VIDEO: Disney’s Environmentality at the Disneyland Resort

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

Did you know today is America Recycles Day? Check out how some of our recycling efforts add up in an average year at the Disneyland Resort!

Learn more about our environmental programs in this video!


  • Interesting video with some cool behind-the-scenes shots!

    I’d love to see one on Walt Disney World as well. The shear size of WDW, with its own power plant and water system, would be very interesting to hear about. My sister-in-law is a big “Protect the Everglades” person so I’d love to show her what WDW is doing as well.

  • I often get flack for loving Disney so much since I work in the sustainability field. I’m always telling people that Disney does great things on this front. Love this video, and I agree, one about WDW would be great!

  • Wonderful, inspiring video!

  • But no place for electric car driving visitors to charge their cars. This is pretty disappointing and makes it more challenging for environmentally conscious, EV driving guests to visit Disneyland. I hope Disney will provide a solution soon.

    • Hi Jason – Electric vehicle charging stations are now available at the Disneyland Resort. Please see this post for details. Thanks!

  • One more reason to admire the Disney Company – especially love the intro from Walt.

  • Great, but I still can’t charge my electric car while visiting the resort.

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