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Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Disney Parks Online Store Starting October 21, 2013

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Disney Parks

A few weeks ago, I attended the launch party for the new Disney Collection by Vera Bradley at the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney Marketplace. I enjoyed seeing several Disney Parks Blog readers during that fun (and early) morning event. During the event, I was asked when these items would be released on our Disney Parks online store. I have great news to share! I invite you to visit starting October 21, 2013, as we will be releasing the “Just Mousing Around” and “Midnight With Mickey” colors that day.

It is important to note that the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley was created especially for Disney Theme Park Merchandise. This means the only places to find this collection is either at Disney Parks or on the Disney Parks online store starting this coming Monday. These and future colors won’t be offered at locations owned and operated by Vera Bradley, or via their online store.

Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Disney Parks

Speaking of future colors, I’m delighted to give you a first look at “Where’s Mickey?,” a new color coming to the World of Disney Store at Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida on Tuesday, October 29.

Disney Collection by Vera Bradley Coming to Disney Parks

This new color will be featured on several familiar and popular styles such as the hipster, backpack, large duffel, Smartphone wristlet and more.

In addition to a future release at the World of Disney Store in Florida, the “Where’s Mickey?” color will also be carried via the Disney Parks online store and at select Disneyland Resort locations in the coming months.


  • I have been trying to buy my daughter the large duffel bag from Vera Bradley. This is all she wanted for Christmas and I was not able to get it for her. Her birthday is coming up and I would like to know if they are going to be available anytime soon. I have always been able to get her anything else Disney in the past but this is all she wants now. Please help.

  • Any dates for online purchases?

  • I’m curious if with the new possible pattern, will they also bring in different product, such as the turn lock wallet or even a different purse?

  • Hi everyone,

    I have decided to come to the rescue! I contacted Disney Merchandising Services at 877-560-6477 regarding the availability of more Vera Bradley merchandise. They indicated that more stock may be available in stores 12/9-5/10/13 and online 12/28-5/10/13. They could not give me an exact date so you may need to check on a daily basis to make sure to beat the eBay sellers to the punch. The in store stock will not be able to be purchased via the phone and you would have to be present at the store to do so. I will patiently wait to get mine to avoid paying more on eBay. Good luck all!

  • Hi Steve,
    I hope you are doing well. I was reading through this post and got a little concerned since you haven’t replied in almost a month to all the comments. Hopefully, you are just taking a break from all of us freaking out that the only place to buy the VB purses is on ebay for 2-4 times the price. My fingers are crossed for a release before Christmas. Hope you have a great day!

  • When is the next shipment of Vera Bradley bags expected? We were at downtown Disney today, there were only duffle bags. Checked online,again only the duffle bags are available. I wanted to purchase a purse for a Christmas gift.

  • Any word on when the bag in the center of the last graphic will be available on the Disney Store website? All that is appearing is the duffel bag

  • Hello! Is there any chance of new stock being added before Christmas? I am trying to find a “Midnight with Mickey” hipster.

  • Was super disappointed that all(except the large duffel bags) the Vera Bradley items were sold out when we arrived at Disney last week! What a bummer! Wanted one so bad…but no back packs or crossbody bags to be had! 🙁

  • Steven any chance we will see Midnight with Mickey bags online before Christmas? (Fingers Crossed!!)

  • Any update on when more stock will be available? Looking to get a “Midnight With Mickey” backpack for my trip in January for the Walt Disney World half marathon… A bit upset with the lack of supply and preparedness to handle the demand.

  • Will the smartphone wristlet (in any of the patterns) be available online ever? Or can I order it by calling the parks?

  • Thank You for the heads up on when the new “Where’s Mickey?” pattern was going to be available online. I was able to purchase the duffel bag this morning and can not wait till it arrives!

  • I love the bags! Any idea if the throw blanket will come back to the online store? It seemed like it was there and gone before I had a chance to get one. Also I do hope they continue to expand the patterns to more styles!

  • I would like to get new print.

