Disneyland Park to Retire Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Act January 6

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Longtime Disneyland guest favorite Billy Hill and the Hillbillies are getting ready to begin their final seasonal holiday performances at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree this Friday. At the end of this special holiday run, their final day of performances at Disneyland park will be January 6, 2014.


Billy Hill and the Hillbillies have been entertaining guests at Disneyland park for more than 20 years and join a legacy of live entertainers that have performed in the park throughout its 58-year history. Future plans for Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree are to feature a variety of entertainment offerings during our many seasonal and special celebrations.


  • So very sad to hear this. 97 comments so far all the same….We will miss them.

  • I’m really disappointed to hear that this fantastic group of guys will no longer be a part of our future Disneyland memories. It also would have been nice to be given more notice so we could have enjoyed the show one last time. Please don’t leave the golden horseshoe empty like it is at WDW 🙁

  • We just discovered Billy Hill and the Hillbillies a couple of years ago and they quickly became one of our favorite parts of our Disney visits. A couple of highlights were when they did Puddle Prance and the lead did a slow motion repeat. Very few acts carry their music and comedic skill. You guys will be missed by our little family!

  • I too am SOOOO disappointed!! What a shame!! They are the main reason my husband and I keep returning to DL over, and over again!! We’ve brought “new” Disney patrons with us JUST to see the Hillbillies!!! I’m not a “laugh-out-loud” kind of person, but these Billies bring out the wild laughter, tears rolling down the cheeks, fun time. I think Disney will see a big dent left by these guys. Disney needs to find an adequate replacement – and keep the theme of the Billies going!!!

  • My visits aren’t complete without seeing the Billies. I am very very sad and hope this isn’t really happening but if it is I want to thank the Billies for the many years of laughter & outstanding entertainment they have given me & so many others. You will be sorely missed !!!!!

  • So sad!! The whole Billy crew were always talented and entertaining. As a musician myself, they were inspiring and “HILLarious”. All the best to them. I will for sure make it a point to see them perform every chance I get before January 6th.

  • This makes me sad. These guys are a classic that my family has enjoyed for years and years. They will be sincerely missed by us. I hope they will reconsider.

  • Very disappointed to hear this news. I hope to see them one last time before they retire. I certainly hope there is a replacement show for that stage, which has seen so many quality acts throughout the years.

    Farewell Billies. Disneyland won’t be the same without you guys!

  • Sad news. The Billies are one of my favorite acts and something I made a point of seeing whenever I visited. I’m not a SoCal local, so I can’t make it back before they take their final bow.

    I hope the Billies – and Disneyland – know how much they will be missed.

  • Vaya con Dios, boys. You will be missed. Not that I was aiming for you.

  • NOOOOOOO!!!!! The Billies are what make Disneyland… Disneyland. They are the most talented group in the park (with an obvious fan base). Why take them away!?!?

  • I think this has always been one of the best shows in the park. I cannot imagine why Disney would want to go in a separate direction. Very disappointed indeed

  • Me, my wife and my brother in law, love seeing the Billy’s when we arrive at the park. My brother in law’s wife (my wife’s sister) passed away from breast cancer just 2 years ago and demanded to see the Billy’s one last time. She sat through the entire show and said goodbye personally to the Billy’s and passed away 5 days later. They are all great entertainer’s and will be missed.Thanks boy’s for a great 20 years!

  • This is such a disappointment, I can only hope that the reason for this change isn’t that the hillbillies aren’t popular enough anymore and that the hillbillies are just ready to retire. Please reconsider this decision or elaborate on why it was made!

  • My family and I make it a point to catch live music in the park. We don’t catch each act every time, but we make it a point to see at least two each trip. This is sad news to see. There are many amusement parks, but they don’t offer much in the way on entertainment aside from rides. That is one of many things why I renew my Disney pass and don’t renew the ones from the others.

    There is such a great choice of live music as well, The Dapper Dans, The Main Street Band, The Firehouse Five, The Bachelor Street Boys, The Bootstrappers, The Big Bands on Saturday evenings, Five & Dime, Red Car Newsboys. Sadly some have gone away such as, one of my favorites, Ernie Mclean (RIP), as well as Minnie’s Fly Girls, The Golden Horseshoe Revue, and now Billy Hill and the Hillbillies.

    I will miss “The Billys”. Their comedy and musicianship will be missed.

  • It will be sad to see them go! The Billy’s have brought so much happiness to me and my family over the years. The Billy’s are some of the finest performers I have ever had the pleasure of watching/hearing. My wife and I will be there for the last performance in support of our favorite Hillbillys!!!!

  • We are so sad to see this. We feel so fortunate that we got to see their show a couple of times last week. It is truly delightful entertainment – we love things like the “Orange Blossom Special” incorporating 11 different Christmas songs! And we always laugh at “the teeth” and hilarious facial expressions. It is one of those “must sees” when we visit Disneyland. We really wish they would still be there on our next visit.

  • I only get to Disneyland every couple of years, but Billy Hill and the Hillbillies have been a highlight every time. They honestly are one of the main reasons I trek across the country to California instead of visiting the parks in Florida. Live music by talented performers is such a rare thing in theme parks these days, and the Billys were the best of the bunch.

  • Truly a sad day. Will the laughing stock continue at golden horse shoe or will they be moved? I’m glad I recorded the show so many times that I will always be able to watch whenever I want. I guess I’d better record the laughing stock. Thank you to the billies for years of countless shows. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope to see you in future projects.

