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Imagineers Celebrate 60th Anniversary Year with 60 Acts of Community Outreach

At Walt Disney Imagineering we’ve just completed the final effort of their “60 for 60” initiative, a pledge during our 60th anniversary year to sponsor or take part in at least 60 outreach efforts in the communities where we operate.

Hundreds of Imagineers at WDI sites in Boston, California, Florida, Hong Kong, Paris, Pittsburgh, Shanghai and Tokyo got involved in their communities throughout 2013. While financial and material gifts were one aspect of the program, the emphasis was mainly on the donation of time and talent. Imagineers found themselves applying a wide range of skills to such projects as painting murals at a Boys and Girls Club, designing and planting a community garden, and helping build affordable housing for underserved families through Habitat for Humanity. Check out the video for highlights of this remarkable year-long effort.

Along with my fellow leader of Imagineering, Craig Russell, we thank our amazing fans and guests for supporting our 60 years in the happiness business and our Imagineers for making a meaningful difference in communities around the world.


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