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‘Oswald’s Drama’ Painting Unveiled for Festival of the Masters at Downtown Disney

Will Gay

by , Design Director, Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group

A couple of weeks ago we asked you, our faithful blog readers, to vote on a character you most wanted me to paint for the upcoming Festival of the Masters event this weekend at Downtown Disney. And, as you may already know, you chose Oswald!


Needless to say I was very excited about that choice as well. Having grown up with a love for all things Disney animation, Oswald is one of my favorite characters. I love that he was the catalyst for Walt to create my all-time favorite character, Mickey Mouse. This is actually my first official painting of Oswald for the festival and Disney galleries. So, I did a little time-lapse video from my studio of it all coming together for you to see.

I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I enjoyed painting it! Here is what I call “Oswald’s Drama.” Hope to see you this weekend at the festival!

'Oswald's Drama' by Will Gay

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  • Awesome painting. Absolutely love Oswald. Hope to see more of him in the Disney Parks in the future.

  • Excellent job! Will, I will be there tomorrow for Festival of the Masters. Do you have this print available during the event and is there going to be wristbands given out? Or it is just a first come first serve basis to meet and greet and have something autographed? Thanks!!

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