  • This is no bueno!!! We make a point of seeing the Billies every trip. This leaves a hole in my heart. :'(

  • This is terrible news! We love Bill and the Hillbillies! We go to their show every time we are in Disneyland. I am so glad we managed to see them last Christmas, our last trip there.

  • No, no, no, no, no!!! Billy Hill and the Hillbillies is one of the big reasons for coming to Disneyland! They’ve been there 20 years? I’ve seen them way over 20 times over the years! They bring joy and laughter to all who get to see them in action. They are not just funny – they are VERY talented to be able to do the music they do while doing their hysterical silliness, which is always up-to-date with what’s happening in the world. Who could forget Puddle-prance when Riverdance was so popular?!? These guys are multitalented and will be extremely missed. ;-(

  • Please, don’t let this show end. It’s a must-see for us every time we visit the park.

  • Billy, Billy, Billy, and Billy you are all still welcome to come to the Puyallup Fair in Washington each September. You are our favorite show at Disneyland AND at the Western Washington State Fair.

  • No! Don’t do it, don’t do it. Billy! Billy!

  • My husband and I are devastated. We’ve seen the Billies about 30 times since 1995, and one of the highlights of our Disney visits was when he was invited up onstage to play fiddle with them on his birthday. We’ll miss all of you, and especially John M., Dennis, and John E. Such a sad day for this Billy fan.

  • Please Noooo! We love Billy Hill & the Hillbilly’s!!

  • Although I could see this coming, I am extremely disappointed. They are my “go to” group at Disneyland to pull my spirits up (if needed) and get me in the Disney mood.
    Will the entertainers be performing in other roles at the park?
    They are awesome.

  • When I heard the news last night I was stunned, and totally heart broken. =( I’m sad my children will never know the side splitting laughter of the Billies. We are now planning another trip in December to see them one last time. Thank you Billies for always bringing tons of smiles and laughs! You will be missed!

  • I feel like someone punched me in the stomach and out popped my fake buck teeth! Durka Dur!!!

  • This is one attraction I have not yet seen at Disneyland. I will be sure to watch them on my next visit soon. I am sure they will pop up in the future at special events, and I am happy to see Disney continuously thinking of new and exciting attractions, so I can’t wait to see all the great acts you’ll bring.

  • Nooo!! So very, very sad to hear the Billies will be gone. 🙁 Thank you, gentlemen, for all the laughs and entertainment over the years!!

  • 3 generations of annual passholders, our family has made the Billies a “must-see” event every trip for 15+ years. No more pros-teeth-is, bow-up-the-nose, puddle-prance or Orange Blossom Special??? The end of a an era….So incredibly sad! I’m heartbroken!

  • We love the Billies! So sad they’re retiring. Many thanks to the boys for 20 happy, funny, musical years. They gave us some great memories!

  • My wife and I will sorely miss The Billies!. We have been going to Disneyland from the Antelope Valley (over a hundred miles)at least once a month for the full time the Billies have been performing. We have always made a point to see them at least once and even spent a whole day watching the show over and over. Kirk and the boys. We will miss you and hope you can do the act at other places. You were my favorite act at Disneyland!

    Thanks for all the laughs,

    Jim And Susan

  • This is truly sad news for most Disneyland fans. I have enjoyed their shows every time that we visit Disneyland. At least I will be able to see them one last time on our next trip. To Kirk and the rest of the Billy’s, thanks for sharing your talents and making us all laugh. Disneyland will not be the same. I wish you all the best for the future. You will be missed.

  • NOOOOO! These guys are the absolute best show in the park! They are a Disney tradition, and what could ever top them? I will definitely be going to see them as much as possible before January 6th!

  • This is sooo disappointing 🙁

  • This is very disappointing news to read…I LOVE the Billies, even when Billy Elvis embarrassed me with using his ‘scarf’ of toilet paper as a sweat towel and then giving it to me during one of their shows several years ago! I always catch them when I’m visiting DL and am glad to have one last opportunity to see them in December. :'( (crying)

  • Nooooooooooooo. Sad sad news. 🙁

  • It sounds like everyone thinks they are quitting for good. I took the news that they are just ending there “seasonal holiday performances” for the year–NOT that they are ending their show.

  • So VERY sad to hear this. These guys are a part of my family’s history. For a while one of my uncles was a part of the group. They will be missed.

  • It’s always sad to see a favorite go. It’s hard to walk that line between preserving that past and moving on to new things. I wish them the best!

  • This is sad news.

  • say it ain’t so… The Billy Hill show is a “must do” for our family!
    When our kids were in high school we even brought their friends with us on a trip… we all (8 of us ) wore Bubba Teeth to the show. It was a show stopper, literally! I laughed so hard that I cried!
    we will miss them tons…

  • So sad to see classic entertainment leave. Their Golden Horseshoe show still captivates the audience every set. I’m glad more people are being exposed to them via the Ranch but the Horseshoe is where they shine. I hope the guys are choosing to retire and move on to something they want to do and that the park has another form of vintage saloon entertainment lined up. Til then, gonna enjoy me some geetars and some fiddlin! Thanks for the years of entertainment guys!!

  • I share the same sinking grieving feeling when I think of these funny, talented men saying “goodbye” and walking into the sunset. This group and the Dapper Dans are my anchors in the park for really personal and personable music performances.

    Gentlemen, you will be missed; I hope there is a window in the saloon for you-all. Adios, Amigos! :’-\”””

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