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First Look: Thor Appearing in Thor: Treasures of Asgard at Disneyland Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment


Today, I’m pleased to share with you the very first look at the Mighty Avenger, Thor, who will be appearing as part of Thor: Treasures of Asgard at Disneyland park.

Thor: Treasures of Asgard, coming soon to Innoventions in Tomorrowland, will present an epic collection of objects brought to Earth straight from Thor’s home world of Asgard. You’ll also be able to travel across the Bifrost, a cosmic bridge transporting you to Asgard for an audience with Thor himself!

Look for Thor: Treasures of Asgard to open November 1 at Disneyland park, and see “Thor: The Dark World” when the big screen epic adventure hits theaters November 8.


  • hey, first time writer here.. 🙂 i was jw. does anyone know if the iron man innovention is still there?? or if it was replaced by thor.. or if they are both there?? also, will they be there thru dec? it would be awesome if anyone knows this info.. haha im sorta a marvel fanatic!! AND a disney fanatic! haha sooo yeah.. thanks again.. and ill be travis2 since i see there is a fellow trav on here. 😉

  • It’s exciting to look forward to innoventions again, and I know the grass is always greener, but I do feel like wdw gets things first or only, when dl is the original and should get it too, so I’m very excited that it’s something the dl fans can go see 🙂 please keep adding in innoventions.

  • Thor to!? It is great that both Thor and Ironman have visited Disneyland but when is something more permanent going to appear? Like a Marvel ride?

  • What time will the attraction open on Friday? I plan on getting there at park opening but I can only stay until noon! I’m so excited to meet the Mighty Avenger!

  • This.Is.Awesome!

  • I don’t know if I can get any more excited about this. I was super excited when you first announced it, but seeing this beautiful meet-and-greet area, I am literally about to die from excitement! I cannot wait for my next trip to Disneyland!

    • Loren – Odin’s throne room certainly is spectacular, but we can’t take credit for that. It’s in Asgard, after all! Disneyland just helps you get there! 😉

  • Looks really nice! I’m looking forward to seeing the exhibit in person.

  • Shawn, will there be an opportunity to have a photo taken with Thor?

    • Lacy – You can most definitely have your picture taken with Thor. Use your own camera, or we’ll also have Disney PhotoPass Photographers on hand.

  • I’m so excited to meet him! The location looks fantastic! Well done!

  • WOW. This looks amazing! I hope soon we can meet Iron Man. That would be cool.

  • Hi Shawn,
    How long will Treasures of Asgard be at Innoventions? I’m planning a trip to take my parents to DL in mid to late November and might not make it there before that trip.
    Looks awesome by the way.

    • Courtney and Travis – Thor: Treasures of Asgard will be at Disneyland at least through the holiday season, so you have a little time to get out and see it.

  • How long will it be there?

  • Why does everything related to movie props ALWAYS end up in DLR and none of it ever makes it way to WDW?

    • Anthony – These treasures of Asgard are only at Disneyland Park, but you can actually see dozens of authentic movie props throughout Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Look for them at The Great Movie Ride, Studios Backlot Tour, AFI Showcase and more!

  • Awww… sleeves?

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