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Dolls and Plush Celebrating the Happiest Disney Attraction Ever to Set Sail Now at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I think one of the best Disney attractions ever created was “it’s a small world.” Debuting at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, this classic attraction is now found at Disney Parks around the world. This past fall, our partners at the Disney Store introduced a series of Disney Animator’s dolls and plush inspired by “it’s a small world.” My fiancée (who adores this attraction) recently saw them during a visit to Disneyland Resort. Subsequently, they are now at the top of her holiday wish list (makes shopping so much easier for me this year). I can see why she wants them – they look amazing!

Designs and illustrations by Disney Legend Mary Blair inspired the Disney Store team to create this collection. I love the packaging for the dolls that includes a few behind-the-scenes photos of Mary with Walt Disney.


The level of detail found in the dolls and plush is impressive; they look like they came right from the attraction. I took a few photos from the attraction at Disneyland park to give a side-by-side comparison.

'it’s a small world' Inspired Doll and Plush Collection 'it’s a small world' Inspired Doll and Plush Collection

The dolls’ best feature is that they sing in both English and their native language. There are currently seven dolls offered in this collection including France, Hawai’i, India, Holland, England, Japan and Kenya. Being a fan of all things Hawai’ian, I can’t wait to add the Hawai’i doll to my own Disney collection.

In addition to the dolls, there are four plush animals inspired by the attraction – hippo, panda bear, jaguar and poodle.


Select locations at Disney Parks are carrying all of the dolls and plush except the Holland doll.

At Disneyland Resort, look for this collection in the shop located near “it’s a small world” in Disneyland park; Elias & Co. at Disney California Adventure; and World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

For guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort, you can find the dolls and plush in Emporium and Fantasy Faire inside Magic Kingdom Park; and World of Disney and Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney Marketplace.

The Disney Store also currently has these items for sale online here.


  • Hi! Any word yet on additional dolls debuting this year? I love them!

  • YES! We’ll also be there during IASW’s refurb in a few weeks, so this makes me happy.

  • Will they be bringing back the Monorail collection of hotels and accessories?

  • Any word on Jungle Cruise (Or Jingle Cruise for that matter) getting merchandise?!? Would love to see it join it’s sister Adventureland attractions of Pirates of the Caribbean and Tiki Room having souvenirs!

    • @Christopher – I’ll have to check about Jungle Cruise merchandise. I don’t recall anything specific right now. I do know that for Jingle Cruise that we don’t have any plans to develop merchandise at this point.

  • I’m also curious why the Holland doll isn’t being sold in the parks. We are going to be there next week and I was hoping to grab the Holland doll for my daughter for Christmas.

    Also, is there any word that they will be coming out with a German doll? My daughter was born there so I would like to get her one.

    • @Joshua and Shawna – When partnering with the Disney Store team, the Disney Theme Park Merchandise team doesn’t always pick up every single item they may produce. It’s difficult to say why Holland wasn’t added to the Disney Parks locations. I can say that you can find it on right now –

      And if you act quickly, they are running a promotion tonight on the dolls as well as select plush (the plush promotion ends November 21).

      I have not heard of any additional dolls at this point. I will have to check with the dolls and plush team.

  • I do love the dolls and currently own a few including the Hippo, which is my favorite as it is an image that sits in my mind from when I was young. I had a few questions though….

    1. do you know if there will be more coming because I have a newborn and she is Mexican and Japanese so I wanted to get her both but unfortunately, there isn’t a Spanish speaking doll in this collection.

    2. Why is the Holland doll not sold in the parks?


  • Nice post Steven. Such an iconic attraction! Btw, “Hawai’i” is spelled correctly (with the okina between both “i”‘s), but “Hawaiian” is without an okina.

    • @Dustin – Mahalo 🙂

  • I am in love with these dolls!! Will they be releasing differnt dolls from other countries next year?

    • @Katie – That’s a great question. I’ll have to check with the dolls and plush team.

  • I love love love these dolls! And I’m not even into collecting things like this. And I love the stuffed jaguar with hearts! The panda looks a little creepy in the eyes–I’ll have to see it in person.

  • I was hoping to go to IASM, but I heard it was closed the first week of December?

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