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Valet Parking Arrives at Downtown Disney for the Holidays

Darcy Clark

by , Disney Springs Marketing Manager

We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than to receive. I wholeheartedly agree. But sometimes, especially around the holidays, it’s nice to get something from your “wish list.” I must have been good this year, because one of the things I’ve been hoping for is coming soon: valet parking at Downtown Disney!
Valet Parking Arrives at Downtown Disney for the Holidays

Here just in time for the holiday shopping season, valet parking will be available at Downtown Disney West Side starting today.

Jim Forrester, Operations Manager for Downtown Disney, tells me that guests have expressed an interest in valet parking for a while, and the holidays seemed like the perfect time to introduce this new parking option.
Valet Parking Arrives at Downtown Disney for the Holidays

Interested in trying it out? Here’s what you need to know:

  • The service is offered 4 p.m. – 2 a.m. daily.
  • Valet parking can be accessed via Entrance 4 at Downtown Disney West Side.
  • The cost is $20 per vehicle and gratuity is accepted.
  • When you’re ready to pick up your car, you can check in at the valet booth or text a designated number for speedy retrieval.

The service is scheduled to run through January 1, 2014. As always, parking in our regular lots will continue to be complimentary.

For guests taking in a performance of La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil, enjoying a concert at House of Blues, or indulging in a meal at one of our awesome West Side restaurants, the drop-off and pick-up location will be especially convenient. (Plus, it’s close to the West Side boat dock, which offers efficient service to the Marketplace. Bonus!) As for me, I know I’ll be doing a lot of Christmas shopping at Downtown Disney, and I love that my car will be waiting for me when I’m wrapping up at the West Side, loaded with bags!

What about you … will you be checking off your holiday gift list here, too? If so, do you think you’ll give the new valet parking service a try?

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  • The first time i used it, my wife and i loved it. So when my parents came in town and we wanted to go to Downtown Disney for Lunch and a movie, i drove with the intent of using the Valet parking. With all the construction down there currently it’s the best way to park. Also with my mother’s handicap, even with her placard she can rarely get a handicapped parking space. After wrestling the traffic and getting to where the Valet stations are, they were not open yet! The hours for Valet start at 4pm. It’s not just the dinner crowd that would utilize this service. If it were advertized as limited hours of availability I would understand. But it’s not widely known, and earlier hours would be fantastic, especially during this VERY busy time of year and the construction. I will use the service in the future, it would be nice if it was available earlier in the day though.

  • How can one apply for a job with the valet at downtown disney? The disney jobs site has nothing listed as valet.

  • Is the Downtown Disney Valet Parking complimentary with valid handicapped placard as it is at Disney Resorts or just with a TIW validated receipt?

  • I have been saying for a while that Downtown Disney needs Valet Parking. Whenever I stay on property I use the complimentary shuttle transportation to avoid parking all together. But for those that thingk the $15 is too steep, there is still the option of the complimentary self parking, sure some of which may be a bit of a hike to some, but as I unserstand Disney is still offering a shuttle service from some of the parking lots.

    • George, you are a smart man! The complimentary Bus Transportation for our Disney Resort guests is what I always recommend to my friends staying on-property! (And glad you’re excited about the parking garages; we are too!)

  • Will the valet parking that I have paid for at my resort be honored at Downtown Disney as well? Currently, when I pay for valet parking at my Disney Resort, it is good at any other Disney Resort that offers valet parking.

    • David, the valet parking at Downtown Disney is handled separately from your Resort valet parking. Valet parking at Downtown Disney is available from 4pm – 2am daily for $15, not including gratuity. Our regular lots will continue to be complimentary for all guests.

  • Same question as the others, will the TIW card be valid for use here? I have a reservation for TRex and we always love to stop at Goofys and Earls at least once during our trip, but the thought of paying $15 for parking, or having a long shuttle ride to get there really makes me want to rethink those plans for our Nov/Dec trip. I am SO glad that Disney is putting in a parking garage, it’s definitely needed, and I totally understand that during it’s construction parking will be challenging….and the valet idea is great, but the cost is a bit much for what is usually a one hour visit…two max. Free valet because I paid for the TIW will make it more feasible for me to keep my reservation for TRex and plan to visit Goofy’s another day and Earl’s a third day…..but $45 (plus tips) for those 3 visits won’t happen for me…which sadly means no wandering through World of Disney each time either (though my pocketbook will likely be happier about that, lol).

    Looking forward to confirmation from Disney about whether our TIW benefit is valid here.

    • Janis, Tables in Wonderland members will receive complimentary valet parking with a valid dining receipt. For your shorter visits to Goofy’s Candy Co. and Earl of Sandwich, I’d suggest arriving earlier in the day when our regular lots tend to have more open spaces. As always, parking in these lots will continue to be complimentary for all Downtown Disney guests.

  • As a TiW member, yes you do get free valet at all resorts with a receipt that you used your TiW card while at the resort. You even get complimentary valet at the theme parks if it is less than 3 hours and you used your TiW card. If you look under the benefits on the TiW website it does explain the valet parking. I am very curious as the situation for Downtown Disney and if there will be complimentary valet while dining with your TiW card seeing as this is new. I would love to know the response to this. As a local I dine in Downtown Disney a lot simply because of TiW so this would be a huge benefit.

    Taylor- as a passholder you don’t get a free valet benefit anywhere so I’d find it hard to believe that you would get it at Downtown. Regular parking is still complimentary though.

    • Great question regarding Tables in Wonderland! Yes, guests with a Tables in Wonderland membership will receive complimentary valet parking at Downtown Disney with a valid dining receipt. I hope you’re able to come out soon to give the new service a try!

  • Will pass holders get free valet since we get free parking at all the theme parks?

    • Taylor, there will not be free valet parking for Walt Disney World Passholders, but regular Downtown Disney parking will continue to be complimentary for all guests.

  • Same question as above. I’ve red on other sites that Tables in Wonderland members can take advantage of Valet Parking with a receipt, however I’ve seen nothing official on the Disney page or Tables in Wonderland page. Can you confirm if valet is complimentary with participating TIW dining receipt?

  • Typically with Tables in Wonderland there is complimentary valet if you are dining. Will that count at Downtown Disney?

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