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Main Street Style: Getting Into Character at Disney Parks

Michelle Stepney

by , Production Director

We’ve been celebrating the fall season all month at Disney Parks with Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World Resort. Looking for some costume inspiration? Look no further than some of the guests recently spotted by our style squad.

Main Street Style at Disney Parks: Mary Poppins Main Street Style at Disney Parks: Sally

LEFT: You’ll look super… (oh, you know the rest!)… dressed as everyone’s favorite nanny. A smart blue dress, carpet bag, proper hat and brawly (umbrella) bring the whole look together. It’s practically perfect in every way.

RIGHT: This dress is super cute for a day in the park and a dream for Halloween. Inspired by Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, you could amp up the character quotient and top it off with a bright red wig.

Main Street Style at Disney Parks: Donald Duck Main Street Style at Disney Parks: Mickey Mouse

LEFT: If it looks like a duck and dresses like a duck, it must be none other than Donald. This sweet rendition of a Disney classic left us quacking for joy. The yellow sneakers and sailor top are precious.

RIGHT: Mickey is always a favorite inspiration for guests, but we especially like this mod interpretation done with color blocking. The yellow leg warmers are a clever touch.

Main Street Style at Disney Parks: Peter Pan Main Street Style at Disney Parks: Phineas and Ferb

LEFT: These friends on Main Street at Disneyland park inspired us to never want to grow up! We love their take on the characters from “Peter Pan.” Group costumes are a great way to extend Halloween fun.

RIGHT: A platypus on a secret mission is the inspiration for this look from Phineas and Ferb. We love the turquoise and white dress paired with the bowler hat. Though it will be hard to maintain your cover with a look this spot on.


  • Great costume ideas!

    Typo alert: “brawly” should be “brolly”–I suspect “brawly” means likely to start a brawl.

    Judging by the ears, shouldn’t the “Mickey” color block costume be Minnie? Either way, it’s well done.

  • I love all these looks! What a great way to incorporate some magic into every day where!

  • Fun costumes! I’ll be there next week, attending MNSSP Friday night! I have worked up a really fun Disney-themed costume this year and I have yet to see it anywhere or on anyone. I can’t wait to debut it and I hope your peeps get to snap a pic of it! 🙂 See you real soon.

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