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Vote, Help Choose Disney Character Art Celebrating Festival of the Masters

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Beginning today, Disney Parks Blog readers have a chance to choose which Disney character will be featured in an original piece of art at this year’s Festival of the Masters event at Downtown Disney. The artwork will be created by Yellow Shoes Creative Director and blog author Will Gay in the weeks leading up to the November 8-11 event.

Here are your 10 choices – vote now and let us know your favorite.

Voting will be available through Monday, September 30, 2013. Be sure to check back to see which character will be featured in an original painting at this year’s Festival of the Masters.

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  • I vote for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. My favorite Disney character. I got some Oswald stuff, shirt, mug, plush and DVD.

  • Orange Bird! Orange Bird! Orange Bird!

  • Jiminy!!!

  • I voted for Cheshire Cat!

  • Too many choices! I want like..well..all of them =P Have to settle for Mickey, Brave Little Tailor as he’s my first love (and my daughter likes Brave Little Tailor. It’s her favorite Mickey cartoon.)

  • Oswald for the win!!!

  • I forgot about Rapunzel great point! I voted for Mickey, but tomorrow maybe Rapunzel…Does any one remember Mr. Toad’s wild ride it was my favorite back in the day..

  • I agree with Susan. Rapunzel was the artist. Need to give her some street cred with Festival of the Masters!

  • I voted for Rapunzel because she herself spent her time Painting all over her room!! Featuring an artist for the Art Show makes sense.

  • I voted for Yen Sid just out of sentimentality (favorite character)–But then I realized, he’s probably a bit marketing-overexposed with the whole Map Show at the moment, so count me in for Team Toad!

  • I voted for Jiminy Cricket. He is one of the least available and most sought after of the “old” characters. Guests are always asking where they can find him, and since he is no longer doing meet and greets at Rafiki’s Planet Watch at DAK, the only place you can see him on a daily basis is the 3pm parade at MK. He also happens to be my hero, and there is little or no merchandise available for him. 😀

  • Jiminy Cricket!!!!
    He should of gotten an Oscar for best supporting actor.

  • I voted for Oswald! Because he is so cute and adorable and I love that he’s made a big comeback and is being loved by people again. Go Oswald go! You got my vote buddy!!! 🙂

  • Team Mr. Toad!!!!!!

  • mr toad! 😀

  • Orange Bird!!

  • Jiminy all the way!

  • I’m Team Oswald this year!


  • I voted for Cheshire cat

  • I am utterly surprised that Hop Low is an option here.

  • Hmmm it’s a hard decision between Mickey and Oswald… I’ll have to vote for both!

  • Oswald for the win!! <3 <3

  • Come on oswald

  • I voted for Orange Bird too!

  • I voted for Orange Bird. 🙂

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