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New Medals Unveiled for Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathons at Disney Parks

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

Today, I’m excited to reveal some of our new runDisney medals for two of our race weekends in 2014.

The Princess Half Marathon medal is completely new compared to last year’s medal and is inspired by our classic and most enduring princess, Cinderella. We’ve added a 10K and a Glass Slipper Challenge event (running the half marathon and the 10K) to the Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World Resort, so check out the shiny new medals that go with them.

The Tinker Bell Half Marathon medal has a few new enhancements from last year. There’s also a new 10K race there too and the medal, of course, is very much themed around Tinker Bell.

So, if you’re signed up to run any of these races, get ready to rock these shiny new medals, so everyone can see your bling.

New Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathon Medals

New Medals for Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathons New Medals for Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathons New Medals for Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathons New Medals for Princess and Tinker Bell Half Marathons


  • Ooooh, yes – I’d love to see a pic of the 5K medal, too! And maybe the kid’s races, pretty please???

  • Those are lovely medals, but what about the ones for the 5K? I know they are not as shinny as the half and 10K, but us 5K fast walkers, they are just as important.

  • I really do love these medals and I’m really looking forward to getting them in February, but why no year/date on the half and the 10K? 🙁

  • I’m so glad Tink is the same as previous years 🙂 I can’t wait to have it in my hands in a few months! I’m starting to wish I had signed up for the 10k as well, I love both Tinkerbell medals!!

    I much prefer the previous Princess medals (2010, 2011), the heart seems weird to me…(plus the ribbons those years were awesome!)

  • 2014, I mean!

  • SO excited to earn three of these this year 🙂

  • OMG these are so fantastic and beautiful!!!! I can’t wait to have the 3 Glass Slipper Challenge ones around my neck in real life 🙂
    Also love that the medals for new races include the “inaugural” line! I’m so excited!!! Did I use enough exclamation marks yet?!

  • Oooh I love those new medals. I wish I could run these races, but I’ll have to wait for 2015 since 2014 is Dopey year. These are fabulous medals and I know all the princesses out there will be shining that weekend.

  • AHHHHHHH <3 I'm even MORE excited now if that is possible!

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