  • How do you get the Vera Bradley Midnight with Mickey Backpack – not available in the online store, Available at World of Disney and in the Parks, but live 10 hours away? Can’t get to the Parks or Orlando for several months. Thanks.

    • @Stanley – Currently, the backpack is out of stock at Disney Parks. We intend to have additional orders in the coming months. I unfortunately do not have an exact time frame as to when they will arrive. We will be offering the “Where’s Mickey?” color on our Disney Parks online store starting Monday, November 18 at

  • When is the “Where’s Mickey pattern coming out? The other two patterns are on the Disney Store web site for purchase but I don’t see the Where’s Mickey pattern. Please help !

  • Steve,
    Do you have the item numbers for the “Wheres Mickey” design if we wanted to call the merchandise hotline to order?

    • @Joey – At this point, our Merchandise Guest Services team is not taking orders for the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley items. Sorry. 🙁

  • Will the WOD be opening regular time tomorrow for the release? Will there be wristbands given out? Thanks so much, looking forward to it!

  • Love the collection! Is there an online release date planned for the gorgeous blanket?

  • When is Where’s Mickey coming to Disneyland?

    • @Kathleen – Unfortunately, I don’t have a confirmed date for a release at Disneyland Resort. Please stay tuned.

  • I looked at the on-line store and do not see the pattern “Where’s Mickey” anywhere. When will this pattern be available? I hope by Dec. 1st when I will be at WDW. Thanks for taking your time to respond.

    • @Lanny – I just learned this morning that the “Where’s Mickey?” color will be released on Tuesday, October 29 at the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World. I don’t have a firm date when that color will be added to the Disney Parks online store ( I know they will carry it at some point in the coming weeks. The “Where’s Mickey?” color will be offered on our Disney Parks online store starting Monday, November 18. Visit

  • Steve,

    So very sad – the Vera bag I wanted is currently sold out. Do you know if they will be available again? Thank you so very much.

    • @Michelle – I’m sorry to hear that you are sad. I know the online store intends to carry the items again. At this point, I don’t have an exact date when that will happen.

  • I love this new pattern, I can’t wait to buy the backpack. The other two just weren’t my style. Though I really wish this came in the diaper bag (Make a Change Baby Bag). It would be perfect!

  • Steve,

    I have been waiting since March when the announcement was first made. Last night I fell asleep before midnight and had to be out for work before the early AM. Just got home from work to find everything I wanted is “Sold Out”. Is there any way of knowing when I can FINALLY get my beloved bag? Thanks.

    • @Brittany – I apologize for your frustration. I know that we had many Guests interested in the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley since it launched online on Monday. I don’t have an exact time frame that items will return. I know they intend to have them back at some point.

  • So disappointed!!!! I went to the Disney Store site this morning and the item I wanted was already SOLD OUT….. Steve, how can that be?

    Hope the Midnight with Mickey wristlet will be back in the inventory soon!

    • @Amy – I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment. As you can imagine, we had an incredibly strong interest in the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley on our online store starting Monday. They intend to have items available again at a future date. Unfortunately, I do not have an exact timeframe when that will happen.

  • Hey Steve….

    Please bring out more purses in the future!!!

    Thanks for bringing Vera to Disney!!!

  • They are online everyone!!! I just ordered a backpack in “Just Mousing Around” and a hipster in “Midnight with Mickey” on Disney Parks Online Store! Now they just need to get here before my trip to WDW in November!!!

  • I’ll be getting the hipster in Midnight with Mickey for our cruise in November/December for sure. I’m hoping that maybe, JUST MAYBE I’ll be able to procure the Vera in Where is Mickey before we go too. Thanks for the info!!!

  • So sad the Smartphone Wristlet and the other smaller items aren’t available at WDW currently. Our plane landed and we made a beeline to Downtown Disney only to find we were unable to purchase. I asked a Castmember at Information and he said there were 800 online but none currently in the parks. He suggested I order online. Talk about bummed out!! I really wanted to spend my birthday gift card on it!

    • @Cheryl – I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment. I just checked and the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley items were added to the Disney Parks online store this morning:

      They currently (as of 7:50 a.m. EDT) have several of those smaller items online. I hope that you had a nice birthday and a good trip overall.

