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Epcot’s Flavors of Club Cool Debuts Guarana Kuat, Inca Kola & Five Other Sodas Today

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Have you sampled the international soda selection at Flavors of Club Cool at Epcot?
Epcot’s Flavors of Club Cool Debuts Guarana Kuat, Inca Kola & Five Other Sodas Today

Starting today, the club will offer seven new flavors of soda samples. Only one option from the previous selection will remain – Beverly, a common aperitif found in Italy.

New flavors added to the sample station are:

  • Fanta – Fanta debuted in Europe in the 1940s and was introduced in the U.S.A. in 1960s. It’s now available in more than 90 flavors.
  • VegitaBeta – This Japanese beverage combines apricot and passion fruit flavors.
  • Fanta (Melon Frosty) – This melon-flavored soda is number one in Thailand.
  • Bibo – This fruit-flavored juice drink originates from South Africa.
  • Sparberry – This raspberry cream-flavored soda has been a favorite in Africa since 1955.
  • Guarana Kuat – This drink, flavored after the guarana berry, is popular in Brazil.
  • Inca Kola – This Peruvian favorite offers a sweet, almost bubblegum-like taste.

Flavors of Club Cool at Epcot is only one of three locations in the entire country that serves these sodas. The others are Coca-Cola attractions in Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Which sounds most interesting to you? Tell us in the “Comments” section below.


  • All of these sodas sound great! I now know that I have to come to Club Cool the next time I go to Disney World!

    • I stopped by over the weekend and it was really fun trying all of the new choices. I hope you find something you like!

  • Club Cool is a must-visit for us — the kids love it. I will definitely miss Mezzo Mix and also Lift Apple, but I’m eager to give the new flavors a try!

  • I’m looking forward to Inca Kola. Bubble gum flavored pop? Yummy! I am also interested in Sparberry. Anything cream sodaish is alright with me. I’m super excited they are keeping Beverly. We love to stand around in Club Cool watching newbies try it for the first time, most of the reactions are priceless! I will miss the lemonish pop from Isreal and my kids will miss the watermelon, but we are excited to try all the new flavors and find ourself some new favorites. We will be there in a few weeks!!

  • @Eric: MezzoMix is Coke with orange. It’s similar to mixing Coke with Fanta.

  • I am just so relieved that delicious Vegita Beta is staying! The new flavors sound good — most excited for the Bibo since I don’t care for carbonation.

  • So, what was MezzoMix, anyway? It was good, but what WAS it? 🙂
    Guarana’s a good flavor, it’s been there before–And yes, I’ll miss Smart Watermelon too, that was probably my favorite. Even Melon Fanta probably won’t be the same.

  • VegitaBeta is pretty good. I’ve had it before, and I thought it was originally there for years. Perhaps it’s another flavor. Sad to see China’s watermelon soda go. Beverly is essential for food and wine festival, since you want ANY OTHER FLAVOR than Beverly in your mouth.

  • Definitely going to miss some of the old varieties. The apple one from Mexico was my favorite and my wife adored the watermelon. Too bad they couldn’t have just converted one station and offered both new and the old ones

  • My wife and I used to make special trips to Club Cool to enjoy of a drink featured there called Fanta Kolita. Her father is from Costa Rica and she used to love drinking that soda every time we made it to EPCOT. Sad to see it go but eager to try the new flavors.

  • Beverly is the BEST! I’m happy it’s staying. It’s like an alcohol-free Campari and soda (which is also delicious, by the way).

  • Not too sure about the whole “one of only three locations in the entire country that serves these sodas” thing. Several local Peruvian restaurants here in SoCal offer Inca Kola.

  • I must be of the minority (maybe not since its still there) as I LOVE the Beverly flavor and have even tried to find it for purchase but to no avail. The Italian blood in me must be dominate and I am ever so glad Beverly will be there for our next family trip in May as some have not tried it yet!! Can’t wait for those reactions!

  • Vegita Beta has been there for years; it’s one of my favorite flavors. Unless of course it’s a different version of it. I will miss China’s watermelon flavor though. Can’t wait to try them all out!

  • It was always fun to watch peoples faces when we would all do shots of Beverly as if it were tequila. People were in awe of the fact that we could down Beverly that quickly and NOT mind.

  • @Diana- There is a good chance no one in Italy had heard of it is because it was discontinued in 2009. Also, it is an aperitif meaning that it is a pre-meal drink to aid in digestion. So it’s not really a drink like a Coke that you’d pop open a bottle of and drink because you like the taste.

  • Beverly, btw, is the worst! I’ve tricked many a friend into trying it. I usually have a good tasting one in my hand so they can wash out the taste! Sparberry is what I’m looking forward to!

  • I like that they added Inca Kola, I had it when I visted Machu Pichu a few years ago.. but will miss the one from honey lemon flavor from Isreal they are taking away..

  • I’ll miss the Mezzo Mix, as I’m German, but can’t wait to take advantage of new flavors. I’m curious about Sparberry.

  • I was in multiple places in Italy in May & no one there had ever heard of Beverly. I saw lots of Coca Cola & Fanta, though. Italy has the best Fanta because it contains real fruit juice.

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