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Last-Minute Costume Ideas for a Disney Side-Inspired Halloween at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

With Halloween only a few days away, I’m still deciding how I want to dress up this year. I already dressed up as a space cowboy during the Disney Parks Blog meet up in September (that event was filled with some wonderful costume ideas). But I’m considering some other options including my awesome “TRON: Legacy” costume that I would wear everyday if I could. Here are a few costume ideas for showing off your Disney Side during Halloween at Disney Parks.

Sheriff Woody Zip-Up Sweatshirt and Buzz Lightyear T-Shirt At Disney Parks

The image above features a Sheriff Woody zip-up sweatshirt that would be perfect with a cowboy hat, jeans and boots. The Buzz Lightyear t-shirt could be paired with Buzz Lightyear gloves that we also carry at Disney Parks.

New Hooded Sweatshirts Featuring Mickey And Minnie Mouse At Disney Parks

I snapped a candid image around our offices of the new hooded sweatshirts featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I would add some Mickey Mouse gloves and yellow slippers for a simple nod to these classic Disney characters.

Disney Princess Costumes At Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boutique

We have a variety of Disney Princess costumes, which are a perfect addition to an ultimate makeover experience for guests ages 3-12 at the Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boutique in Downtown Disney Marketplace or in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort, or at the Disneyland Resort.

We also have two new costumes (with matching accessories) inspired by Anna and Elsa from the upcoming Disney animated feature “Frozen”. I can’t wait for this film!

Adult-Sized T-Shirts Featuring Minnie Mouse And Snow White At Disney Parks

While we do not carry adult-sized costumes at Disney Parks, the softlines team updated two popular costume t-shirts from last year featuring Minnie Mouse and Snow White.

Costume T-Shirt Inspired By Jack Skellington At Disney Parks

Other new costume t-shirts include one inspired by Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Star Wars-Inspired Costume T-Shirt Featuring A Stormtrooper And Darth Vader At Disney Parks

Finally, I liked the new Star Wars-inspired costume t-shirts featuring a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader (the latter would look great with a new Mouse ear helmet).


  • I found the Minnie Mouse Ear Hoodie at Downtown Disney on 11-7-13. However, I can’t find the Mickey one anywhere including the Disney Store website. Would love to buy it for my husband. Any advice?

  • LOVE those Darth Vader shirts. I REALLY wish Disney would make shirts in BIG GUY sizes. Trust me, you would sell plenty of them if you made them up to 5XL and people will pay more for them.

  • I too would like to know where to find the Adult Minnie tshirt & the Adult Minnie and Mickey sweatshirt hoodies!

  • I would LOVE to order the Snow White and Minnie Mouse shirts. Can you share the SKU numbers so I can call and (hopefully) order them. I won’t be in the World until late November.

  • Hi Steven!

    I love this post, as Halloween is my favorite time of the year, especially in Walt Disney World!

    If it is not a problem, can you share SKU numbers for the Mickey hooded sweatshirt and the Darth Mickey helmet? I already have the Minnie sweatshirt, thanks to its availability on the Disney Store site in the parks area, but I’ve never seen the Mickey available there.

    Thanks! Your posts are my absolute favorites! 🙂

  • Just called and they said they were out of the treat buckets! Hoping my brother can track some down at WDW this weekend!

  • Are those trick or treat buckets in the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique photo? Are they available online? I need those for my kids!!!

    • @Carly – They are those kinds of buckets and they light up. They, unfortunately, aren’t carried on line but you could try contacting our Merchandise Guest Services team. There are two options available to contact them: by telephone at 877-560-6477 or by email at

      When contacting them, please reference item number – 400006477644

      Please note that applicable sales tax plus shipping and handling fees will apply; and availability of select items may change.

  • My family of 4 (Me, Husband, Son5 & Son4) All dressed up as TRON for the Mickey’s Halloween party at Disneyland. It was SO fun!! My husband made all of our costumes that lit up. Can’t wait to go again next year!

    • @Crystal – Greetings Programs!!! That’s awesome. I would have loved to see those outfits. My fiancee and I are dressing up as Sam Flynn and Quorra this weekend for a Halloween party. Keep fighting for the Users! End of line. 🙂

  • I do kind of like those Mickey Mouse light up buckets..do you have a sku for that (in case they still have any in stock!)

    • @Jonathan – They are in stock in select locations at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. They light up! Retail is $16.95 and item number is 400006477644.

  • Where can you find the minnie shirt?

    • @Amber, Cassandra and Jasmine – Here is the item information for the Mickey and Minnie hooded sweatshirts.

      Mickey Mouse
      Small – 400007093874
      Medium – 400007093881
      Large – 400007093898
      X-Large – 400007093904
      2X-Large – 400007093911

      Minnie Mouse
      Small – 400007714656
      Medium – 400007714663
      Large – 400007714670
      X-Large – 400007714687
      2X-Large – 400007714694

      I noticed that both sweatshirts were offered in a variety of locations at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. I would check the bigger locations first.

  • I love the Mickey and Minnie hoodies. Where can I buy them at WDW?

  • My daughter and I have been looking for the adult Minnie and Mickey sweatshirts too! Which store are they in?

  • I have a Perry the Platypus/Agent P costume hoodie that I was planning on wearing to a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party if I got a chance to go again. I would pair the hoddie with green shorts, green shirt and green flip flops.

    • @Amanda – That’s perfect! Thank you for sharing.

  • When are the Minnie Mouse sweatshirts going to be out for adults? We have been looking for the adult ones for several months now at DLR and can only find the childrens.

    I adore the Mickey, but really want a Minnie Mouse one.

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