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Eclectic Merchandise Highlights Great American Stories in Heritage Manor Gifts at Epcot

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


One of my favorite attractions at Epcot is The American Adventure. I once served as an attraction manager there, and I loved watching the spectacular story of America nearly every day. In the past few weeks, Heritage Manor Gifts, the merchandise shop at the pavilion, was completely reset with new items from companies who have great American stories. My fellow author Michelle Harker recently highlighted one of those new items in her article about cinda b handbags. I visited the location to get a first look at what else guests can expect.


Upon entering the shop, I could tell things were different. The visual display team did a tremendous job creating small vignettes featuring the eclectic mix of items. In total, there about nine different American companies now featured in the shop along with other souvenirs created by Disney Theme Park Merchandise.

Some of the companies in this new assortment include Sea Bags, Inc., who design and manufacture tote bags and accessories made from recycled sails. Their workshop is on a real working wharf located in Portland, Maine!

I also spotted a table with candles, soaps, lotions and more by Mangiacotti. Located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, their earth-friendly products are made of recyclable materials and are vegetable-based.


Another table in the shop contained a host of items from Beekman 1802, a company founded by Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge from Sharon Springs, New York. They produce “heirloom quality goods – things that are meant to be shared or passed down from one generation to the next.” You may be most familiar with their cookbooks.

The best news is Josh and Brent from Beekman 1802 will be appearing at Heritage Manor Gifts on November 30 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.!

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Other highlighted products include apparel by Tampa, Florida based Black & Denim, and some Tavern Puzzles created by Dennis and Donna Sucilsky in East Setauket. I also loved the KnobStoppers from Hester & Cook Design Group, Inc. in Nashville, Tennessee. The bottle stoppers are made out of repurposed vintage doorknobs (I think I found my sister’s Christmas gift).

Finally, I’m thinking of getting my son a copy of “My Heritage Book,” a personalized book celebrating culture by Deanna Bufo Novak. These books can be personalized and printed at Epcot in the same day!

Here are a few other images from my visit:


  • It’s so neat that you added Sea Bags to the shop, they have great bags! They are very popular here in New England so am happy to see them get more national attention. I’ve been to their work shop/store, it really is on a working wharf in Portland! Thanks for the great post and I look forward to shopping in February!!!

    • @Cara – How cool! I had not seen them before visiting the shop. I fell in love with them. It would be neat to visit Portland. Adding that location to my “Places to See” list.

  • I need that cat as George Washington portait! How can I get more information on it?

    • @Ari – I believe that portrait was used for decoration. Being a cat fan, I had to include it in the story 🙂

  • Hi Steven. Thanks as always for your excellent post. I am so happy to see some unique and location-specific merchandise being offered! Very cool. Keep up the good work.

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