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Christmas Trees at Disney Parks

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Chances are you haven’t seen a majority of our beautiful Christmas trees at Disney Parks – they’re in every park this time of year. So, as we begin the weekend and head into Christmas week, we’re sharing some favorites.


At Hong Kong Disneyland, Main Street, U.S.A., is Christmas Town this time of the year and the celebration includes a wonderfully decorated tree in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.


At Tokyo DisneySea, tree lights shimmer off the water and sparkle this time of year.


And at our other parks, Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney Resort, there are hundreds of thousands of ribbons and bows draped over Christmas trees. Take a look at our newest slideshow and see how many trees you recognize.


  • These pics are stunning although…All there needs to be is SNOW!! Its not Christmas without snow..

  • @Sherry, nice post, very descriptive!

    I would add the palm trees outside of the Swan and Dolphin hotel, they are lit up with splendid, changing lights and are a real contrast to the many, typical (yet still great) Christmas trees on property.

  • I really liked how the Sorcerer’s Hat barge from from Fantasmic! serves double-duty as a Christmas tree on the water during ‘Christmas Wishes’ at Tokyo Disney Sea.

  • All gorgeous trees. I had hoped to see pictures of some trees from Disneyland as well. They have some beautiful, and widely varied, decorated trees throughout the resort.

  • As a Disneyland veteran, I love seeing the beautiful and imaginative trees in the other parks and hotels around the globe. However, I think this blog could use a photo or two of a couple of the unique, creative Cars Land trees! (I wish we could post our own photos here, to share with other readers!)

    I have been a Disneyland Resort Christmas tree fan for years, and I literally wander all around the parks, hotels, Downtown Disney and all shops and restaurants, looking for trees! I appreciate the different themes to the trees — which range from towering to tiny — based on the locations. Sometimes I find them in unexpected spots, and I seem to have different favorites each year.

    A new favorite tree is the one in Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel, which is adorned with exotic flowers and candles. The tree at the Paradise Pier Hotel glows in warm blue-green lights. At World of Disney in Downtown Disney there is a small, black “Nightmare Before Christmas”-themed tree. The trees in all of the Main Street shops and restaurants have a definite old-fashioned feel to them. And the little tree draped in tinsel inside Elias and Company on Buena Vista Street really lends itself to the retro feel of that store.

  • Thank you for the update from Hong Kong Disneyland. It was my last Disney trip (2011) since Walt Disney World (1983)!

  • Where are the pictures of the trees at Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Resort Paris?

  • Great shot of the Hong Kong castle–Orlando and Anaheim are both located in flat country, so someone once noticed that HKDL is the only place where you can see Disneyland and the castle surrounded by -mountains-. 🙂

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