The ‘Wild West Side’ of Frontierland Stores at Disneyland Park

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Believe me when I say… the Wild West has never looked so good! If you are still trying to discover your Disney Side, then I invite you to mosey through some of our Frontierland stores at Disneyland park with me and discover the ‘frontier spirit’ that has come alive in Bonanza Outfitters.

From the minute you step through the door of Bonanza Outfitters, you will feel immersed by its cozy, yet quaint and rustic ambiance. Traditional style frontier-wear with a trendy fashion twist lines the walls adding a bit flair to everyday wear. Take a look!


Back by popular demand and true to the roots of the original concept for the store are plaid Pendleton button down shirts, and yes you see it right – cowboy hats! What’s Frontierland without cowboy hats…Am I right? Well, of course…


As you continue to wander through the store, the ‘frontier spirit’ gives way to ‘holiday spirit’ with dashes of nostalgic charm that are guaranteed to be a recipe for success for any gift giver or recipient.


“Even I couldn’t help but get my hands on these new holiday items!”

Harker Polaroid

Since you’re already moseying through Frontierland, I have one last stop for you… Pioneer Mercantile. Its quirky collection of Wild West tees and inspired merchandise, are going to leave you simply ‘wanted’ or maybe even ‘outlawed.’


So round up your posse and head into Bonanza Outfitters and Pioneer Mercantile today before you ride off into the sunset.


  • Hi! Love your blog! Can you tell me if there is any way of ordering from these stores in the Disneyland Park. There is a particular item there that I saw but did not purchase. Now I wish I had!
    Can I call the store directly?


  • My Grandpa and Dad bought lots of Pendleton shirts at the Frontierland Pendleton Store in the 1960’s and 70’s. I inherited many of them and love ’em, especially this time of year.

    It’s nice to see Disneyland return to themed merchandise in themed lands, instead of just Disney Store merchandise everywhere. Now if someone could phone Pendleton up in Oregon about reopening that shop…

  • Do you know if this will be rolled out at Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World? I would love to see this merchandise there!

    • Hi Jackie! I believe it’s just at the Disneyland Resort for now.

  • Great news! I remember the original concept and Pendleton shop. Agree that immersive theming makes such a difference–making various park shops truly unique just encourages more traffic! (I miss the custom hat shop–and the estate jewelry–in New Orleans Square.) Can’t wait to check out the new Bonanza Outfitters merchandise on my next trip.

    • I love it too! Hopefully I’ll be able to share more stories like this, in the months ahead.

  • I remember the Pendleton store back in the 70s and buying a wool tie. Only a teen then but I thought it was neat. I am happy to see western wear come back the the shops – immersive themeing is very important. Thanks Disneyland!

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