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‘Frozen’ Meet & Greet Debuts at Epcot

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Are you excited for the opening of the film, Disney’s “Frozen”? Here at the Walt Disney World Resort you can already meet two stars from the film, the royal sisters Anna and Elsa.

We recently stopped into the Prinsesse Plass (located just across from Akershus Royal Banquet Hall), for a look at their new greeting space. Check it out in the video below – and don’t forget to go see Disney’s “Frozen” when it debuts on November 27!


  • Hoping they will still be there during spring break in April. Any updates?

  • We went to see the movie 5 times with our daughter! I’ve never seen her so captivated. Will Elsa and Anna still be at Epcot in early March? She would love to meet them!

  • Is there any estimate of how long they will be in Norway??

  • My daughter would be over the moon to meet Elsa & Anna when we go in May!!!! Please keep them on permanently!!! Mom would love to meet them too 😉 Thank you!!!!

  • We are in the same boat, We will be in Disney World Feb 16-22, will Anna and Elsa still be there? My little girls are so excited to meet them!

  • My family will be traveling to Disney World at the end of February, 2014. My 3 year old daughter really wants to meet Queen Elsa! Is there any news on where the Frozen sisters will be after January 31st?

  • Hi – we are not due to visit until June 2014. Could you let me know whether Elsa and Anna will still be in Epcot to meet?

  • Can you tell us if the Frozen sisters will continue to be there for greeting or elsewhere? I was told by a CM, “January 3rd or 4th they were leaving Norway”. As passholders blacked out through the 3rd, the exact date is important. 😉 Thanks!

  • My daughter loves the sisters! We really hope they’re still when we come in February!

  • Can we find the sisters in the Magic Kingdom in Feb 2014??? My 2 daughters really want to meet them.

  • The Frozen exhibit is in the Stave church.

  • Jennifer,
    Do you know how long this meet and greet will last? Hoping for February 2014. Thanks

  • My family and I were just there last week and made a point to visit them. We did not see an exhibit, but my 7-yr-old SON was actually excited to meet them. Elsa told him that he would make a great “ice harvester,” which now has him intrigued, lol. They were very sweet, and I love how all of the human characters are always in character. Can’t wait to see the film as soon as it comes out in theaters. I hear that the music is supposed to be great (like Beauty and Beast), also.

  • These two look like fine additions to Disney’s pantheon of princesses. We’ll have to check out Norway on our trip starting next week. And definitely looking forward to the movie!

    • The movie is great, not just because of the princesses but with Olaf the snowman and Sven the reindeer!

  • Very excited to meet Anna and Elsa. A while back another Disney Parks Blog contributor, Shawn Slater, spoke of a Frozen exhibit with artwork from the film and stories about how Norway was used as inspiration for the film’s setting. Is this exhibit still happening or did it already open in conjunction with the Anna and Elsa meet and greet debuting? Is this exhibit located where the meet and greet is? Thanks.

    • Lauren, we’ll have an update on this gallery very soon. Stay tuned!

  • Sarah…I agree with you! When will we see Olaf in the parks???

  • I’m looking forward to the film.

    I really hope that there will soon be a video of the Frozen meet and greet in Disneyland.
    At Disneyland, Olaf the snowman sits up on top of the roof of the meet and greet cottage. 🙂

  • Will Olaf be available for meet and greets too? We will be in Disney World in 2 weeks for my sons first birthday…and he LOVES the Frozen commercials…

  • Oh my, they are so beautiful. I love them already and haven’t seen the movie yet!

    • I saw an advance screening of the film over the weekend – you’ll love it, Melissa! There are many characters to enjoy in this one. 🙂

  • Are there plans for Anna and Elsa to remain in the parks for meet and greets after the movie? We will be travelling in March, and are hoping to be able to meet them!

  • What “you later”?

    • “Sled with you later!”

  • Headed there next week and my daughters are excited to meet them.

    • I hope you all have a great time, Jennifer!

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