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Every Role a Starring Role – Disneyland Resort Silhouette Artist

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

In 1974, Harry Brice, a former artist at the Silhouette Studio in Disneyland park, said, “Anyone can cut a silhouette, but it takes practice to capture a good likeness of a particular subject – that’s what makes producing silhouettes an art.” At the time, it was estimated that Harry was “the fastest snip in the West.”

Today, cast member Bonnie Elliott, who worked with Harry, and a select few silhouette artists in Disneyland park carry on the rare trade and create one-of-a-kind keepsakes for our guests. In fact, Bonnie can cut up to nine profiles in a single portrait! Watch Bonnie in action in this “Every Role a Starring Role!


  • Lori, I had the privilege of meeting your Father twice, what a neat experience. I am so happy you were able to share his final story with all of us. As I was getting a silhouette done tonight, I mentioned your Dad. Thank you for all the beautiful memories he was able to create for all of us.

  • Worked with Bonnie and Harry on Main Street many, many years ago. This is a great video and it really captures some of the magic that makes Disneyland so very special. Lori your Father was one of the best. He loved Disneyland and really took an interest in everyone who came in for a silhouette or who had the privilege to work with him. Thanks for this very special look at Main Street U.S.A.

  • Silhouettes are onne of my most valued “souvenirs” from Disneyland, they have become an annual tradition. I had the last one, made by Bonnie herself! Is amazing how she shares her story here, I think is a great tribute to her work, and to the work of all the talented people that made this beautiful art at Disneyland.

  • Christina, we have had them done in both Disneyland and Disney World. In Disney World there is a cart just off of Main Street in the first alleyway. It is absolutely amazing to watch and these are very talented artists.

  • Just last year Bonnie did a silhouette of my daughter, to go with the one that was done of me as a child. Bonnie is so wonderful and amazingly talented; it was an honor to experience her work. It’s very obvious that she loves what she does and that Harry’s legacy lives on in great hands. Here’s hoping it continues to do so as this is one of the special, magical things about Disneyland that we cherish.

  • I have been meaning to get my silhouette done so this was the perfect reminder! New Year’s resolution, for sure. I hope to have either Sylvia or Bonnie do mine. What wonderful history.

  • Do they have these in DisneyWorld?

  • Hi there this is Harry Brices daughter Lori .My father loved his job so very much .Sad day was Fathers day 1996 when he had a massive stroke and was unable to do what he loved and lived for .My father missed you Bonnie so much .He passed away 9-5-2009 .I know there are so many people that loved him and never knew what happened to hi, That was sad.I have read so many blogs where they all say .what happened to Harry ? Well he is with my mother now and they are both happy .He is at the Riverside veterans cemetery if anyone wants to go see and talk to him .That for mentioning my daddy that was very nice .

  • Wow! I’ve walked past there and briefly looked in the window but I didn’t know that’s what they did there! So talented with the scissors! I’ll have to get one of me and my dearly departed chihuahua when I go next time!

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