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Infographic: Lucky 13 at Disney Parks

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

It’s Friday the 13th – and to mark the day, we’ve created a special Lucky 13 infographic that features some of the ways the number relates to Disney Parks. I bet a majority of our readers know that the grandfather clock in The Haunted Mansion features only one number on its face – 13. But do you know the others without looking back at our earlier story?
Lucky 13 at Disney Parks


  • Donald Ducks Birthday is June 9.

  • Isn’t it also true that Donald’s birthday is Friday the 13’th? As stated on the present/opening present from Jose on the Three Caballeros?

  • “Frozen” was released in 2013, and either Elsa or Anna will become the 13th Disney Princess next year.

  • In #11 1313 being the street address is no coincidence. This chosen number on the 10,000 block is because “M” is the 13th number in the alphabet. 1313 was chosen so the street number would also stand for MM or Mickey Mouse.

  • I don’t mind what day it is as long as I’m in the “Happiest Place on Earth!”

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