m visiting DL in 2 weeks for the first time. This looks like an amazing exhibit. Can’t wait to see the throne room and the costumes. Will my secret crush, Loki, be there or is this, like everything else, just about his brother. Poor, misunderstood Loki…hahaha

  • We just took 6 mini Avengers (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, Black Widow and Hawk Eye in their outfits) and were excited to see the Iron Man Hall of Armor and got to try out the virtual suits! We were very impressed and had a fantastic time! Our mini Thor (who looks like Chris Hemsworth in our opinion) tried it too and then lost his hammer shortly after leaving Innoventions. We were excited Lost and Found finally recovered it since we were surprised to learn we could not just go get a new one since there is no Thor merchandise out yet (even with the movie out soon)! What would Thor be without his hammer lol?! We are bummed our passes just expired and we won’t get to see the Treasures of Asgard exhibit; it sounds awesome, especially to meet Thor! We hope they keep adding Avengers to Disneyland and/or elsewhere. They are our favorite!

  • Thor was one of my favorite Marvel Comic Book Characters in the 60’s. When Disney introduced Thor in their Adventures in Babysitting movie with Elizabeth Shue, I though of the future possibilities. The future is now here.

  • More importantly, is this a Chris Hemsworth M&G at any point in time?

    • Mike – You’ll be able to meet Thor starting November 1. The Bifrost will be open for more than just that day – all through the holiday season, in fact! 😉 Chris Hemsworth, however, will not be appearing. Sorry.

  • Does this mean the Meet and Greet itself is on November 1st?

  • Will Iron Man still be there in late October? I really want to see one of these exibits.

    • Tanya – Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries is expected to remain a part of Innoventions for the time being.

  • Sounds great 🙂 Innoventions is becoming a little super heroes headquarters haha

  • I’m crossing fingers it’ll still be there in february

  • Sounds really cool.

  • How long will Thor be there for the meet and great? Will he still be there in January?

    • Jennifer – As of right now, Thor: Treasures of Asgard is expected to be open through the holiday season. Our Entertainment offerings are subject to change, however, so I recommend checking back closer to your visit.

  • Yes! Can’t wait.

  • Thanks Shawn, so glad both will be there at once!!!!

  • Can it be November 1 already? 😀

  • What does this mean for the Iron Man exhibit?

    • Tyler and Jay – Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries is staying at Innoventions for the time being. Thor: Treasures of Asgard will be a separate, new experience.

  • Is the bifrost replacing the Iron Man exhibit?? or something else in the building??

  • @Eric well Thor is Marvel so yes, that rule applies. It applies to ALL MARVEL. WDW got to do the “Avengorail ” because it was essentiall a movie poster, not an “attraction”

  • Nothing at Epcot Norway? (Or does the Marvel/Florida rule apply to Thor as well?)

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