  • Do you know what time they will be available to purchase on the online store on October 21?

  • I really like the black but now I love the new blue print as well! I would also love to see some more accessories, specifically sizes like the coin purse and cosmetic trio in these patterns. Purses and large bags are great but sometimes a girl needs those matching accessories.

  • Any chance we can order these befor Christmas? We had to wait for months for the other patterns.

    • @Kim – I certainly hope so! 🙂 I’m still waiting for a confirmation on the date for both in Park and online. Please stay tuned.

  • Do you know what time they will be available to purchase on the online store on October 21?

    And I have to agree with Melissa– a Disney Princess inspired pattern would be awesome!

    • @Emily – Typically things are added to the Disney Parks online store really early on Monday mornings, but I don’t have an exact time.

  • What about Disney Cruise Line? Will they be carrying the VB bags? I was in World of Disney last week and they only had pink, completely sold out of the black in every style and cast member did not know when they would get more.

    • @Linda – The Disney Cruise Line currently offers other items by Vera Bradley. They will eventually carry items from the Disney Collection yet I don’t have an exact time when that will happen.

      I know they are working adding an embroidered Disney Cruise Line logos to some existing Vera Bradley bags (like the Marina Paisley color). They are sitting on my couch in my office right now. So please stay tuned. 🙂

  • Love them all, but I agree with Debra–I already have 2 hipsters and a few totes. I’d love to see more styles offered!

    • @Michelle – Thanks for the feedback. I know the development team is aware of such intrests (we heard similar feedback during the launch party and in previous articles). I don’t know of any specific plans at this time yet this is the beginning of a great collaboration 🙂

  • I was at the release party last month as well and honestly did not buy anything because I thought the patterns were too busy. I love this new pattern. Might have to just get this one. Can’t wait to see it in person. Thank you for sharing!

  • Love the Blue. Hope to find it in the beginning of December.

    Which shops sell Vera Bradley? Is it only the World of Disney?

    • @Sally – At Walt Disney World Resort, items from the Disney Collection by Vera Bradley are currently offered at the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

  • Yay! Finally an online release date! I love all of the patterns, and I would also REALLY love a future design with the Disney Princesses!! Thanks for keeping us all updated! I will be shopping on Monday:)

  • Love the Blue but can’t wait for Monday!

  • Oh I absolutely love this new blue pattern! I agree with an earlier poster – I was going to get the black pattern before but now I am going to have to hold out for the blue one. Monday is my birthday so the timing would have been perfect! Oh well, hopefully the blue will be out in time for Christmas!

  • Love, love, love all three Disney Vera patterns, but would love to see some additional styles! A gal only needs so many duffles, totes and hipsters! Thanks Disney and Vera Bradley for a fabulous collaboration!

  • Now, Steve, you know better than to announce something like this without a release date! When will the new “Where’s Mickey?” pattern be available in Park or online either one?

    • @Celia – Ha! Well I figured a first look would be something exciting since I was asked several times about additional colors. Please know I will update information once I have a confirmed release date for “Where’s Mickey?” This just in … look for the “Where’s Mickey?” color starting Tuesday, October 29 at the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World.

      The “Where’s Mickey?” color will be offered on our Disney Parks online store starting Monday, November 18. Visit

  • I love the blue pattern, I sure hope it is available when I am at WDW this November!

    • @Cari – I hope you have a great trip! I’ll share an updated release date once I know more. The “Where’s Mickey?” color will be released on Tuesday, October 29 at the World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World.

  • Again, love the patterns, but it would be super great if they offered a few other Vera styles. On the Go is my favorite style to carry when visiting Disney. Please, please consider doing it in Disney patterns!!

  • I love the new color! I liked the older ones alright, but I like the cool colors and the subtlety of Mickey of the new pattern much more. Vera Bradley and Disney combined was already hard enough to resist, now I don’t think I’ll be able to!

    • @Kelsey – Right on! Blue is my favorite color so I was happy to see this pattern.

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